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My Everything and Beyond
My Everything and Beyond By AA.Quills eye 9109 star 59 book 9

Aryan Singh Rathore is a wealthy businessman – young at 27 years old, ...

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It hurts like hell
It hurts like hell By WildestDreams eye 2283 star 16 book 1

….he loved to be the soil that absorbs the rain, the lightning, that stands ...

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The blindfold challenge
The blindfold challenge By WildestDreams eye 1990 star 28 book 1

Imlie, Aryan and a blindfold! A boring evening turns into a hot night!

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Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain)
Anti Hero (Sequel to Villain) By SalvatoreK eye 8823 star 35 book 15

(Sequel to Villain) A glimpse of Aryan's past is revealed to Imlie by ...

Ongoing G
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Latest Stories

In between love
In between love By Malangan eye 182 star 5 book 1

A decision, few blurred memories and two yearning souls .Two hearts, learning ...

ARYLIE FF: Darkness Beast & Flame Bird
ARYLIE FF: Darkness Beast & Flame Bird By RSBS eye 4503 star 4 book 3

The story takes place in, 21st century, and it is known as the Anno Domini era ...

Arylie FF - Binate
Arylie FF - Binate By RSBS eye 8005 star 3 book 11

I am the one who looks upon every living being on Earth, there are also other ...

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