Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein showcases the love of a Tamil Dentist, Ishita Iyer (Divyanka Tripathi) who is united with Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) after a mutual love for his daughter Ruhi....

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{::.Ye Hai Mohabbatein.:: - Picture Gallery #6}

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Neena Kulkarni Neena Kulkarni

as: Madhavi Iyer

Ishita's mother

Raj Singh Arora Raj Singh Arora

as: Mihir Arora

Mihika Verma Mihika Verma

as: Ex Mihika Iyer

Ishita's cousin sister

Divyanka Tripathi Divyanka Tripathi

as: Dr. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla

Ishita is beautiful, loving and sincere. She is dutiful daughter and is a dentist by profession. She has centered her life around her profession and performs it with sincerity. Her biggest weakness is ...

Karan Patel Karan Patel

as: Raman Kumar Bhalla

Once a simpleton who was madly in love with his wife, Raman is now a bitter, non-trusting and extremely angry person. His past experiences have completely shaken his faith in relationships. Over the ...