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The Truth
The Truth By aakanksha4 (@aakanksha4) eye 3041 star 10 book 5

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple"

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Realization By aakanksha4 (@aakanksha4) eye 3810 star 14 book 6

"Love is a difficult realization"

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THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE By Suzie (@etfr) eye 91553 star 107 book 21

PROLOGUE When people say love is everything, we think they are insane but ...

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Emergency Task Force #ReadersChoiceAwards
Emergency Task Force #ReadersChoiceAwards By Karuna Kini (@karuna_kini) eye 64173 star 84 book 43

Living in pain and agony for 6 years after being declared dead in a bomb ...

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An Imperial Affliction
An Imperial Affliction By JaoReTumLog (@Phir_Mohabbat) eye 22185 star 71 book 21

ACP Riya Mukherjee is a ninja, and a short tempered one. Hiding in shadows ...

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The Genius and The Khadoos
The Genius and The Khadoos By JaoReTumLog (@Phir_Mohabbat) eye 9325 star 23 book 11

My obsession with Criminal Minds and Dr. Reid strikes again! Meri ...

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Trials of Fire
Trials of Fire By JaoReTumLog (@Phir_Mohabbat) eye 11802 star 46 book 0

There was a time the trio were inseparable. But those were simpler times- ...

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Beyond Forever
Beyond Forever By BitterBerry (@BitterBerry) eye 3086 star 105 book 1

Arjun and Riya are engaged and are soon to be married. But suddenly, Riya ...

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Electrons Cannot Be Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards
Electrons Cannot Be Friends #ReadersChoiceAwards By BitterBerry (@BitterBerry) eye 22437 star 141 book 23

Can you love someone more than your dignity? Read here to know what ...

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Miss Statistics
Miss Statistics By BitterBerry (@BitterBerry) eye 3381 star 116 book 2

UNDER EDITING The story of a research specialist of the most elite force ...

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Latest Stories

Safed By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 177 star 2 book 0

A widow, Gauri met her long lost friend Omkara in a family function, who still ...

Silent Whisper
Silent Whisper By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 27691 star 89 book 4

Life Journey of two people poles apart in career, status and style. One is the ...

Divine Whispers of Ramayana
Divine Whispers of Ramayana By Shirisha (@ExoticDisaster) eye 588 star 3 book 4

Drabbles for Shrimad Ramayana Contest

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