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TRUTH behind Sara Ali Khan- Rhea Chakraborty's FIGHT at the Salon

Here's what exactly happened...


Salon Owner clarifies controversy surrounding Sarah Ali Khan and Rhea Chakraborty recent Salon outing!

Sarah Ali Khan and Rhea Chakraborty who have been spotted together on various occasions recently visited a salon.

Rumours have been afloat of their cards having declined. When the manager came and informed the girls about the cards getting declined, the two raised a fit and started abusing the manager and the salon.

Putting to rest these rumours, the owner of Freeda Salon owner, Ms. Farrah Marker said, "I would like to clarify that no such incident happened at my Salon ever. Both Sara and Rhea visit my salon regularly. They have never disrespected anyone at my salon or spoken badly to staff or other clients. Neither have their cards ever been declined nor have they caused any kind of trouble at the salon. They both are lovely girls, rhea and Sara are like family and we are very happy to have them as our client ."

Rhea Chakraborty added, "It's really sad how people would make up stories out of thin air, attacking two young girls characters, none of this happened. Get your facts right and stop being irresponsible."


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