My Everything and Beyond

My Everything and Beyond Ongoing G

Chapter 2 – “You, my girl, need a vacation!”

Published On Thursday,Aug 18, 2022 03:52 AM GMT-06:00

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aaradhaya1688 3 months ago Finally she is taking a stand on her own
Oh how I love independent women trope
Awesome update
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egle 3 months ago I'm finally getting a chance to get to this and GIRL! First, SO glad Imlie was her own hero in getting out of that sh*tass marriage.

Ugh a cheating husband in her own bed. At that young age too. This girl is going to run from love. HOW is our ghonchu going to convince her?

...How will he convince himself???
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Noredink 3 months ago Interesting! Is Rathore Villa privately owned by the Rathore’s? In which case, wonder how Rupi made a booking there. But destiny has her ways, doesn’t she? Looking forward to reading Arylie’s first meeting.
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Shivi_forever 3 months ago Imlie is suffering from a troubled past. Rupi is trying to cheer Imlie and wants her to move on. How Imlie landed in Rathore villa. Waiting for Arylie's first encounter.
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