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Vivek Dahiya and Aditi Bhatia reunite again onscreen but not for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Vivek Dahiya and Aditia Bhatia will be seen onscreen again...


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Vivek Dahiya became a household name for his stint in Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The actor after starring for some time bade farewell to the show and even bagged his own shows. On the other hand, Aditi Bhatia also made a mark with her stint of Ruhi Bhalla on the same show. 

Well, the duo are all set together to come together for another show. And guess which show we are talking about. It is Colors TV's Kitchen Champion by Arjun Bijlani. While everyone will be wishing to see Divyanka Tripathi grace the show with Vivek, well we have a bad news as the actress won't be a part of the show. Vivek will be seen fighting against Aditi with his mother. Aditi will be also participating with her mother.

It will be indeed interesting to see the duo present their culinary skills on the show.

Meanwhile, rumours were rife that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is all set to come to an end. However, Krishna Mukherjee clarified the news and told in a statement, "It was a misunderstanding that led to the entire chaos. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not going off air any time soon. I hope this ends the confusion."
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Deepi_L1 10 months ago You're the best Divyanka Tripathi.
shabla 4 years ago If Mr.Khan had the decency to come in front of law and accept his crime thn i would have said tht he is a human...Because humans do make mistakes...But the courage to accept it in public is wht makes you a human with a soul...

If the so called "Human" star had evn an ounce of humanity in him thn he would atleast have tried to save the life he put danger instead to running away from the site...

All he tried to do till day was to escape the law and justice...Sorry i have no respect for this man...

India will be only country wre an actor has the license to get drunk and kill people...After all its the victims fault and actor is a saint...

And for Bollywood...U make me feel like puking on u people face...yuck...
pallavi25 4 years ago BW blokes are a bunch of immoral leeches, of course they will support their In-Human Bhai! They are preparing the ground for when they will also drink and drive over homeless pavement dwellers and get away without punishment! Salman's case sets a convenient precedent for them.
Sevenstreaks 4 years ago Poor d soul who lost his life because of him ... but for this article ROFL...i m tired of commenting on these articles ...LOL...2015-05-09 01:08:18
sinful 4 years ago Please change the title as BOLLYWOOD SUPPORTS THE IN-HUMAN STAR that would be the best title..
BOLLYWOOD = INHUMAN there are no single HUMAN in bollywood all are Sallu bhai's chamchas.. INDIAN JUDICIARY SYSTEM= INJUSTICE SYSTEM. RIP..

No voice for the poor victim :-( sad to say we are living in this kind of INHUMAN WORLD :-(

GO TO HELL DISGUSTING BOLLYWOOD!!!!2015-05-09 00:29:36
anu rulz
anu rulz 4 years ago If this hit and run had been committed by anybody of sum other profession, Mr. Aamir Khan wud have been tearing tht person apart on his "social " show, other "celebrated" actors and directors wud have been shedding tears and showing sympathy, as it involves one of their own, everything has changed..this just uncovers the hypocrisy and inhumane attitude of the film fraternity towards the general public..all have big bhashans to give wen its abt other people, but the moment ot involves one of ur own, blame the victim..its pathetic how we have actually stooped from "she got raped coz she was out at night" to "they got killed coz they were sleeping on the pavement"..seriously?? Everytime i feel we as a nation cannot get more blindsighted, sumthn proves me wrong..every single time!! This man not only drove over human beings in an intoxicated manner, without as much as a driving licence, then abandoned the victims by leaving the spot, dint care to call for medical or legal help and now responsible for his driver taking the blame and committing perjury..and dont even get me started on the ravindra patil saga of inhumanity..and his excuse for a human is being touted as the saviour of the film fraternity..shows the pathetic standards of the industry if this is the high point..
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