Arhi FF |Mohabat Door Jaane Na De| *Complete!* #1

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Posted: 11 years ago

NOTE: You might have been redirected to this page when you clicked on the link for CHAPTER 21 sent in the PM. Something went wrong when posting the link, sorry:( Please scroll down to find a working link below in the INDEX. Thank you, and sorry again:(

OK, so I am seriously scared of what will happen now in IPKKND...I have very low tolerance level for suffering, and unfortunately Khushi has had to suffer since day one. So this is IPKKND the way I would love to see it...hope I stay true to the characters and plot though

Chapter One

Arnav Singh Raizada sat with his head buried in his hands.

He was drowning. Drowning in a pain so acute that it felt like his skin was being seared, his flesh sliced through. His heart seemed to have swollen, as though his mental wringing of it had left it bruised and barely beating. There was a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach, as though ice had cascaded down his insides and now slowly froze him.

His mind replayed the conversations he had just had. With the doctor.With the garage mechanic. With an elderly man with friendly eyes, voice weak and barely audible, pleading him to look after his treasure.

Shashi Gupta.

A wave of nausea swept over him as he remembered this man's words, the urgency that made his voice crack.

'You can't trust him. Shyamhe is not a good manhe is betraying your sisterhe betrayed us'

Missing pieces of a puzzle that had been floating, ignored, unimportant, around his life suddenly materialized, solid, with clearly defined edges, and fell into place. Thing which had never made sense started to be obvious. Things which he, the great business tycoon, Arnav Singh Raizada, should have seen only too clearly.A story which no one could refute, no matter how hard they tried.

ShyamManoharJha had stayed at Buaji's house as a tenant. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew him. He had obviously been smitten with Khushi; Buaji had done all she could she confirm the alliance. When Shashi and Garima arrived from Lucknow, that was all she would talk about. Shyam and Khushi. What a lovely pair they made.

Shashi Gupta told Arnav Singh Raizada everything. Everything from the suspicious phone calls to a mysterious Rani Sahiba, to the various excuses Shyam made to cover up his pack of lies. To the heart attack.To the attempt to kill him by depriving him of oxygen. By twisting his own words out of context to show how Shashi had wanted his daughter, the apple of his eye, to get married to that

Arnav felt as though someone dealt him a blow as the memory of Khushi's father, tears brimming in his eyes, emerged in his mind. Weak and shrunken from the effort of speaking, with numerous tubes trailing his arm, he had sobbed as he remembered Khushi's tears. How she had confided in him that she didn't want to get married to Shyam. How she knew her father would never want anything against her wishes, her happiness. And how she had fought, alone, outnumbered, with the entire family, refusing an alliance that began and ended with withdrawal.

Shashi's voice shook with the suppressed pain, anger, helplessness, frustration that he had been harbouring. The doctor had already called Arnav aside earlier, before he had regained consciousness, to point   out to him certain curious anomalies in his medical reports. Someone had been tampering with his medicine.

Bile rose to Arnav's mouth out of sheer hatred for the man he called Jeejaji. The man he had respected more than perhaps his own brother had turned out to be no better than a common murderer. Lusting after an eighteen year old girl while having a rich wife to go cringing back to.

Arnav had spent the past hour checking up on every angle of the story. And remembering things on his own which he should have remembered a long time ago. Shashi's reaction when he saw Anjali, or Rani Sahiba, as he knew her. Khushi's tears on the day of the poojaher breaking down into tears. It's because she found outshe found out on that day she was engaged to my sister's husband. The fact that whenever Khushi and Anjali had been at the same place together, Shyam had taken particular pains to be absent. And KhushiKhushi

Groaning, Arnav bent even lower, until he was almost doubled over, as though in pain. Khushi had pleaded with him, time and time again, that she had tried to tell Anjali, but she was afraid of how she would react if she found out the man she worshipped was stabbing her in the back. That she was afraid of what would happen to him if his Di had to face such betrayal.

She had cared about him. Feared for him. And in the past one month, he had done nothing but give her hell. Made her sleep on the floor. Hurled insults at her. Humiliated her by throwing money at her feet.Called her every horrible name in the book.


Please like and comment, and lemme know if I should continue.


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Posted: 11 years ago
aww this is nice...if it ever comes to that it will be awesome 4 arnav to knw 4m Shashi everything..
Posted: 11 years ago
Great start can't wait for you to continue :)
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by princessunara

aww this is nice...if it ever comes to that it will be awesome 4 arnav to knw 4m Shashi everything..

thanks so much...I really have a lot of hope in Shashi, and I just pray they don't neglect his character in the show
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by nayika

Great start can't wait for you to continue :)

Thank you sooo much...coming from you, this is a huge compliment:)
Posted: 11 years ago
Very good start...
Plz. Continue soon
Posted: 11 years ago
Nice start!! Arnav getting to know the truth thru Sashi!! A best possible way..!

Please PM me next time :D

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