Rang Completed G

Part 9

Published On Sunday,Feb 11, 2024 00:20 AM GMT-07:00

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Jasmine @jasminerahul 2 months ago Glad that atleast now prem asked simar the reason behind the break up.good that after an open conversation premar decided to be with each other and unite preeran.so sweet of simar to cook for sujal with the help of youtube.they feeding each other was lovely.in the pic simar is wearing a modern dress.but actually it should have been salwar kameez.sad that preeta misunderstood that simar is taking away sujal from her.good that sujal revealed her the truth.preeta knowing about simar's sacrifice was nice.i am shocked that mohini got prem arrested misunderstanding that he kidnapped simar.glad that sujal revealed the truth.sujal clearing mihir tulsi's misunderstandings about simar was nice.preeta kashish scene was emotional. Preeta telling karan that she is ready to marry him and later they confessing love to each other was sweet.good that moloy's dialogues made mohini realize her mistakes.but I wish you had shown a nice moloy mohini scene where moloy really sees mohini's change.
Sk conversation and union was emotional. Glad that premar preeran got married. Loved the pics.but I wish you had put premar preeran wedding pics.
khwaishfan @khwaishfan 2 months ago Part 9
Majestic update.... perfectly written

awesome end
GOLDIE ABROL @Gold.Abrol 2 months ago Beautiful end to a wonderful journey ✨🏵️ amazing update
Keep writing ✍️
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