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                                 The writer's prediction after yesterday's episode ..

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priya packed her bags and leaving without seeing back to him ..
she knows if she see his eyes ,she will melt in those dark chacolate brown eyes,hardly supressing her love,feelings and tears  
and going in a hurry ,she calld the  driver, he held her shoulders ,priya plz think once , im sorry i know i did wrong but plz priya give me one chance
driver came and stopped infront of her ,ram gave a stern look for his driver,he slowly slips from the seat and stands outside the car.
priya glared at ram ...ohhh i forget Mr.kapoor ,im leaving you,your house and why i need your car , thank u for ..
she spuns going out of the KM,catches an auto and left KM,he followed her but invain to catch her auto.
while telling each word to him she feels a stab in her heart but she has to leave him ,she know she cant live without ram but she needs him lifelong beside her with her.
he follwd her to sharma's house .his car struckd in huge traffic jam.
she reachd to sharma's house,shipra opend the door and shocked to see priya with laggage.
ye kya hai priya ,ma i left KM and came here i will explain u clearly everything ..
sudhir came from behind ayesha also ..
shipra yelled at priya -no priya you can't do this priya ,dont spoil your life becoz of us
ma listen to me ,shipra yelled at her ,priya tum priya ram kapoor ,priya shrma nahi hai,
sudhir ha priya tum aise kaise aagaya,papa plz let me come inside i will explain evrything ,
ayesha also joined with them ha di you cant leave jiju and plz go to your home ..
tears flowing down from her eyes plz stop it everybody just stop it , i had decided to leave KM , will you allow me to come inside or not .
shipra closed the door on priya by telling plz jhao priya plz jhao yah se..
sudhir went to open but shipra stopped him .im doing for her good only sudhir plz let her go to KM,
ram driving very fastly to reach sharma's house ...constantly he is calling her mobile asusaul its switched off ..
tears flowing down from priya's eyes ,where she will go now ,why god playing with my life ,my love ,my future ,how i will fight with niharika
oh god plz let me give some energy to face this disasters , plz help me god ..do her parents loves her ,why they didnt understand my state ,for this family i sacrifise everything and stayed for them but now they dont need me even papa and ayesha not suported me oh god ...
**shipra ...shipra  do you think priya will go to KM ,sudhir pulled shipra aside and came out to search for priya but she is nowhere in a sight ** he called her its switched off,
ram stops his car infront of him ,papa kaha hai priya ,rushed towards their flat calling priya ,priya meri bath suno
shipra opend he eyes with  a shock by seeing ram in their flat,he asked her where is priya ,she just crying not able to tell anything as well as ayesha also,he searched evry where in the flat ,sudhir returned to flat , ram held his shoulders plz papa meri galti hai ?plz papa bathayi ye na priya kaha hai
priya he collapsed on his knees,sudhir  explained what hapend in their home when priya came ..
ram burst out ye hai tumahari pyaar ? ithni raat ko tum priya ko akele choda our she came to your home with so much pain and you dejected her ,ohhh
for you people she sacrifised so much even now for this family she is sacrifising oh god plzzz help my priya ,dont let her happen anything ,he rushed to his car again to search for her...
what the hell happening with me,she is crying helplesly walking to unknown place,what she is going to do now ,where she is going now,all un answerable questions.but her legs doesnt give her up ,they knows the destiny,restless ,helpless state priya got more weaken and she doesn'tt ate properly for 3days .slightly started drizzling ,she feels heavvy ,blackout,she wont bother all this ,but her heart is aching somuch for her Ram ,for her love ,how she stops that,its unbareble for her ,could she solve this puzzle of her life ...she collapsed on the road.
when a pair of hands held her securely placed in the car drove off from there

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if like than i wil update the next part soon before todays episode

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very niceClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-05-08T05:56:34Z
Superb and very emotional..
Pls continue soon...
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Posted: 2012-05-08T05:58:46Z
Oh my god, priya ko kisne pakda yar plese continue
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Posted: 2012-05-08T05:59:14Z
nice one
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Posted: 2012-05-08T06:03:36Z
Please update soon!!!
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Posted: 2012-05-08T06:15:01Z
loved it... awesome. continue asap !!! tell thanks to ur frend...
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Posted: 2012-05-08T06:22:28Z
Great imagination.ye new entry kiski hui story me.cant wait update soon.
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