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The Ballad of the Unsaid Love
The Ballad of the Unsaid Love By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 695 star 2 book 1

It was spring, then summer came, which was followed by a quiet autumn, ...

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My Immortals
My Immortals By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 655 star 2 book 1

An accident that changed everything. Sometimes, life doesn't give you ...

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Memories By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 2094 star 2 book 1

Ishaani once made a choice to leave everything behind so she could protect ...

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Soulmates By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 180237 star 2 book 72

Ishaani and Ranveer had their carefully-built comfort torn apart by the ...

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Papercuts By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 954 star 3 book 1

Ranveer finds his school crush living in the neighbourhood. A small, ...

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The heart wants what it wants
The heart wants what it wants By Lizzie (@LizzieBennet) eye 2583 star 3 book 1

A ‘Dil chahta hai’ Canon Divergence AU one-shot wherein the relationship ...

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La Douleur Exquise
La Douleur Exquise By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 3024 star 3 book 8

La Douleur Exquise : The pain of wanting the love of someone you can't have ...

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SS : A Case of Misidentity
SS : A Case of Misidentity By ranibowsprimkls (@Satrangi_Curls) eye 250 star 8 book 1

When a small misunderstanding leads to something else and there's a murder... ...

Yeh Dooriyaan
Yeh Dooriyaan By Mirai (@mirai07) eye 62356 star 4 book 17

Sahiba Kaur Monga, the breadwinner of her family gets entangled in a matrimony ...

Prem ki Holi!
Prem ki Holi! By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1829 star 6 book 1

When you have someone in your heart and want them to colour you and your soul ...

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