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Pick of the Week June 4th -8th

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Published: Sunday,Jun 10, 2007 12:56 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the Pick of the week for this week!! Lets see which show is under fire this time round,we call it IF "Tadka Special", thanks to the Development Team of IF for their inputs!


Scene of the Week:

Akshay's desperation to search for Mamta, Akshay looking for her in the Juhu Market, where Mamta sees him, but he missing her by a whisker kept the viewers glued. Again in the restaurant, Akshay and Mamta coming face to face with each other for the first time after the leap is something to watch out for!

Style Icon pf the Week:

Who else but Akshay!!! Akshay post leap looks damn Hot, Dashing and younger too!! What an irony, isn't it? Well, he never looks like the father of Krishna, the Rocking suits Akshay wears does make him the Heartthrob of millions!

Blooper of the Week:

Mamta and Arav have a confrontation in the market which leads to Akshay recognising Mamta's presence by her signature. This leads to Akshay going on a search for Mamta... But, has Arav not seen Mamta's photo ever in these 20 years in Akshay's bedroom? How could Arav not recognise Mamta? oh..its a Blooper !

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan

Scene of the week:

When Sagar and Vidya hug each other at the hospital after a month of separation, the expression , the look, everything makes you fall in love with them, this is called honey coated romance and their chemistry is something to vouch for. Truly a couple made for each other!

Style Icon of the Week:

It has to be Sindurra. Her cotton sarees and makeup are very different from the lot and does not need over the top makeup to look notorious. A Vamp with elegance personified..take a bow Sindurra!

Bloopers of the Week :

When Sagar and Shivani escape from the hospital, they both were wearing white clothes. On the way they get completely drenched and through muddy lane, they reach the temple..but in the very next scene they both are dried up and their clothes are spick and span!! Rin ki Chamkaar? Vidya consumes poison and on the bottle "zahar" was written, Bed sheets keep on changing in between the scenes..all in all, welcome to Bloopers paradise!!

Kasauti Zindagi Kay:

Scene of the week:

At Prem's birthday party when P2 is upstairs and Anurag is downstairs, they start to do the same thing. As P2 puts her hair back in a specific way, so does Anurag. And when she stops to drink so does he. Also a cute flashback of Sneha and Anurag are shown,The scene was very cute and heart warming!

Style Icon of the Week:

Prerna is back to wearing saris mostly white with embroidered border and letting her hair down,she does not look like any sixty plus women we know, but then who does in Ekta Kapoor Soaps. In all she is looking gorgeous as ever!

Blooper of the Week:

P2 from the new generation seems to be the daughter of Omi and Sneha, yet like the rest of the girls she calls Prem chacha, whereas Prem is her "Mama"..confusion confusion..

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Author: Nishtha(pm nishtha)

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Valerie @val0822 16 years ago It's due to change from Neha to Narayani that his little brain got confused !!!!
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ramiya @rahmata 16 years ago awesome its really nice love BMTD P2 KZK and bloopers thanks
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Anamika @ana13 16 years ago Hey...liked the bloopers part...lol...thnxx!!!!
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frenz4u @frenz4u 16 years ago Its relly awesome.
I really liked the blooper of P2 in KZK.
Its fantastic and right Prerna dont look a Sixty year old dadi from any angle.
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago As alwayz AWESOME! Kep it up Nish
I don't watch Mamta so my choice has 2 b from KZK &BMTD
Scene of the week - BMTD
Style Icon - Prerna
Blopper - BMTD again
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago Wow! Kzk and BMTD!! Love it!
Thx Nish!!
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-Srishty- @-Srishty- 16 years ago Finally my both fav serials are there at the same time :D

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Ashiana @maneet.n.shanak 16 years ago Wow lolz i love the blooper of p2!
i must say awesome observation!

thnx for this!
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Mehak @Love_Mehak 16 years ago Thankzzz a lt yup the kzk scene wa sreally so sweet and cute.....
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Mansi bhatia @-Mansi- 16 years ago nice article...but hw come if never tlks abt any sab or shara show??
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