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Published On: Monday,Jan 16, 2023 20:03 PM GMT-07:00

eye 1464 star 17 book 3

Imlie loved sleeping. Her Amma could attest to it. Her Dadda could attest to it. Her Nakli Nani could attest to it. And now, Aryan could attest to it. For as long as she can remember, Imlie has never had issues falling or staying asleep.

That changed for a while though after she got married to Aryan. Some days, the thoughts of her husband kept her from falling asleep or ruined a good night’s sleep for her.

They had an arrangement, he slept on the couch, and she slept on the bed, but she had come to realize that there were certain nights when she was able to see the Aryan that made her inch closer to him. And she liked those nights when she had trouble falling asleep.
Author's Note:
Hello all.

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago and it is basically a journey of Imlie's realizations of her feelings for Aryan. It occasionally verges from canon to fit the story better but it still maintains the relationship between Aryan and Imlie during that period of time in the show.

Since we barely got Imlie's thoughts during certain scenes in the show, I am just trying to interpret them in my own way as to what Imlie could be thinking of then.
Trigger Warning:
Mentions of death, violence, blood.
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