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hiii , i sent all your comments to her ,and requested to write new ff for IF fans ,and she agreed for that and started this ,it is a short ff ,she told that almost every part will be have some romantic moments[plz bare with it] with a new twist in story,she will end it soon with minimum parts  ..even im also reading it now itself ..

{thank you and a biiig hug for you guys for your apreciation and lovely comments from writer]


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kapoor mansion...
he was at home yes he is back after 3months long trip to USA for his work,and received a Most Promising Entrepreneur Award and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award so  he was very happy ..he is going to meet his wife after a long gap but he arranged a party in the evning and some meetings in his office so he couldnt get time to meet her...
a small breeze ditracted her gaze ,last time she cheked her in the mirror ,priya you look perfect ,went down to attend the guests ..
kapoor mansion filled with guests ,everyone is appreciating rams effort on his new achievment,dashings,dancings,full of joy filled there...
rajiv came hugged him, congratulations ram,im very happy for you ram, rajivvv  after a long time man, thank you for coming ,
yah ram its almost 10years,so rajiv where  is your family ?? hmm sorry ram ...i  came all alone,lets enjoy the party, minu,monu came there running ,clutching his hands eachside ,asking for a justice for their chillbit fight,rajiv seeing with him wonder,ram solved their fight with in secs,
minnu,monu he is my close friend rajiv,both folded their hands said namasthe uncle,he just wonder for their mannerisms,they were so pretty ,namasthe kids,how are you , fine uncle ,how are you uncle ,fine beta thank you ,ram send them to play ,ram they were your kids,[a sudden change in rams face] ,omg im still in a shock ,they were soo beautiful &pretty ram,rajiv wait i will introduce one more special person to you , meanwhile ram surrounded by his collegues,rajiv scouting the arrangements, twig by a gesture,she wears a green colour saree ,with a pendent on her neck ,simply,elegant,jaw droppingly beautiful,playing with a kid while talking with her friends,dazzling smile of hers reminding him someone,
WHO ..who is she ,no doubt she ..she  is his first love ,what the hell she is doing here,he thanked to his lucky stars...
rajiv rajiv  im searching for you everywhere,what r u doing here ,come on ,why you look so tensed rajiv asked ram,
ram ...actually i have seen my first love after 16years ,she came to this party, how come she is here ,please i want to talk with her once,introduce me to her ,rajiv pleaded him,ram knows about rajivs first love,but he dont know who is she ..
flash back..16 years back
rajiv: dear i love you , if you wont accept my love i cant live plzz i cant live without you ,from past one year this is his daily routine on behind her,he begged her ,she is not a type of beliving in love and all ,she left him passed few more steps ,he swallowd the poison in a gulp telling i love you my dear ,
girl:oh my ,she ran to him ,admitted in hospital ...seeing his dreadful condition ,thought why not give a chance to him anyway she has to marry a person ..
rajiv: opened his eyes to find her ,she sat beside him asking ..are you alright rajiv , h r u feeling now ...wow how it sounded for him its just musical to hear her words ,ohh she called his name for the first time with so much concern ,he is on cloud 9,dancing in his heart ..i love you
girl:rajiv plz stop it now,how  dare you to do this .
rajiv: will you marry me dear...
girl: i dont want to trouble anyone and expesially in my case, i have some responsibilities and these love ,marriage i dont have good opinion , plz dont drag me in this , but i will give a trial to you , i will send my father to talk with you ,if he accepts i will think about it but if my parents are your parents not agreing for this  please forgt everything and choose our paths ..
rajiv:wow thats a gud idea you are mine only mine ...
when her father came to talk with him ,rajiv mother scolded him very badly ,that he sent his daughter to flurt with a rich guy and falls love with him advance the relation with him and marry him than you will get rich ...
rajiv beta  what it is who proposed this tell to your mother dont drag my daughter into this,
rajiv:totally perplexed thinking about his mothers health ,he told your daughter only proposed uncle...his mother keep on ranting his daughter..
ohh he is unable to listen those words ..he shatterd there itself ... rajiv also didnt expectd what is going to happen ..
doc declared that he is no more ...the girl just reached there knowing what happen between them crying copiously infront of her fathers deadbody ...cursing herself to take a wrong desicion...rajiv came and sat beside her ,touched her shoulder to soothen her,she shouted madly at him ,you becoz of you i lost my father , why i have send him to talk with you , i tried to save you but you killed my father , what the hell it is ,your back of me from 1 year ,you tortured me from 1 year , it was you who told me " I LOVE YOU "  i will do anything for you ...but you killed my father ..
rajiv still im ready to marry you -will you do  a favor for me , a ray of happyness flashed on  his face ,ask dear what you want will do anything ...
i want my papa back ,she clutched his collar and shaking him bring my papa back ..nw itself i will marry you ...there she fell to the floor pouring her heart out, and crying nonstop. crying bcoz she lost her father ,crying becoz she is the reason for it ,crying bcoz she lost everything..
she never ever talkd with him after that he tries to talk and explain ,he send some matches to marry her ,she refused it without seeing ,she told that she is never going to marry anyone and i lost trust in men.he told to her ,he takeover her dads place to look after their family and her ,he slaped her cologue who is close with her ,she knows that he is never gonna leave her and he cant see her with anyone  ,and the next day onwards he hasnt seen her ,he missed her very badly ,it is his fault to make the situation worst ,he searched every where ,he cursed himself but noway ...he cant find him ..ram well known rajiv and he suffered alot ..
Rajiv and Ram both came from the flash back with a waiters tone ,sir kuch chahiye with the drinks...he left
and ramm atlast after a 16 years gap i have seen her ,here with a kid in her hands ,hope she might married to some one otherwise im ready to take her charge ,still i love her ram,my angel the beauty of my heart and soul ..plzz ramm i beg you plz introduce her to me , i have to tell my apologies to her ...
okk baba now cooll let me know who is that show me where she is ...
waiter: ram sir mam is calling you ..
ram: ohh i didnt meet her after coming for USA, rajiv she must be worried now,i hav forgetn to talk with her ...you search for her i will let you know who she is ..
ram went to talk with priya ,he saw her near the cradle ,keeping his lil princess in to sleep ,she looked magnificient to him wowww she lost her weight with the house and kids chores her curves are coming back to its original shapes ...she look awww in that saree
she tiptoed from the cradle to not to diturb rashi [lil priancess]young queen of the kapoor mansion..she spuns around to close the door unfortunately collided with ram..
she looked at him , she is waiting for him and his  touch .he is staring at her "God she looks stunning." she was angry on him ,struggling to loose his grip to escape from there ,what happen priya ?? kyun bulaya tum ne? he felt an urge to kiss her lusicious lips ,
mai kab ? mai nahi !!our chodiye mujhe enjoy with your cologues and friends ...he observed here and there,she goes on yelling at him ,he closed the litle gap between them by sealing her lips with his ,ohh she too dying for his kiss , after 3 long months .she broke the kiss for a breath ..
rajiv is searching for her and in a corner he saw the green colour saree ,he went there to check wether it is his love or not ..
he shocked to see a pair kissing passionately ..he cannot see who was that
rajiv facing the guys back , he is trying to see the lady but invain ..
but he can see her clutch on the guys coat is fidgeting with the sweetness of kiss,she softly moulding the coat in her fists for responding the kiss.
rajiv can felt by that action how passionately they are kissing ...
a waiter colloided with rajiv ...the drinks spill over on his coat , sorry sir
ram came from the back bansi kaka aap ... so sorry rajiv come to my room ,change your clothes ...
he turned to go ..ohh there she is coming towards him ...his angel ,how beautiful she is ,what a grace in her walking , he thought she will scold her .she smiling she is killing with her magic smile.
rajiv squeld in a happyyy " ramm"
ram:kya yaar ??
priya: ram abhi thak aap yaha hai???
ram  held her shoulders hugged close to him ... rajiv  ye mere darling wife priya kapoor
priya: her cheeks are turning to brilliant pink shade on ram actions ,she said a "HI" to him just audible to them ..
and cheked on him are aap change karo ,ram go and help him and join me sooon ...
rajiv : Confused

hope you like it ...plz do leave a comment ...
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first me... res !!!

edited !!!

it's really v interesting !!! PK ki memory chale gaye hai kya... waiting 4 the next part... update asap... thank u thank u thank u sooo much 4 this !!!
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superb loved it, please continue soon waiting 4 next update
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Posted: 2012-04-27T04:51:43Z
Looks interesting. Please continue!
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Posted: 2012-04-27T04:58:08Z
Nice story...keep it up sister and continue as soon as possible...Thumbs Up
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Aww! I hate PK sometimesAngry
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Posted: 2012-04-27T05:15:01Z
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Posted: 2012-04-27T05:22:24Z
wow the FF sounds too interesting and description is greatClap

please, please update soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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