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Published On: Sunday,Aug 14, 2022 02:08 AM GMT-06:00

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Aryan Singh Rathore is a wealthy businessman – young at 27 years old, overachieving, ruthless in business, tremendously rich, and…. very good looking. He owns several businesses, operating all over the world – he runs the Rathore Empire.

It’s no surprise that he’s the country’s most eligible bachelor, what with his desirable looks, chiseled features, a well-built frame…and the money doesn’t hurt, does it?

He lives in Delhi with his mother, Narmada, and sister, Arpita. He inherited the Rathore empire from his father, who was killed 5 years ago in a car accident. The family believes it wasn’t an accident. Arpita is married to Arvind Shekhawat, her childhood love, and Aryan’s closest friend and confidant.


Imlie Satyakam Narayan is a 22-year-old college graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from a reputed college in Delhi. She hails from a small village in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Pagdandiya.

She was raised by her single mother, Meethi. As a 17-year-old teenager, Meethi fell in love with a visitor to her village, who wove pretty dreams and promised a beautiful life to Meethi, but never showed his face after that one night together.

Meethi was lucky to find love again, with unconditional acceptance in the form of her current husband, Satyakam Narayan. Satyakam is a local activist, the voice of the tribal communities in an around Pagdandiya district. He adopted Imlie when he married Meethi 10 years ago and filled the void of a father figure in Imlie’s life.


Aryan and Imlie are two individuals who couldn’t be any more different. Aryan is the no nonsense businessman with a daunting personality, an almost scary aura, and little empathy for anything feelings. Imlie, on the other hand, is a bright, sensitive, and emotional young woman who believes life is beautiful and worth loving, but life hasn’t dealt her a fair hand and she’s become skeptical towards love.

What happens when fate brings these polar opposites together?
Author's Note:
Hello readers!

I am a new FF writer on the block. Clearly, a little too late in the Arylie world coz Arylie as we know it will soon be gone. I started writing this story inspired by some brilliant Arylie FF writers on here, and want to present this to readers while we still have Aryan and Imlie in our lives!

You will notice a lot of the back story is consistent with the show. How they meet and what transpires after is my own.

Hope you all like it. Feedback is more than welcome!!

P.S. - the story will also be posted on Wattpad for readers who prefer to read on the other platform.
Trigger Warning:
Some chapters of this story might contain adult language, profanities and mature content. Please read at your discretion.
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