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Ohanna Shivanand on murder accusation: This matter is sensitive and cops are looking at it

She also accused her sister as well as her mother-in-law of throwing her out of her house and attempting to murder her as well her mother respectively...


Star Plus’ cult classic Dill Mill Gayye brought several actors in the lime-light and got them fame. One such actress was Ohanna Shivanand/ Shilpa Anand who played the role of Dr Ridhima in the show. The actress is missing from the telly world for a few years now. And recently, from media reports, we have learned a shocking revelation from the actress. Through a social media post, the actress has subtly accused her best friend of organising a rape on her. She also accused her sister as well as her mother-in-law of throwing her out of her house and attempting to murder her as well her mother respectively.

Her social media post read, “What if your best friend tries to organise someone to rape you but you can see through them because your third eye is open, what if your sister tries to throw you out of your house but you can see through her because your third eye is open… What if your sister’s mother-in-law tries to kill you and your mother to take over your assets… But you can see through them because your third eye is open… You become the true ruler of your kingdom… It’s high time we all open our third eye to see through our enemies who act like our well wishes.”

Take a look at her post here:

She also mentioned that her mother had filed a murder case against her sister’s mother-in-law (Bhavana Brhambhatt) for murdering her husband and accumulating all the insurance money and for an attempt to murder her and her mother. She also stated that her sister’s mother-in-law has run away to America.

Have a look what she has written here:

When we tried finding out the post on her social media we couldn’t spot it, we don’t know if she has deleted it or not. When contacted her, she said, “This matter is sensitive and personal. I don't want to upset anyone or aggravate this matter in front of the media. The cops are looking at it and I don't want to talk about in the media. I had put up that post for my own self.”

We hope that all is well with the actress!

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Ohanna Shivanand Dill Mill Gayye 

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