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                                                It's my 1000th post ,yayyy i became goldie..here is  a small gift from my side    ,hope you will  like this attempt to ..  this is also my friend's work



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                                                                   Love and Life

Hey my dear polar bear ,

                             I am sure you must be wondering why on the most awaited moment of our life I am writing a note to you, rather than arranging a huge party in KM or a sweet kiss on your cheeks. You know I can't do that right now ,the time has come to express what I feel for you and I feel this is the best way to convey my feelings

                              I thought I can express in words but those are not helping on this occasion believe me my dear when I found my love I haven't turned back and looked  at my life because you have filled my entire life , I have no words to express how much you mean to me, I am even ready to kill the person who disturbs our love life. You are in each thought I have and every breath I take .my feelings are growing stronger with every move you make with every step we take.

                              At first we were just two unknown people just bound by a relation but then we started talking, teasing, caring, demanding ,planning for our future, remember actually we got to know each other worlds, somewhere along the line ,I didn't even know when I started to care about you ,never in a million years did I thought that would happen, our love will happen ,than we consummated our marriage ,ohh my golu your idea is brilliant to made our night so special ,when I turned to see you I was shocked to see our room with full of aroma candles, I was astonished how you managed to do that in the limited available time? ,then your hand caressing my cheek, your eyes staring into mine your hot breath against my neck, minutes had passed we still had not spoken. finally your hand moved down my stomach ,I closed my eyes and felt my heart pounding ,I could feel my knees weakening when you sealed my lips with yours. your hand caressing my hair sliding down cheek line ,neck slowly it snaked around my back and rested on my waist .

                        It felt like I am in a different world  I was savoring your each and every move, melting into you completely ,the thirstiness of my long life had been recovering ,you made my day rather night, it was a very special night for us ,how I should say thanks to you my dear , you just made me yours, march 12 was a memorable day for us ,I remember the promise that I gave you''.. By next march 12 I will give you a big surprise, but may be god had some other plans.
The 2 months you left me in KM and went to Australia for your work, how badly I missed you, everyday I waited for your call at least a message from you, but your work fully occupied your time, I know but I just wanted to listen your voice, wanted to hear my name from you "Priya" how sweet my name when it comes from you. that feeling is mine just mine .I waited ,waited for your call , it's been 3 long days I hadn't heard your voice haven't slept  ,I was dying to hear your voice ,didn't  know when I dozed off remembering our lovely moments got up when a soft velvet touching my forehead to nose and it stopped on my lips ,I breathed the smell ,I thought it was a rose ,and a strong arm embracing me possessively ,I didn't want to open my eyes to disturb the dream because you were not there here ,you gave a soft kiss on my eyes , priya open your eyes I'm here , I slowly opened my eyes to realize that it was is not dream you were actually there in front of  me, you came for me, I hugged you tightly, hitting on your chest shed my tears on your shirt ,I asked in middle of my sobbing "why ..Why you didn't call me "I was sobbing , you hugged more tightly to soothe me ,but that wasn't  enough for me , I was in my hubby's arms, than you asked what was I holding ,showing your photo frame ,I just blushed thought you caught me,

                           yeah I slept clutching with your photo that we took when you took me on our first date ..and my golu molu arranged for a romantic out for his beautiful wife. I loved the place which you arranged for us , it was beautiful no words to explain ,two chairs and a table and well arranged with red wine and delicious dinner  near the beach, Hand in hand, we walked by the water, barefoot, squishing our toes in the sand and water crashing against our feet. I was in your arms ,what more could I want from life ,you presented me a gift when I opened to check what it was my cheeks turned to brilliant pink shade. I couldn't deny your wish ,I myself won't wear such type of clothes ,ram are you thinking what it is , hope you have not forgotten you had given me a red lingerie ,while writing this , still my cheeks are turning to red [tears rolled down from his cheek split the words on the letter how he will forgot the incident]
                      After much insistence I wore that and entered to our bedroom but you were looking outside from the window, I coughed to catch your attention ,taking two steps forward ,I almost tripped while crossing the carpet ,I closed my eyes tightly, feeling myself falling. Expecting a hit but landed on your protective arms safely but twisted my leg very badly, you laid me on the bed, caressed my leg, Is it paining? you asked ,I just nodded my head , tears almost stinging in my eyes from the pain, you carefully rubbed it kissed with your soft lips, still is it paining you asked me, but I was lost in your warm touch on me , you said you love me , don't I ram, I love you more than myself , you slowly took my pain with your soft kisses, tender touches ,I don't remember who made first move ,but then you made that night more beautiful & romantic for me, I love your romance especially on those wonderful dates.

                                The stages of our paths were passing
blissful but the day when you came to know niharika deceived you from past 20 years they just used you as a money maker ,you sent them to jail and brought back krishu ma and apeksha home .I felt a sigh relief seeing them back with you , yes you were with your mother after a 20 years long gap, I sat on the bed wiping the dust from our photo frame waiting for you ,tiptoed you entered and kept your head on my lap ,I can see your moistened eyes and you were controlling your tears from the day when the truth came out , you bursted out all , I held you tightly engrossed you in me could only imagine how you felt ,I too cried with you ,you told you are a bad son , no you are not bad son my dear, you are good son and you worked very hard to fulfill your fathers wish , and I even wish that our kids are also like you Ram ,I know you will do that without even my help,hai na ram [there the words stinged with her tears] when I came to know that we are going to be mom and dad, how wonderful I felt ,I want to see your happiness so I hid it from krishuji and my family too,

                         you just entered our room with a bad headache ,I was worried for you ram, but my golu knows very well , nothing just headache but what happen to you ,whats the good news ,you are glowing like an angel , whats the matter with you ,you clasped me with your two hands on my stomach .I just couldn't control myself from the happiness of our bonding overlapped my hands on yours, our baby will feel warm by your touch ,

                            I can see astonishment on your face and the happiness ,There were boundaries for your joy , you jumped like a kid and you lift me up in your arms ,went towards krishuma , I was blushing like a new bride ,try to stop you ,but you're joy took over,  as krishu ma eavesdropped our conversation she filled our mouths with a sweet all are delighted by the news.

                              The days passed with a new changes in our life   ,you carry out every of my craving or mood swings .you take care of me like a child all through the phase ,the first trimester I felt all the time queasy  ,I didn't want to eat anything , I know how many stories you told me to convince to eat , oh you looked like a cute buddy to me, those moments are very very precious to me , everyday your talks with our baby are memorable, how possessive you were .when I was in my last trimester when I needed you most than ever , your company was in a huge loss still you didn't care because of me, but I convinced you to go to work , my stomach hit by a knock ,I cramped in pain , I know your kid wanted your help in this situation thought you must be in middle of the way to USA, we reached to hospital the pains were getting worse I almost exhausted and felt like dead ,I was shocked when the doctor told the nurse it's going to be complicated either we can save one soul ,I prayed to god give me the strength to live ,I begged the doctor to handover you my gift ,the surprise know you loved it ,[his tears unstoppable tears brimming down continuously]

                                Are you crying my dear ,please don't I don't want to see you like this ,feel me ram, please at last I won the battle ram have seen our baby she is just like you ,my vision is blurring feeling blackout on my side but I felt you in my presence , I feel the warmth embracing me ,The feathering touch of your fingers, the hold of yours , the touch, the wetness of your lips, the sigh of  our passion, the moans we shared, the verge of ecstasy we reached. Rejoicing it every time, taking it to new height with every touch... honey it's  just not you who is craving for it, it's just not me here who is feeling it. Close your eyes and take yourself back to that time, it's still you it's still me, and it's still the same Love, it's still the same passion, it's still the same madness, it's still just the feeling of bliss, it's still heaven that we live in. feel it ram my arms around you,

                            If you are feeling lonely ,no don't because I'm always there with you feel my presence, my kiss ,my touch ,my sparkling eyes when I saw you, my passion, my love, my wildness ,honey please hold me near, embrace me in your strong arms ,within your heart ,within your soul, within you ,feel the smell of my skin ,I don't stop loving you my dear.


              it only you can make me feel all this. Even if I am not there with you, u still can sense it can't you. We are together and going to make it perfect till the end.
I am still in front of your eyes ,I am here to say again I love you my polar bear ,I love you and I really really do ,you believe in that ?? right?
love you ,love you ...I'm fighting with my own ghost

 yours only [still battling the fight to live ]
your priya ,your soul mate...

                             Its 100th time he was reading this , when he completed the reading with his teary eyes he looked at his little cute baby in his hands but his vision blurred and went to ICU room to check his lovely wife ,she was sleeping in the bed lifelessly with all the tubes and machines connected to her body ,its almost three months ,he slipped his hand in hers  ,the tears brimming in his eyes dropping in her hand .

                    He remembers the dr.words mr.kapoor its very complicated surgery we will survive only one life you were not there at the time and your wife chosen for your baby's life ,and told to give you this letter along with the baby .

                                       He talks to her why priya why you send me away from you ,why you are leaving me now, what I  should do without you ,I want you to cherish my future with our child ..
plz priya come back for me , don't hang there plz priya I'm here to complete you , I'm here to embrace you in my arms , he slowly lay down on her side ,his grip tighten on her , he gave a peck on her forehead his tears falling on priya's face ,he kissed on her eyes ,are you feeling me priya , I'm with you , do you recognize my feathery touch, crawling his fingers on her shoulder ,he hugged her more tightly ,crying copiously...priyaa come back plz...

priyyaaa I love you
I love you priy,math jao mai nahi ji paounga tumhaari bigair ,I LOVE YOU PRIYA..

The ventilator shows spontaneous breaths...he yelled "doctor"
whats happening ...

just blank...
trying to portray the view...
shakes her head
a wide passage on her way ...

he is crying out loudly calling her name PRIYAA ,as they didn't move ram seeing his condition and owner of the hospital .

Everything was black...
what's happening...
she feared to death ...
PRIYAAA she can hear her name its echoing

she flinched her eyes to see ,not unable to
its all dark pitch black ,where I'm I??
Something is wrong my legs running on the way, its never ending road,

they announced "CODE BLUE"
his heart pierced into pieces by hearing the code blue...

her erratic heart is beating fastly, after much effort she is seeing a glance of white road.
The doctor gave a shock to her...
she opened her eyes jumped from the bed a bit.
Ohh she saw him, why he is thin...where we are exactly...
her flashback came into her mind for a sec...
nooo she wants to yell
nooo..damn it ,this can't be true

I can't die

I can't leave him alone

please god tell me it's my nightmare ,please tell me it's my hallucination, its all a part of a bad dream...
what he would do , he will collapse, he too will die ...
I remembered his words "we will make it up till the end, we will be together "
yes my honey, I won't give up, I will come for you , I will fight , I will survive..
I promised him, I will be there till the end ...
I love you ram ...

they kept 360 volts shock on her ..
no movements ..

the ECG showing straight line , the doctors gave up , they tried hard to save her life ,he shattered on his knees clutching her tightly


you can't do this to me priya , you can't , I can't live without you priya , I can't

10 secs

he is shaking her heavily ,buried his head on her chest crying bitterly..

a jolt hit her somewhere ..She rushed back to the white road

the ECG got some unknown reading ,doctors hurried up their work ...
they implemented one more shock .

a Loud gasp escaped from her mouth ,RA..mmm

Its miracle ram , she is alive ...your love wins..
ohhh my god she was alive , she came to this world ,no boundaries for his happiness..
she fought with god and came for him ...yayyy
after the battle of love and death ,their love won

after 3 months ...

she was quite normal by now , they shifted from hospital to KM, he had taken all necessary action to protect anything from her ..
after this he is very possessive on her ,she looked so fragile ..
she dozed off soon because of her medication , she got up by their lil princess cry ,he is sleeping peacefully she knows that he faced so many sleepless nights,
she quickly grabbed the lil princess and starts feed her ,she gave a kiss on his hand, he hurriedly woke up to see what happened..

she felt bad,sorry I didn't want to disturb you ram ,just felt like kissing ,its been so long time I didn't kiss you..
He looks longigngly at her..
"safayi kyu deri ,shikayath thodi kar raha hu mein??"and gave a million dollars smile..
he snuggled closer to her embraced her in his arms, leaned on her shoulder
I love you gudiya
I too love you golu ,[blushing profusely]

so I'm I honey to you
ha raam you are my honey ,you are my life , you are my everything
so what you think of our baby name ram...

she is the love of our life so I think we should call her "RAYA"
how is it priya ..
achha hai ram...
they said the name in her ears ,
"RAYA " love jeeth gayi hai na priya ...

their love won and they lived happily ever after..

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First of all, Congrats on becoming a goldie sisterClap ClapParty...very happy for you...SmileBig smile...keep rocking with your posts...Dancing...thanks for this beautiful postSmileEmbarrassed...A perfect 1000th post...StarStarStar Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-06-09T00:15:42Z
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Posted: 2012-06-09T00:29:57Z
Too good neel very emotional n congratulations
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Posted: 2012-06-09T00:42:53Z
Originally posted by TVserialfreak

First of all, Congrats on becoming a goldie sisterClap ClapParty...very happy for you...SmileBig smile...keep rocking with your posts...Dancing...thanks for this beautiful postSmileEmbarrassed...A perfect 1000th post...StarStarStar

thank you very much bhai

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Originally posted by lovelymani

Too good neel very emotional n congratulations

thank you very much

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Posted: 2012-06-09T00:48:31Z
you've rendered me speechless !!!!
Gosh!!! ...what an os!!!!!...i had a mixture of emotions in me...when i was reading this...joy...excitement...tears...suspense...miracle...with joy again...
you completed a full circle...hats off neel !!!!
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Wow di ..firstly a big big hug n bcming a goldie.. Ur treat was realy yum... Abhi do din tak kuch khane ki zaroorat hi nai he.. My stmch is filld by ur update.. Thnk u so so much fr ths beautiful update.. I was realy holding my breathe when pk ws givn shocks.. Di i cldnt brth fr 10 sec.. Superb di.. Once again cngrats.. Nd thnk u..
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Posted: 2012-06-09T00:57:35Z
Originally posted by sss283

you've rendered me speechless !!!!
Gosh!!! ...what an os!!!!!...i had a mixture of emotions in me...when i was reading this...joy...excitement...tears...suspense...miracle...with joy again...
you completed a full circle...hats off neel !!!!

awww soo sweet of you my dear ,but this is also my friends work onlly ,so the credit goes to her ..
yah it included evrything ..thank you very much

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