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Published: Sunday,Jun 03, 2007 09:32 AM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the Pick of the week for this week!! Lets see which show is under fire this time round,we call it IF "Tadka Special", thanks to the Development Team of IF for their inputs!

Maayka-Saath Zindagi bhar ka

Scene of the week:

Shabd clears Mahi's anger by going on his knees and saying, "I am sorry my Princess, Highness." He tells her he will take her anywhere she wants and Mahi makes him go to the mandir in a kurta. A sweet scene that gives the audience a hint of more cute scenes coming in future....

Style Icon of the week:

Shabd....Whether he is in modern jeans and shirts or when he is wearing a simple kurta, Shabd looks amazing. He is indeed a great Style Icon.

Blooper  of the week:

Mahi was a very bubbly, talkative, no nonsense type of a girl,but when Suhani talks about how close she was with Shabd, Mahi just stays quiet and acts nice ! Suhani comes to the mandir in a mini skirt and boots, Who comes to the mandir like that???


Scene of the week:

Kasturi confessing her love to Robbie. The scene was well picturised, beautifully shot & touched the chords of hearts.

Style Icon of the week :

Robbie Sabharwal!! The audience love his brattish and casonova look and his jackets are quite cool..bling is definitely in!

Blooper of the week :

Robbie applies haldi on Kasturi’s wound but in the next scene we saw that wound disappeared all of a sudden. Then, it was snowing outside but neither Kasturi nor Robbie were wearing any woollen clothes..are they ESKIMOS!!


Scene of the week :

At the veneration, Dev shouts at Kaajjal like a ferocious tiger. He blames kaajjal for killing his mom. He further says that along with the cremation of his mom he had done the cremation of his love and Kaajjal.He then puts the locket which was a symbol of their love into the holy fire.

Style Icon of the week:

It has to be Apurva. Whatever he wears, he looks yummy in it. Dev looked breathtakingly handsome in black shirt and the grey suit, not to forgot, the cremation white made him look HOTT. His latest wardrobe goes well with his angry and brash looks.

Blooper of the week :

At the party Karan puts marbles on the stairs so that NT slides down and dies, but none saw him while putting the marbles. There was a huge party going on and atleast one person should have seen him doing that. He isn't any Anil kapoor of Mr India..or is he!

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Author: Nishtha

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monika @monikaseth 16 years ago maayka well done i wish to see mahi shabd again and agin
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Rutu @berkeleygirl818 16 years ago thanx... GRT picks!!! Shabd & Robbie were perfect for the style icons!!! nd the scene of the week were cute too!!! nd the bloopers were hilarious!!! gud obervations!!! lol...
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Lost_Soul141 @Lost_Soul141 16 years ago yeh kaajjal is definitely getting better now!
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Teesha @Teesha 16 years ago Thanks!

Loved scenes frm Maayka! Shabd totally deserves to b style icon..He has evryone going nuts ;)

Nice picks!
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kggk_fan01 @kggk_fan01 16 years ago thx, i only watch maayka from there and i agree!
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago shabd and mahi scene was awesome.. i agree with the blooper regarding suhani..who comes to holy place like mandir wearing a mini skirt... lol..
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Nikki @~nikki~ 16 years ago cooooooooolllllllllll
shabd n mahi rockkkkkkkkkkkk all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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komal @komalsirwani 16 years ago hehehe..kool ones...the bloopers are the best parts..hehe
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Very well written Nish...as for me
Scene of the week - Maayka
Style Icon - Non other den Sabdh
Blopper -Kasturi
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Meera @indiandoll89 16 years ago Loved the Maayka and Kasturi ones....the style icons are totally right! *sigh*
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