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HII GUYS This is from my friend ,she dedicated to me and aubine ,
i asked her to post in IF she said yes ,im possting it for you ,critisicm welcome

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A Promice To Keep


"R  u mad " annoyed vikram..
"ofcourse " ram simply answered .
otherwise what u r asking ram...you mean cloud seeding!!!! ARTIFICIAL RAIN fall!!!!... do u know how much it costs,without any permission if u will threw your money and wish for rain ..the scientists will agree to come to your home and  ...
oh no vikram,than tell me how the scientists will agree, i have money in the bank ...and i have a wish to fulfill priya's wish ...
are yaar what happen to you ram..it's a costly affair ,its not going to work out because threw helicopter they will made scattering crystals of salt and other substances into clouds etc thatoo on your house...still its under research ...it indeed a big process...
let it be vikram ask them wether it is possible or not..he told in A  very cool manner...
really you are mad ram... straightly vikram told on his face ...
thank you ,thank you for your compliments...please tell me one superb idea for rain fall...
one sec vikram madly looking at ram..
RAM..ram...[angrily]damnit  its MAY  ram  very sunny nowadays ...how could you think
no signals for rain fall ..leave all this...
vikram slowly recovering from shock asked ram ..first let me know what's the matter???
exactly 1 hour back ram came to vikram's home and requested him to arrange rain fall on his home ,scientists will do that with cloud seeding and all na so how much ever cost also please arrange it ...
vikram is looking at ram for the answer...
again vikram asked slowly ...tell me what's the problem ,than i will try to solve it...
if u want to solve i need rainfall now itself on my house...told ram...
are what happened ram...have you seen any movie r dream ...
nooo after confessing love with priya i stopped seeing movies r anything?
oh than what u r seeing now ..sarcastically said vikram ...
irritated vik:what !now also !!!!
a ray of emotions passed on his face ,ha yes ...on  your face im seeing priya,on your TV ,on everywhere in a trance  ram told to vikram about his feelings..
vik:oh really u r mad ram ,priya madness...
thankyou vik adding the name of priya before my madness...
vikram hardly resist himself to kicking the wall...vikram i promise her that i will come home early ...plzzz think any plan..it's my life and first night problem and went out..
ram is driving car ,thinking about priya he reached his room..calling out priya ..priya ...
she is nowhere he walks to balcony...she sat on the swing and tying jasmine flowers in to a garland...writing something on book..lost in her thoughts smiling herself ...
he tiptoed went near to her ,peeping from her back what she is writing.
your so innocent ,sweet ,the tender way u spoke ,the blush when i appreciated you ,your care and concern about me ,i loved the child in u ,mischief in ur eyes,the touch of your warm hand ,every morning when u gently caressed my hairs to wake me up,smiles &cries which we shared together ...when i was with you i found the child in me .love you ram.blushing ...
she closed the book concentrating of tying the jasmines into mala.he blow some air from her back.she closed her eyes with a warm feel...
he sat beside her,took the jasmine flowers from her hand tucked in her hair ,slowly adjusted on her lap.lost in smell of jasmines mixed with priyas cologne,he wrapped his arms around her waist dip his head in her lap hugged her in that position.she could not resisted instantly she too tussled his head tightly towards her with a shaken voice RAAM .he slowly raised from there strucked by her navel beauty planted a soft kiss on her bellybutton.she shivered like a leaf..
he slowly raised his voice..after launch ...4 hours ,240 mins,14400 sec's i waited to see you .. now he don't have any work tension or stress, feels some ice breeze surrounded him, her touch made the depth on him.she covered the inch gap also between them by hugging him tightly even wind cant enter between them...
PRIYA ..can we broke the promise and continue further whispers in her ear .startled priya ,she knows how much she needs him still she wants it special so reluctantly said your wish ram...she said with a sarcastic tone mingled with like &dislikes...
he taken a deep breath ,hugged her ..he mesmerized by her breathtaking beauty ...broke the hug intently ..that exact sec she felt what if i broke the promise ,she  missed him badly  turns to the other side to hide her feelings .he remembered their confession of love and that leads to consummation. on the very night the two bodies can unite with one soul .she walked slowly to the purple kingdom with a shy on her face. they hugged eachother .he is seeing the magnetic power of the wifehubby hug,priyaaa..who is magnet and who is metal in husband and wife.magnet ram that will make unite with metal like this she hugged him back.he mesmerized for her explanation.
what you like priya ?dancing his finger on her waist...i ..i like to hug u and won the secured feeling in this hug.what you don't like priya??  time waste talks in this time?: ram locked his lips and place gentle kiss on her pink soft lips,engrossing her energy to him. nuzzling her neck asked priya .ask any gift priya for this our wonderful night,it should be a lifelong memory to you ,what you want my dear ,an estate ,jewelry,saree's,with in sec's he realized how madly he asked at the moment .
i have a wish more than these gifts. tell me  priya what's that ?hmmm maybe you may not arrange for it ram chod do na,
my dear Hitler ji whom you are talking with the RAMKAPOOR,bathao kaise gift chahiye tum ?
after much insisting she opened her mouth to reveal what she wanted ,i want to enjoy my first night while raining outside .
WWWHATT...i ..i shuold wait for rainy season for this firstnight...FEAR in his voice ...oh RAAM any husband can do that ...first night in rainy season..but on this season at these days the great RAMKAPOOR will arrange  first night during the rain .why i should wait upto rainy season.sparkiling shy in her eyes.than what's the great in you to arrange our first night in rainy season ha??suppressing her smile
promise priya ..i will arrange our firstnight while raining and thatoo in this season. he kissed her forehead. as u wish ram u can broke the promise and move further and slept besides him .there Ram had stopped .
how rainfall will occur at this season .cloudseeding plan utterflap.ram approached a assistant director for rainfall,he told, take help of fire engines and explained how they will make artificial rain in movies but that is for only minimal place .and how they will consummate while firemen workers are beside them ...the great ram kapoor ...how he didn't fulfill his betterhalf wish .he saved by a papercut.The wettest place on Earth chirapunji.365 days rain fall.yahooo he squealed with happy ...
a beautiful wooden cottage between the forest.covered with glass walls and life-size mirrors around the bed .breathtaking beauty of weather including the rainfall.evening they reached there.he freshen up and waiting for her to come.she asked him to bring jasmine flowers for her.he cursed under his breath for not ordering anything for this special night and went outside.she smiled sheepishly behind him.
ram searched around here and there .atlast he found jasmines and brought for her. he is  looking  fresh. knocked the door .waited for a sec.again he knocked found it was unlocked ,enter into their cottage with his surprise .he surrounded by ecstatic fragrance everywhere in the cottage priya lits the aromacandles on the corners of the cottage .decorated the bed with flowers .she is standing in the middle of the room arranging something on the table .he slowly walks towards her. her back is facing him .she wears a lowback blouse with a love shape on back...he called her .she turns to his side and asks you came already ..plz stay there for sometime and hiding &arranging something..he just mesmerized by her flawless,bewitching beauty wearing an aquamarine color saree with short silver border with small golden flowers on the pallu ,she pinned her hair with a flower designed clip of same colour,wears an aquacolour diamond in her neck along with her mangalsutra...2dozen bangles for eachside of her hand,her anklets chimming sound makes him to see down  ...she is singing under her breath [raath akhale me] playing with her feet that makes the sound ...those are like soft baby feet.he just stood there like a statue .heard a beep sound .priya excited ,hugged him ,squealed loudly i love you ram happy Birth day.he came to this world .i love you too priya he whispers in her ear ,planted a kiss on her earlobe .now don't waste time priya ..he dragged her to bed ...she jumped from the bed ...plzzz ram one more gift left.haaa one more asked ram  with jaws drop down.what she will ask for ????
by seeing his condition meri taraf se ,one more and showed him the cake .she arranged a loveshape cake with all her love she decorated with ruby stones along with kept a joint white teddybear .she leads the way to him.and they both cut the cake wishing eachother that they are about to start the new journey and he held the cake piece lodges into her mouth and he too started from the other end .and they finishes the cake ended up by lip locking.she left for the gasp of breath ...
her cheeks colored up by crimson red,blushing profusely .he asked her soo priya what is my gift ??? ...gift ??? ha priya gift not only husbands .
.wife's also has to  give gift to their husbands on first night..she tensed litile bit in hushed tone she told to RAAM ..and im very happy that im giving my purity to you on this special day .plzzz ram i don't want to be virgin anymore .plz take this pride with you let me be your wife ram with all essentials .a tear rolledout from her cheeks.
he was in shock ,realized what she is up to and found her in the balcony getting wet in rain.
he dragged her in to a bear hug ,what is this you will catch cold ,taken a towel to dry her up,she stopped him to do that asked him you need to wipe of water than wipe it but not with the towel ,he understud her intentions ,he sucked the waterdrops from her crook of the neck,she closed her eyes ,his lips continued their journey to the nape of the neck ,low back,he encircled her from the back ,she is looking divine in her wet saree.
his lips are roaming around her neck ,collarbone.while his hands are unpinning her pallu ,untied her strings of blouse .she wanted Ram so badly she was willing to do anything for him but the shyness taking the charge over here,she couldn't take it any more collapsed on the bed ,he is moving his hands like expert surgeon separated her clothes from her body . a wave of electric passed threw her body ,slowly they undressed eachother.he removed her anklets, her bangles in the midst time he broken some of the bangles, he unpinned the diamond set with his mouth,she tightens her grip on him,he about to remove her mangalsutra,she stopped him,plz ram let it be,it wont be  a problem for you,he smiled at her ,her sight struked by a lifesize mirror showing her beauty to her .one moment she just asked herself is it me,do i look like this ..he is looking at her ,her gaze down with a kinch of shy. he is new to this sexwar still he knows how to satisfy her.with his every move on her body she is loosing her energy completely liten up by new feeling around her .she is melting into him,telling him what he meant her.
he is planting wetwarm kisses on her ,she is struggling to breath,drowning in his love,she gave her hands up nothing she can do with ,controlling her turmoil ,grasping the bedsheet to release her emotions,he came down and kissed on her navel ,she crossed her legs entwining his neck,he hugged her tightly and gave love bite on her stomach,she moaned with pain ,digs her nails on his back , he squeezed her waist to pull her more closer, ohhh she is experiencing the new phase ,the sweet pain on her,she couldn't complain it , he is scanning every inch of her body ,he caressed her back ,his tight grips on her body makes her weak,she gave a bite on his cheek,he looked at her ,asked her open your eyes ,she covered her face with her palms,plz priya, she opened and found him very near to her ,the blush ran over her cheeks and colored to deep red ,keep open your eyes ,see what im doing , i want to know your feeling , if you close your eyes means you have to give a kiss [showing his lips] ,deal ok,in a trance she nodded her head as yes , he started his journey again ,he kissed her throat ,she about to close her eyes with a desire,he was observing her ,don't close priya ,you have to pay for that , how come she will open her eyes noway , she thought ram was not a golu anymore ,his eyes never leaving hers,he planted a kiss on her cleavage ,nuzzling with all his love ,she did mistake ,she closed her eyes with in fraction of sec she opened but his darkened looks shooting her with his demand, she bent down to kiss him,he rolled on her taking  the charm all over her ,she gasped for a breath and called out Ram plz stop torturing me, make me yours ..
a slight winning smile appeared on his face,he imprint his marks on her body ,the passionate love becoming wild,a moan escaped from her  RAMmm plz slowly,she shivered from head to toe,by thinking of their unite ,he scanned at her once,noway he is going to stop ,she knew it ,plz priya not today don't stop me my 43 years ka wait ,your 33 years desire going to fulfill today soo will take care of you ,dont worry , she turned to otherside , he understud her hesitance ,he spuns her around, gave a light kiss on her lips when she was in lost of his nactorus kiss, he moved further he made her to his be joining in her, the jolt takes back priya to the reality ,she wants to broke the kiss to yell at him, but he deepens the kiss ,tears flowing from her cheeks,after some time he felt she is lil bit free he broke the kiss and kissed her tear filled eyes,she told thank you for making me yours,hugged him tightly.he knew it she will accept him .her fingers dug into his hair  ruffling it ,they both touched the Zenith of happiness on their special night .
r:he said himself  thanks to the paper cut .
P: she didn't tell him that she only arranged the paper cut that chirpunji has 365 days rain fall,she has seen ram tried in all ways she don't want ram to loose in this.so she remembered chirapunji so she make him to see the papercut.
the battle finished ..
R:Priya you made my birthday special
R:ha sachi moved closer to her.
P:Ram you made me special
R:sachi [ a wide grin on her face]
P:ha sachi
cuddled closer to him, both drifted off to sleep in each other arms peacefully.

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wow yaar request to ur friend plz join IFforums and write more OS no not os ff really it super wounderfulEmbarrassedWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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will comment after reading
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hailaaa... this is sssooo hot BlushingBlushing awesome yaarClap say thnx to ur friendBig smile
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wow its too hot...thanks for awesome update...
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superb writing...Thumbs UpThumbs Upit was absolutely smashing...Party
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superb !!! 
thank u so much...
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Oh God! I need an air conditioner now and a cold shower. This is damn damn hot.
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