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Valentines Day - Most Romantic Scenes 5

Day 5 takes a break from the Khans and the Kapoors, to make way for the...

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Day 5 takes a break from the Khans and the Kapoors, to make way for the Kumar and the Roshan, the Kaif and the Rai!

Without further ado, let's move on with the third last day of this 2001-2010 countdown.

Let the luvre bloom, as you catch up with today's doze of Bolly-romanticism...!

Movie: Namaste London(2007: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif)
Scene: Is This Our Last Dance...?!

For a majority of Katrina Kaif's countless fans, Namaste London served an inception point of the extreme fandom. Her onscreen pairing with Akshay Kumar from this blockbuster came to be such a phenomenon that it repeated thereafter, time and again, yielding on more occasions than not, box office hits.

Owing some stark similarities between real life Kat and her Namaste London onscreen character, Jaspreet aka Jaz, it was a given that many came to perceive parts of the movie as having been insinuatingly autobiographical from the actress's point of view - a round of rumours that were promptly denied.

A Vipul Amrutlal Shah directorial, Namaste London is the story of NRI girl Jaz (Katrina) who has like many others with her nature of exposure and upbringing, lost touch with her Indian roots, to a point where she despises them and declares herself an out and pout Brit. That is, until Arjun (Akshay) comes along in her life and turns its events upside down.

The scene we chose for the 'most romantic' scenes from this movie is where Arjun and Jaz dance together for what they suppose would their last dance forever, or at least for a very long time.

After his persistent and undying spirit to make their complicated marriage work out, Arjun finally gives up on the chase for Jaz to win the favors of her heart. He tells her that she is free to marry her Brit boyfriend, as she had always planned to, and that he would return to India right after being a witness to her tying that knot. And on that note, he asks her for a last dance.

Jaz faces an inner turmoil, when her heart senses a change for this rustic Indian man she had loathed the sight of not long ago. As she gazes into his eyes, lightly swaying in his arms, trying to settle the conflict between her heart and her mind, Arjun casually (although very much hurt and suffering himself) makes light of how they are even now, as he couldn't divorce her and she never acknowledged their marriage. It tugs at her heart, when he asks her if she would still be wiling to meet him one day when they have grown old and he comes to London, because her happiness would be his primary concern even then, and he would like to see if she were happy or not.

Jaz, highly strung by the teaming of fate and her heart, and over come with emotion at his candid words, gives a peck on his cheek and tells him that he is a wonderful human being and that she'll miss him. A sweet little kiss on the cheek that speaks for all the words she cannot comprehend or muster.

With the popular number "Veeraniyan" complementing the scene as a background score while they dance, the scene is soulful and romantic, despite the trouble in lovers' paradise.

Movie: Jodha Akbar (2008: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)
Scene: Sword fighting... and mild flirtations!

As an epic film based off the life of the greatest Indian Mughal Emperor of all times, Akbar (Hrithik), and his unconventional matrimonial alliance with Rajput princess Jodha (Aishwarya), this Ashutosh Gowarikar project showcased the uber-modern and classy Dhoom 2 jodi in a historical fashion, which only brought Duggu and Aish more fame and popularity than ever.

The scene we chose as the 'most romantic' from between a couple prime choices is not a confession, nor a first meeting, but a confrontation, that stands apart from usual Bollywood element. A miffed Jodha begum after being unfairly humiliated and unjustly accused of a blame she does not deserve has returned to her parental home, where Akbar upon realizing his blunder arrives shortly after with intentions to win her back.

It is in pursuit of the same, when he finds his beloved in the swords-fighting attire and mood, that he challenges her to fight him - the bid being her return to their home if he wins. What ensues are the alternate events of Jodha's active lashing of the sword (partly in unleashing her indignation at his mistake of disgracing her) and Akbar's constant daring and teasing flirtatious remarks that ensnare her further making her fight back harder.

The fight culminates abruptly, when Jodha gets summoned and in the moment of distraction loses her sword to Akbar. She deems it unfair, but he doesn't heed her appeal and declares she has to now return. Only to get a huffing and further annoyed reaction from her, which is amusing and endearing to him all at once.

An odd setting perhaps to claim romance in the moment, but fights have their own vital place between lovers - and this one with all its valour and passion sure stands a high example of the same. Hrithik and Aish, with this scene in Jodha Akbar proved their onscreen chemistry was a winner hands down, no matter the avatars!

On that note, we bid adieu... until tomorrow!

Authors: Sharmila & Naseem
Graphics: Fatima & Gurprit

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