My Everything and Beyond

My Everything and Beyond Ongoing G

Chapter 3 - "Please be a thief!"

Published On Sunday,Aug 21, 2022 20:19 PM GMT-06:00

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aaradhaya1688 3 months ago Oh so they meet but what a meeting haan 😉
Aryan baba melting already
Love their banners
Awesome chapter
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egle 3 months ago Ok so she didn't exactly burst out of the bathroom and fall into his arms buuuuuut this was SO GOOD! I was laughing so darn much imagining her using the hair dryer like a gun. And those impish thoughts that creep up without filter- 'Cute?'; 'managing a better career with those looks'... those added so much lightness and fun to that first meet!

I can't wait to see what these two discuss. It's looks like she mayyy have to leave in the dead of the night. Our girl seems too self-respecting to stay if he insults her, even unintentionally. Will our reluctant hero be pursuing her to give her temporary refuge?
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Rakshu_K 3 months ago Nice update... Waiting for next...
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Ishfying 3 months ago So, Aryan finds her feet cute 😉 and Imlie thinks he's very handsome at the first sight of each other. I would like to see this being addressed again at a later stage when they are together.
Uh oo...Poor Imlie will realise she's been cheated. I wish she wouldn't give up without a fight though.
I can imagine them being a tom and jerry during their stay.
Looking forward to read next chapters.
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Noredink 3 months ago I can totally imagine Aryan’s rather annoyed expression on finding Imlie in his property and a flustered and barely dressed Imlie on finding a rather handsome man accusing her of breaking in and occupying his place. This is Arylie’s version of ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Kismat Konnection’!

Waiting to find out how she came to Rathore Villa in the first place.
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Shivi_forever 3 months ago Arylie's first meeting was interesting 🤣😂. Who is the person who rented the place to Imlie without the knowledge of the owner. Waiting for next
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mltr16 3 months ago This is hands down my favorite chapter so far. The tension is just *chef's kiss* My heart is dhak dhakking in my chest reading their first encounter. You are blessed with talent, woman!! Keep this pace up! This is going to be fire!!
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