My Everything and Beyond

My Everything and Beyond Ongoing G

Chapter 4 – “Sweet and sour, just like tamarind”

Published On Wednesday,Aug 31, 2022 01:55 AM GMT-06:00

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aaradhaya1688 3 months ago So she left leaving behind a hella irritated man do I already see want in there

So now how are they going to find each other ?
Awesome update
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Rakshu_K 3 months ago Interesting.. let's see how irritated Aryan will find her.. Can't wait for next.. Please Update fast...
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Shivi_forever 3 months ago Amazing update👏. Arylie are attracted to each other, both are equally affected by close proximity😉. Imlie leaving early irritated Aryan . I think he will search for her with the excuse of returning the money😊. Waiting for next.
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nmurali 3 months ago That slip and fall uffff. So good.
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egle 3 months ago SHE LEFT HIM MONEY?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA I am CHORTLING in gleeeee!!!!

He just needed *some* excuse to go after her and she damn near handed it to him.

My god, the flutters in my stomach at their interaction. I wish I could binge read this story at this point. So much potential! T_T
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