My Everything and Beyond

My Everything and Beyond Ongoing G

Chapter 1 – “I have morons working for me”

Published On Sunday,Aug 14, 2022 02:15 AM GMT-06:00

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aaradhaya1688 3 months ago I love how different kinda storied are coming up
This looks interesting
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Ishfying 3 months ago Aryan-Imlie-Shimla....I'm hooked.
And looks like the first meeting is gonna be a bomb.
Scampering off to read next parts
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Noredink 3 months ago I missed seeing this earlier but glad I am not too late. Shimla brings back some fond summer vacation childhood memories. A great start to the story. Waiting for the next one!
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mltr16 3 months ago Ahhh....I've been remiss in commenting here A. Welcome to the world Arylie writers. 😘 Kya kahu, I love your writing and can't wait for this story to unfold. This Aryan is also a ghonchu like most of our Aryans. Can't wait to meet Imlie. Has to be the perfect counterfoil for this man. He is sexy already but I'm biased 🌚
When are you posting again?
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egle 3 months ago I am hooked! Firstly, Shimla is so beautiful and pictureque, I can just imagine a torrid and passionate love story taking place there. Your Aryan seems a little curt, a lot impatient and definitely a man who loves his family judging by his need to honour his Pa's memory. By the time I got to the part with Imlie (I assume) in his house (is she squatting because OMG there has to be a story for why and I cannot wait to find out!) I was just wanting for her to burst out of the bathroom and fall into his arms.

I laughed out loud at his comment on her messiness. Oh Aryan, she's gonna mess up far more than just a room, my boy.

I gotta say, this whole set up reminded me of an old korean drama I watched many many years ago. I enjoyed the shenanigans there so much that now I am EAGER to see the next installment of this story too. I'm looking forward to meeting your Imlie, Ms.Quills.

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Shivi_forever 3 months ago Interesting start. Waiting for next chapter
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