My Everything and Beyond

My Everything and Beyond Ongoing G

Chapter 5 - "I miss him, Maa"

Published On Sunday,Sep 04, 2022 23:46 PM GMT-06:00

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egle 2 months ago I finally got to this chapter (and I'm so glad I have one more to binge) because that part with Aryan missing his Dad... the pain was so (this may sound odd) but it came across so softly, I didn't realise when it enveloped me in it. My heart ached for him, for the idol he lost, for the father he looked up to, for the part of him that now is forever empty because of grief.

In that vein, this Imlie is so strong! With a loving father and mother, and the zeal to make something of her life while she battles her own traumas.

Lovely, A! 🧡
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Noredink 3 months ago This is getting very interesting. I love how you have portrayed Rupi di and Imlie’s bond here. Aditya’s betrayal didn’t destroy the relationship but rather this adversity in Imlie’s life only made the bond stronger. Imlie has a strong support system consisting of Rupi di, SK and Meethi while Aryan has his mom and sister. Both Aryan and Imlie are dealing with a loss- loss of a loved one and loss of trust respectively but they will gain each other, eventually 🤞🏽.

Amazing chapter 👏🏽
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Rakshu_K 3 months ago It's Amazing.. Can't wait for next part is meeting for the two broken soul and how they will heal each other..
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aaradhaya1688 3 months ago At such a young age she is trying to cope up with betrayal and end of a relationship strong chick
Loved the father daughter bond
Also Aru is dealing the loss of his father
And here we have The B T so boss babu and junglie are back
Loved the update
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Shivi_forever 3 months ago Beautiful update ❤️💞. Loved Imlie's bond with Satyakam as well as Aryan and Narmada's bond❤️. Imlie is trying to cope with Akt's betrayal and Aryan misses his father 😢. Looks like Arylie's next meeting will be in BT office.
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nmurali 3 months ago Love the dynamic between Rupi and Imlie here. And yay BT has been acquired by ASR.
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mltr16 3 months ago Aditya the a-h**e and Satyakaam the doting dad. Narmada always the calm living energy that sea to envelop Aryan. I love their bind already. Samosas, kachori and chai know I read that part twice right 😃😃 I love how it's flowing seamlessly. ♥️
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