Rang Completed G

Part 2

Published On Saturday,Jan 30, 2021 07:37 AM GMT-07:00

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coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Prem finally gave in accepted to be friends with Simar. She is a determined person.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Simar wants to prove herself by walking. She will not back down from a challenge.
coderlady @coderlady 1 months ago Prem saved Simar and she is now getting attracted to him. Even Prem has some feelings the way he is keeping that earring.
GOLDIE ABROL @Gold.Abrol 2 months ago Nice part dear
Finally Prem & Simar are friends
Waiting for more
Thanks for the PM
Keep writing ✍️
Jasmine @jasminerahul 2 months ago Simar dreaming of prem was romantic. Guess she already loves him.surprisingly tulsi didn't want to hear from prem from where he got the earrings after he said that he doesn't have any affair.moloy mohini simar scene and the dialogues were very funny.i am shocked that prem refused to accept simar's friendship and simar walked only to prove prem wrong.when rishab informed it to prem he offering lift to simar was nice.surprising that they went for a drive and even went to the cinema theatre.nice pics.
Taahir @taahir004 3 years ago An Amazing and so Fabulous Update . Prem and Samar both enjoying together
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