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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Viji Thank you so much ,Love you loads ..Infact I was thinking about you ..
Muhaa for being my side when I needed the most ..Thanks for your support in each way ..
You are so sweet ..keep it the same way ..Keep smiling always ...TongueMuhaaa Hug

I am touched by ur words.but dont mix friendship with formality..keep smiling always..Love you too.
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Hii,This is specially written for you dear Neel ...
My friend is very moody and dull so to cheer her up ..Just my lil gift on her birthday ..
Many Happy Returns Of The Day my dear ,God bless you withh all the health and wealth.
You know what you are the sweetest person i have ever met ,Love you loads .Plz don't mind if it's not that much good ..I just wrote in hurry ,You know what position im in right now..so plz bare with it and leave your comments behind ..

Os   :"I Miss You "

"I Miss You Mamma" Those words echoing in her ears again and again .
Tears pooled out from her eyes unknowingly .. She is pacing up and down in the room ...
Her fingers franctically dialling a number pausing in when its going to connect ..
She don't know wether she could tell the truth to Ram or not .
Why ayesha is behaving so rudely with kids !! What exactly happening in KM.
Why my heart flutters everytime when i think about Peehu ..
Oh God Plz save her from all evil eyes ..

she heard the door bell , Wipinig her tears away she opend the door ..
Plesantly surprised to see Ram over there ..
Come..come inside ,her voice is feeble and he can see her dry tear marks on her cheeks..
"Paani or tea chahiye"
He asked her for adrak wali chai "
She gazed at him with passion and wondering where is peehu .. why he came hear at night ..
She looked back at the door frequently ..
Peehu is nowhere to be seen ..
She undrstud he might came to talk with her ...
She made the tea and served it to him ...Asked Peehu  kisa hai ??
Achha hai !!
Is there anything to talk with me ?
Nahi toh !!! He replied to her
Should i not come here to stay with you ..
she gave a angry look to him ..
No you can't ,her mind was pre occupied by Peehu ,Peehu is alone in KM ,And you came here to stay with me..What happend to you ..
Why you left her alone ,she must be scared ..
she wants to hear a bed time story ,she wants warmth of her mother or father ...
Plz go and be with her .. Tears flowing down from her cheeks ..
He clasped her shoulders tightly ..Made her to look at him ...
Why Priya ?Why still you are protecting your sister instead of your daughter ?
Why you didnt tell me Ayesha scolded Peehu ??
She astonished a sec ..
How did you know that ??
He narreted how kush saw Priya &Peehu crying after the school ..
when he asked the reason for it ,Kush explained the scenario ..
In the mean time she leaned on him feeling fatigue ..He let her ,clasped her waist very possesively ..
Don't do this Priya ..May be evryone afraid of me to tell anything directly ..
But you are hitler na ..you can tell me anything dont try to protect your sister ..she will pay for it sure ...
Mr.Kapoo she hasn't finished her sentence ..A loud shreik voice echoed in her ears ...
"Mammaaa' Peehu running and hugged her instantly ..
Priya plesantly surprised to see Peehu here .. Nuts running behind her with a box ..
Mamma dekho ...Nutz trikled  on her tummy ..
she giggled ...
Mamma plz dekho na..Bua stop it ..Both ran one after another ...making the room crazy with their antics...
Both tired and hugged each other after a while ..
Bua bahut maza aagaya aapke sath ..
Hmm vaha pe koi nahi hai ,khel ne ke liye ..
Ram &Priya looked at each other ..Feeling sorry for the lil kid ..
She ran over to Ram ..placing a slopy kiss on his cheek ..
I Love You Papa ..
You are the world ki best papa like mamma ..
Mamma patha hai ..
Papa ne ayesha masi ko bahuth dantaa hai !!
She said sorry to kush and me ...
Papa ne hum ko icecream parlour le gaya ..and told ki aisa kabhi nahi hongi ..
Mamma kush is also very happy ...
She looked at the door for kush ..
Mamma kush has been slept ..Wo nanu ke pass hai ..
Priya looked at Ram with teary eyed ..He told he knows the truth but he didnt tell his encounter with ayesha ..
Mamma mzuhe allo ka parantha chahiye ...
Priya got up to go kitchen ..Peehu dragged Ram also with her ..
She held her top in one hand ...His finger in other hand walked to the kitchen ..
where priya is starting to make her dinner ..
Peehu didnt stop her banter ..
Mamma patha hai aaj class me teacher asked us to draw water kingdom ..
I don't know na ..
Pehhu paused seeing something in the cup board ...
Mamma ... hmm she is fidgeting over the words ...Looking at the box fondly ..
Than Peehu ..
Than she asked me to draw another one ..I drew someother ..
She slipped from there silently when Ram and Priya engaed in a small convo ..
Ram paused gazing at Peehu walking slowly other side of Priya .. wondering what she was up to ..
Priya looked at him wonderly what had happen to him suddenly why he stooped ..
Mr.Kapoor kya hai ..and sensed peehu crawling to other side ..
When Peehu touched about the box ..
Priya lovingly called her name .."Baby not now ,Its dinner time "You have to eat first this ..
Offfo mamma how you know always you will caught me .. She clasped the cashew box in her hand ran over to Ram ,asking him lift her up in his arms ..
He lifted her up made her sit on counter ..
Peehu touched his forehead with her ..asked him he too wants it kya?? in a hushed tone..
Priya smiled seeing them ..
Haaa ha why not ..Your Papa also loves to eat cashew ..
Allo parantha ...
Black forest cake Peehu blurted out ..
Three of them laughed ..peehu opend the box ,Instantly she popped two cashews in her mouth ..
Giggled at her mother ...
And she took one and fed her Papa ..did with same with Priya ..
All three enjoyed making the dinner ..Peehu's small talks ..
How priyA engaGing with her in each talk ..
How she is observing every move of peehu ..
He was glad that Peehu had a bright smile on her face when she was with Priya ..
He always wanted to see the smile on her face .. He was happy to see his Peehu back ..
When Priya called him for dinner he 
He came out of from his thoughts .. Walked back to the dinner table ..
Priya arranged neatly every of his fav choice ...
Woww mamma all are my fav .. His smile widend listening to his daughter voice ,,
she is so like him in all the way ..
He adjusted ...Priya served Ram and Peehu ..
Peehu kya hua ?wondering why she is not eating !!
Ohh mamma .. my hand is paining ..even papa's too dekho ..showing a samll bruise in his hand ..
How we will eat ... why dont you feed us ..Hai na papa ..
He knows Peehu is naughty dont know she is naughty this extent ..
He smiled at her antics and ssaid no Peehu papa is ok .. He will eat by himself ..
Priya is in dilemma ..what to do ??
She pulled his arm near to her ...Whispered in his ears ..Mamma will feed with her love so our bhi jyaada taste aatha hai ..
aap bhi n a papa ..
mamma khilao na ..papa ko bhi
plz plz pretty plz ...
Priya 's hand trembled while she is feeding Ram ...His lips touched to Her fingers ..

Both engulfed the warmth of each other ,Peehu enjoying the dinner sitting on Rams lap,facing to him..Playing with his hairs ..conituned her non stop bantering .. Priya minding when peehu pulling Rams hair more hurtingly .. Peehu bachha leave it ..you are hurting papa..
Peehu questioned him .. Papa is that hurting you ...He nods negitive ..
Peehu hugged him ,Priya eyed at him .He made a puppy face .. mai kya karu type ...
Peehu concentrated on Ram's hair trying to make it a pony ,she didnt see priyas hand, bites her finger .. Ouchh peehu ..she winced ..
Sorry mamma ..I dint see ...
Instantly Ram pulled her finger sucked it ... She closed her eyes ..
Don't know whats transpiring thrw these two love birds !!
Pehu snapped at er closed eyes ...Mamma is ok ...see papa gave medicine to it like you always do to me..
She smiled haa..It's gone ..
They completed the dinner ..
Priya made peehu lie down on bed ...Telling a story . Ram joined the other side of the bed ..
Priya is this side, threesome drifted off to sleep  like in the promo..

Athunder sound made them awake .
Both uttered same .Ram from her mouth
"Priya "from his mouth ..

He  walked to the window closed it tightly .. She went to the balcony opposite to the other room trying to come out from the sarrow...The breeze drizzles palming her face ..she is looking very beautiful to him ..
She wiped her face with her palms trying to get control on her "dont know what it is "

Sooo sooo all this can happen in serial but what im writing this is never gonna happen in serial LOl ...it is just my imagination ...Read and enjoy ..dont thrw brick bats ..

His hands wrapped around her waist ,hugged her from behind ..
she startled with this ,Turned to him asked kya..kya hua ??
Kuch nahi ...tugging her hair from her face ..
Chodiye ..looking down..
Kyun?He asked huskily
He kissed her forehead tenderly ...The breeze washed their faces fearcly ..
Mr..Kapoor ..plz zzz ...HIs kisses trails down to the rt cheek than to her ear ...
She is losing herself in him but protesting him ..
Peeh..peehu akele hai ..A merely sound escaped from her ..while his tongue teasing her sences from the core ..
Her hormones are working strangely ...wondering whats happening ..
Her hand pushing him but her heart wanting him ..
Another thunder jolted ...Priya hugged him tightly ..
He closed the door rubbed her back to soothen her up ..
Aftersometime she gazed at him ,His eyes are darting at her with passion filled and something behind the gaze of him...she felt traumatized under his look ...chodiye na !!
His grip more tighten on her .. Its literally hurting her waist ..
Mr.Kapoor you are hurting me trying to free from his grip ...
His lips landed on her sealing her in to him ...His hands palming her curves ..
She is trying to protest ..He streched her hands pinned her to the wall not leaving her lips ..
Entwining his fingers with her ..He is assaulting her soft lips ...
Her chest heaving up and down under his broad chest .. She is kicking him with legs ..
[Lol there is no other way to get him]
He clasped her leg with his ,Caged her in between wall and him ..
He removed one of her hand ,slid her night gown from her bony shoulder ..
She stopped him with her hand but he is no mood to listen her ...He broke the kiss for some air .. While she is gasping for breath ...He unzipped her night gown ..its almost revealing her half body ,...
His eyes are enderaing that sight ..
Priya ..what happen to you Mr.Kapoor !!Its wrong ..
She didnt finish her sentence he closed his lips with hers ,..Turning her in to undressed ...
His hands possesively touching her intimate parts making crazy ..
Than after she uttered only his NAme some time plesurely ,some times painfullly ...
Both changed in their birthday suits ..He filled himself in her ,completing her innerwalls construction.She was beyond warm taking him in fully as she was waiting for this from many days ..
She gasped his name when he is fully in ...Both reached climax after the long ride of wild love making ..
He collapsed on her bosom ...Telling you are same Priya ... A slight blush appered on her face .. When she felt he was fast a sleep ,She tried to get up from there ...
He pulled her over made love again ...
In betwen the alarm sound buzzed ...Alredy he took all control on her ...They are acting like there is no tomorow ..When the alarm buzzed again
She pushed him away ran to the washroom ..She freshend up and came ..He was nowhere to be seen ..[Dont ask why ?? I too dont know ,was writing this in hurry ]
Might be he has to answer her na why he did this ...

She sighed and looked at her in the mirror ,,,all she can see is his love bites on her almost every where ..
She reminded the time how agressive he is ..
tears rolled down from her eyes ... I Miss you Ram...
Few days passed in this akwardness ...
One day he rushed to her apartment ...
Telling apck your bag we are leaving to KM ..
This is the first time she is seeing him after math of their love making ..
Why she asked in a furious tone ...
Be cause i dont want to let my 2nd child fatherless ...
what !! she gasped ...
He showd her reports ...
She is not feeling good from 2 ,3 days ...feeling febrile she just gave the blood for furthur reports ..
She is actuaalyy waiting for her reports to come , but neha told she will collect it from the doctor while she is coming from the work . T
she snapped out of the thoughts when two tiny hands circled her waist
Asking very innocently
Mamma are you going to give me baby brother ..
She hugged her tight ,tears flowing from her cheeks  ...
Nutz took peehu away from them ,as they needed some alone time ..
She stood there like a statue ..
He bent down on his knees infront of her
Streching her hand"Plz Priya be with me..
dont take this happiness from me ..
She hugged him tightly ..His head on her tummy ..
Ramm ..Im pregnant ..such me im pregnant ...
I love you soo much ...I love you ...Both cried their hearts out ..
Im sorry both blurted out at the same time...
Ram innocently asked her .. ek raath  me yE SAB ..
5years desire "... she blushed and  turned to  red ...
He hugged her "Achha hai na "
Hmm she placed her head hearing his heartbeats ... she solaced in hug ...
Peehu tugged his coat ...Mai bhii ..
he hugged her too ...Family picture .. perfect ..

The End khatham ...Lol dont know how you felt .. but i have to pendown for her something .. so whatevr my mind says, I just wrote it down ,It turned out like this .. really im terribly busy with my  personal stuff  couldnt able to reach your expectations ...
Next time will pakka come up with a nice update reaching your expectations :wink: ..
Until than shubh din ..love you guys ..

your comments and criticism welcome .. Bye for now..Plz bare this time ..I dont have time to re read it again ..

My other works of RAYA..

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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Originally posted by armanz

Originally posted by Saisweety

Originally posted by armanz

@saisweety thanks a lot for making this thread..i wanted to but was tired..but in the morning when i saw your thread i felt happy..
                                                  u r welcome i really feel happy to open dis thread .and am happy so many members wish di.thats makes di feel happy

Coz ur di is very sweet n special that everybody love to wish her..

Hayee mara dala centiment se ...
Viji thats a great compliment from great person Hug

Abba cha...LOL
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Posted: 2013-01-05T10:42:11Z
Omg this is the cutest os i have ever read...
its sooo chweet
an unforgettable os for me
I wish neel di its your bday every single day...vl get special os everyday then...and ul never feel dull everTongue

P.s :i agree with you girija di...---.neel di...you are the sweetest
      Happy birthday once again

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Originally posted by armanz

Originally posted by luvsakshi

Viji Thank you so much ,Love you loads ..Infact I was thinking about you ..
Muhaa for being my side when I needed the most ..Thanks for your support in each way ..
You are so sweet ..keep it the same way ..Keep smiling always ...TongueMuhaaa Hug

I am touched by ur words.but dont mix friendship with formality..keep smiling always..Love you too.

I'm not mixing anything to friendship ...Soon will mix some wine or etc Lol..
But Thank you so  much dear ..
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Originally posted by sinalbest

Hi di... Smile

           Smile Smile <font size="4">HAPPY BIRTHDAY</font> Smile Smile

Have a blast... waiting for r Return Gift...( one update of ur each ff & ss)... Wink

<font color="#0000FF" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="4">

Hi dearSmile ,Thank you so much ..Indeed the writer has given me the all updates before the hand ,but somehow I missed where i have saved ..searching for it ...Deffo i will post soon ..
And she has send me a new OS ..Just like that ..I will post that soon...very soon ...

Di plz find dem soon...& update it..
I have joined balh forum for ur ff's only... love to read ur all ff's... Smile
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Posted: 2013-01-05T11:07:05Z
hi di...

thanks thanks thanks a lot. .. i liked my return gift... its awsm, wonderful, fantastic... no words to express...
super-duper blast...
i m a big fan of ur writing style...
waiting for more os & updates of other ff,ss... Wink Smile Edited by sinalbest - 2013-01-05T11:04:29Z
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Posted: 2013-01-05T11:09:31Z
Its really really sweet,romantic n cute OS.Neel thanq for sharing..Girija u may hv written this to cheer up ur friend but i loved it from first to last word...
Cute family story n romantic love story.
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