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Published: Saturday,Jun 30, 2007 00:08 AM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the Pick of the week for this week!! Lets see which show is under fire. This time round, we call it IF "Tadka Special", thanks to the Development Team of IF for their inputs!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan

Scene of the Week:
It has to be when Vidya tries to convince Sagar that she is his wife,at the airport in Singapore and you feel helpless and disgusted as how Sagar for whom she took so much of pain and fought against all odds is not recognising her? Acting of Both Sagar and Vidya truly touches your soul and your heart cries for her!Completely heartbreaking!

Style Icon of the Week:
Sagar without any fuss.His new look makes him look hot like a sizzler! The audience now has atlast had their wish granted as they see the 'Ladies' Man' Saagar now!!To top it all, his voice and charming personality is just an added attraction,way to go Mate!

Blooper of the WeeK:
The doctor allowed Sagar to go a few hours after the operation? When he was still unconscious!and exactly on which organ the operation took place is a mystery to us? as if it is brain then Sagar hair should have been chopped off first.. but he was sporting a new hairstyle like Saif Ali Khan meets Tom Cruise !wonder why he went to Singapore for operation or a Makeover??

Left Right Left

Scene of the Week:
The football match was fun to watch,the way cadets and faculty members played football, made you root for them as everyone was playing with loads of zeal and enthusiasm and having fun at the same time .The gorilla dance of Ali and Surjii's antics were hilarious to see,all in all a great game of Football.

Style Icon of the Week:
Undoubtably Captain Rajveer aka Rajeev Khandelwal when he comes out to play in his football uniform with a headband, your heart says..he is the HUNK of small screen for sure!

Blooper of the Week:
Whenever any secret mission/task is there, only the six main cadets appear otherwise in the assembly we see many other cadets !Even others cadets deserves a chance,but maybe they cannot act..problem a big big problem,and they played football with only 5 players in each side??.. it happens only in India!
Scene of the Week:
When Sid meets Mamta and Krishna in the Police station the look, on his face could be best described as Shocked and in awe of Mamta,the way he touches Krishna's hand and hugs and talks to Akshay is a wonderful and touching moment and your eyes get moist,as how three friends cum soul mate reunited after 20 years of separation ,you can see that in their eyes, truly a heart warming indeed!

Style Icon of the Week:
Anand Suryawanshi or better known as Akshay Srivastava's three piece suits,those specks are truly the talk of the town and especially among girls. This is what we call "Dress to KILL!"

Blooper of the Week:
Krishna Leaves for office in Black Blazer,tee and jeans,but when he comes back in the evening he was wearing pink Blazer and shirt and pant??Now that's strange, maybe he also took over his wardrobe and robbed his clothes! Not done Krishna,you should have taken a tip or two from your father instead .

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Contact Author: PM Nishtha

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*Reemz* @*Reemz* 16 years ago Completely agree with Dulhann! :P

That scene was one of the most heartbreakig EVER. Great great great job done by Divyanka. Sagar is completely HOT! Now just waiting for this new love story to develop!! *blush*
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pooja sohinda @mahek-e-gulab 16 years ago hottesst hunk!!! yup thats apna rajeev.....shonnaa
n abt d blooper yup its undoubtedly correct..hheehheee
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Glinda Elizabeth Kushero @Ezria_Fan_4ever 16 years ago thanks i really loved the lrl one.and yep rajeev khandelwal is definitely the hunk of small screen.
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago thank u soo much...im really pleased tht Sagar in Dulhan has recovered
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago thank u very much. looking forward to watch all these because i'm behind in canada.
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-Srishty- @-Srishty- 16 years ago OMG for the airport scene Divyanka deserves an award, hats off to her!! It was one of the most saddest scenes from BMTD...
Sagar's looks so good with his new hairstyle (blush)

Great work Nishu.
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Julle @second_chances 16 years ago yeah the rain match was great, dont watch the other shows
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago grat article..i don't watch either shows but i watdch out for the style icons
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sidivyapall @sidivyapall 16 years ago whoa!!! was it just me or did others experience over heat temperatures when Rajeev appeared on screen!!!!!!
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