Rajev Paul wants to do Magic!

Rajev Paul is excited about conjuring up some ‘Magical Moments', with the launch of his new Event Management Company...

No, Rajev Paul is not turning into a magician. All he has turned into is an entrepreneur by opening up his event management company named 'Magical Moments'.

Rajev tells us, "I started this company
because most of the actors are now venturing into fields other than acting. They have got something 'more' going on in their lives. And its normal for an actor to multi task as at any given point of time we are busy with shoots as well as shows, anchoring, plays, films etc. For me, starting this company is a natural extension of being an actor."

Apparently, Rajev has the needed exposure to be confident of his project. He says, "I've been a part of a lot of events myself. And I see that people are really excited about watching us actors perform. The organizers decide who should perform and how much one should be paid. So I thought why not I be in the organizer's shoes? This way the money is better too. Won't you agree?"

According to Rajev, "Magical Moments looks forward to create some magic in the lives of the people who are a part of their events." He goes on to elaborate the kind of shows he is looking forward to do. "I will be organizing corporate events, launches, weddings etc. However, even in corporate events you need celebs to endorse or make an appearance. So, I will try to bring in my friends for a performance or stand-up comedy," he says.

Right now, Rajev is pretty keyed up about his first event. "I have an event lined up for Monte-Carlo in Delhi. We are organizing a ramp show. I'm glad with this international company I'm launching Magical Moments," he signs off with a happy note.

We wish good luck for Rajev's new undertaking!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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