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Devil's Den
Devil's Den By Anubhuti (@tellyme) eye 52583 star 127 book 37

Warning: Strictly 18+ Content. “Ok.. while I check this consent letter of ...

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MASTERS OF DARK By Morusya51 (@Morusya51) eye 6867 star 55 book 4

Let me tell you there is a ghost hiding in the shadows You won't believe ...

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Call Me A Liar #ReadersChoiceAwards
Call Me A Liar #ReadersChoiceAwards By Saoirse RZ (@SaoirseRZ) eye 1636 star 0 book 1

Angad Maan, millionaire, intelligent, charming... and foolish enough to ...

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Wounds Unhealed
Wounds Unhealed By Elvish_Hobbit (@Elvish_Hobbit) eye 1140 star 2 book 1

A quiet life, peaceful days were what he'd dreamt of all his life despite ...

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The Kidnapped Child
The Kidnapped Child By Aditi (@melodyofflowers) eye 7100 star 16 book 11

It is about a kidnapped child and her search with an extraction of one ...

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Latest Stories

A Case of Misidentity
A Case of Misidentity By ranibowsprimkls (@Satrangi_Curls) eye 377 star 9 book 1

When a small misunderstanding leads to something else and there's a murder... ...

Yeh Dooriyaan
Yeh Dooriyaan By Mirai (@mirai07) eye 62672 star 6 book 17

Sahiba Kaur Monga, the breadwinner of her family gets entangled in a matrimony ...

Prem ki Holi!
Prem ki Holi! By MaDiee (@MaDiee) eye 1852 star 6 book 1

When you have someone in your heart and want them to colour you and your soul ...

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