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Well.. well ,here is my prediction how the custody case will progress ...
Hpe yu like it ...So many asked to post here , But being busy couldn't done it before ..
AS today is 12-12-12 ..Here is the update

On the day of last hiring on court ,Everybody gathered from Kapoor and
sharmas family in the court hall waiting for the judgement ..

Priya was standing in one side and Ram was opposite side ,Both eyes
were moistened ,his eyes were glaring an anger what priya has done to
him ,

Her eyes were seeiming guilty because of her wrongstep 5 years back still both eyes were potraying so much love for eachother ..Heart

When the Judge called Peehu .She slid from sudheer's lap ,slowly
untangling her fingers with his hand walked to the middle of the court
with worried face ..

She stood between her mom and dad infront of judge,Her face was hung
down seeing her feet with worry .Because as she know nowonwards she can
stay either mom or dad ..She has to choose the future so she stood there

Everybody tensed up seeing the lil cute pie in such a vulnerable condition eager to know what could be her answer ...

Judge :Peehu beta ..Whom you want to stay with ...Mamma or papa ..

She looked at her mamma ...Priya's eyes welled up with tears with her daughters fragile look ...

And peehu tilted her head towards her Papa ..He managed a weak smile to
her losing his confidence as he knows that she is going to tell "Mamma "

Judge : Again repeated .. Peehu beta bolo .. aap kiske pass jana hai ...

1 sec ... 2 sec .. 3 sec passed ..

She spelled slowly ... I want to stay with My Papa [Priya shut her
eyes ,her heartbeat raisen up ,her knees buckled down ,she cursed
herself ...All cute moments she spent with peehu clouded her mind ...her
eyes slowly boomed out to see her daughter once again , she couuldnt
control her flow of tears anymore she closed her face with her shaking
palms ,collapsed on the floor crying copiously ]

Ram looked at her .He really dont want to see priya's tears but he wants to teach her a lesson so he was doing all this .
He knows that he is hurting his rockstar in this mess but he couldnt help with his male egoo..

Judge wrote down something stopped by peehu's BUT
kya beta he asked lovingly ...

I want to stay with My papa but he has to promice me whatever i ask he has to fullfill ..

Ram who was in a happy mode .
Yes my rock star i will do it beta ...

Peehu says ...But papa you cant fullfill my wishes what im going to ask for

Priya is not a state of hearing all this her heart already shattered
into pieces,And peehu words "I want to stay with my Papa " ringing in
her ears ..
she is losing her daughter forever ...

Judge voice raisend up this time ..

Peehu can you ask a wish what you want to ask your Papa ..
Peehu turned to Ram ..

Papa i want to sleep with mamma oneside and papa oneside...Everybody
went silent with this and Priya can hear her cutie pie voice clearly ...

I want to have my dinner with you and mamma ...

I want you to hold me on your legs making me to lift in air ..And mamma
has to feed me in the while like sheela dad& mom do it for her ..

I want to build sand castles in beach want help from my mom and dad ...

I want to go for a paris tour with my mom and dad like saniya went with their parents...

I want to slid the slider while mamma and papa trying to catch me ...

Priya felt someone was stabbing her heart again and again ,Ram felt someone is tearing her heart apart from him ...

Ram and Priya were speechless ,They clearly got to know how their poor kid suffered all thrw this custody case ...

Is it too much to ask papa ...Bathao na ...

Even judge got surprised how the little girl thought somuch ..
Judge cleared his throat Mr.Kapoor decision is yours right now ..If you can make her wish true or not ..

Ram who was spell bound ,he promiced to her that he will make every of her wish come true and why not this ...

He climbed down from the bone reached his cute pie and lifted her in his arms sure beta ..Kissing all over her face

I will make your wish come true ...He walked over to Priya who was sitting there with pale crying face ...

He held her hand ..Unknowingly she hold his hand in firm and walked out of the court ..

Peehu turned her back winked at natasha ...Nuts showed thums up to her ...

[Hehe this is planned by natasha when peehu asked is there anyway to get mamma ,papa together ]

Peehu hugged Ram ... All were seated in his car ... He told the driver to move on to their farmhouse ..
Peehu extended her arms for priya , priya kissed her tiny hands hugged her tightly , i love you beta ..

I love you to mamma ... i love you papa clinging to his suit talking
ninteen dozen things slowly listening to his heartbeats peehu slowly
drifted off to sleep ...

Priya in confusion state that staked her up and down , what was going to happen ...They reached after some time ...

Ram made peehu sleep in proper way .

Priya stood in balcony the wind carries some particle ,it splashes in her eye ...she yelled "ouchhh "

Ram heard the hurt sound from her voice ran to the balcony just found
out she is rubbing her eyes and tears are flowing from her eyes
uncotorlably ..

He reached her cupped her face in his palms ,Priya open your eyes ...

Na..nahi ... shutting her eyes tightly ... He dragged her face near to
him , slowly parted her eye lashes removed one big dust particle from
her eye and she gripped his arm very tightly .. He clered her tears and
lost in beauty of those eyes ...After a sweet eyelock .

He remebered those beautiful eyes once loved him but same eyes betrayed him ..wondering ...

He broke the eyelock .. Reached railing clutching it tightly ..

You have to live with me as Peehu's mother and my wife [for outside world]

And i cannot forgive you for what you did to me ,And i cannot give a
chance to leave me again are saving your siblings life [indirectly
pointing it to ayesha]

you dont see how bad This Ram kapoor will be ..so plz dont test my patience pack your stuff and cme back to KM

As i got ready with everything and dont say NO to any of my conditions ..

If you want to live with Peehu just you have to dance on my tunes ..Better you got what i said...

Priya dont even know how the things turned out and she ended up in Km ...

Peehu was very happy being with mamma and papa .. Ram is fulfilling
every of her wish .. She was living like a princess with all their love
Priya was silently baring Ram hatredness towards her ,But she knows that he loves her alot ...

One fine day asusaul peehu slept in between her parents ..Priyas hand in Rams hand both placed on peehu's tummy securely ..

Hunger pans mockily awake Peehu from her sleep ...She rubbed her eyes
slowly untangled their hands on tummy rushed towards her dadi before her
hitler mamma wake up and stop eating aloo parathas ...

Priya moved a bit closer to Ram because of cold ,Ram too moved closer to
her ..He embraced her in his arms ...she heard his heartbeats their
souls soothens up ..She kissed him on his chest I love you ..I so wished
this could be real Ram ...

Im living in dreams i know you are angry on me but i love you more than
my self how you missed me each and every sec i missed double time than
that because i know i hide your daughter from you ..Ram was all ears
when she started And he was very glad to hear that from her ..But soon
the five years deprivation reminded him to leave her ..He left her
abruptly and went to washroom .. She woke up with a start god this was
not a dream .. She hurt the way he pushed her but she loved this morning
because Ram hugged her ...Ram observed her blushing and smiled himself

Days passed down to months Ram's cold treatment working on Priya ..

as she was feeling really guilty right now and she was feeling killed by
Ram words daily ..She is working and coming back to Km to see peehus
needful and thinking how it could hve been if i would share the news
with him ..But nothing could be done she cant erase the past ...

But the guilt has taking her health aswellas her apetite ...She lost
her apetite long back ..Ram is busy in some new venture so he hardly
noticing Priya's whereabouts ,..He was the happiest man he got to see
evry morning his love of life and life of love ..The most precious girls
in his life ...

Peehu colouring the drawing and found her mamma is not feeling well .

Mamma what happen feeling her skin is very hot she asked curiously are you having fever mamma ..

No beta kissing peehu's cheek ...Just i came back from work na thodi si
hot lag rahi hai ..Nothing else jaoo aap drawing karoo ...

She is having fever from3 days and she couldn't notice its ruining her
..She has been sleeping on couch while doing her work ...so peehu
doesnt budged priya about her fever ...

Its a sunny day Priya is really felt she needed some rest so she back to
home ...Therewere no one everybody left to someplace ...

She called bansikaka asked him to bring milk for her ...HE back with the milk ...

In the evening Ram enterd the room hoping to make surprise for his rock
star...He rushed towards the bed stopped his tracks when he touched the
hand of Priya ...

He astounded to see the state ... What happen ...The milk glass flowed
away on the floor her blurred vision and mind ,unconsious about the
surroundings she fainted on the floor some of the glass pieces pierced
in to her hand as well as her body , His eyes got moistened seeing
Priya unconsious and shivering like hell ..

He lifted her up made her lie down on the bed ..He called the doc
immediately and he changed her saree in to night suit ...He did first
aid for the wounds ...

Covered her with a balnket but still her shivers were not coming down
..He called the doc told that her shivers are not controling plz come
soon ..Doc told to him keep her warm i will be there with in 20 mins ..

He asked bansikaka to bring another quilt from the guest room ..Bansikaka brought that and asked Ram what happen ...

Mam is good when i gave the milk in the morning what happen suddenlyy .

Ram who heard that ..what did you say just now ...

Bansikaka petrified seeing his anger ..

what did you say when you gave the milk to her ...

He uttered mroning ...Morning you gave the milk you even didnt bother to take the glass form her

Oh god morning matlab when at what time,...

Bansi told around 11'0 clock ...

11 oc lock ..God she was lying there for almost 6 hours ..He slid beside her hugged her tightly to give her warmthness ...

Thank you very much for sapring your time to read this FF and make me feel happy with your commnets ... Thank you soo much ...
HugHeartHugHeartHugHeartGod bless you all

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Res! ;)


Very nice start! Peehu is so cute!! <3
Gosh.. Priya is so ill.. Cry Can't wait for the next part.. Thanks a lot for the PM!Edited by _CandyCream_ - 2012-12-11T23:06:30Z
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arey wha.. u did it here. am glad to see..

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Wowie.. That was cute... Update soon.. But poor Priya yaa..
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hi neel happy anniversary b'lated hopw you had blast...

wow its great to read this ss again its awesome...

waiting for you to update more...
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Posted: 2012-12-11T23:19:02Z
Awesome update...really loved it...very emotional too Cry keep it up... Clap Star
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Posted: 2012-12-11T23:22:27Z
NICE ONE!! It's nice to see something written up about the custody since it is a heated topic in BALH right now.. Thank you!SmileClapStar
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Posted: 2012-12-11T23:46:33Z
Originally posted by _CandyCream_

Res! ;)


Very nice start! Peehu is so cute!! <3
Gosh.. Priya is so ill.. Cry Can't wait for the next part.. Thanks a lot for the PM!

Hey thank you soo much dear ..will update soonish ...Dn't worry priya will get better in Rams presence..
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