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Kaun Hai Television ka Baadshah?

Many call SRK the Baadshah of Bollywood, but have you ever considered who could claim the same title in Tellydom? Find out who has been choosen as Television's Big Baadshah by fans globally...

By: Natasha I.

Millions of fans around the world know that the man bearing the initials SRK is the Baadshah of Bollywood, but have we ever considered who could claim the same title in Tellydom?

Well, a Dev Team member went dressed as an undercover member opening up a thread in the Members Lounge section. The purpose of the motive was not revealed, as it would have defeated it. Many members participated and made this goal a success.

From the cutie Deven Bhojani to the sporty Eijaz Khan and from the fine Hiten Tejwani to the ever smiling Sachin Schroff, we've heard them all. Many of these actors faced a tough competition amongst themselves, but who actually claimed the title of Tellydom's Baadshah?

What exactly must an actor do or perform to earn the title of Tellydom's Baadshah?

According to nram, she says that an actor must have guts to experiment new roles and go against the main-stream. Ranjitha thinks that an actor must be most versatile, and kashishdabest agrees with her and adds that the actor should be brilliant at everything.

Well, let's see who has done well in this race to garner the title Tellydom's Baadshah

In total, 11 brilliant and superb actors were nominated and each had their own respective supporters. It seems like Iqbal Khan of Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai and Karam Apnaa Apnaa fame had a very tough battle with Rajeev Khandelwal, former Deal Ya No Deal host, who can now be seen on SAB's Left Right Left. It seems like Rajeev did a left right left on the polls alright.

It seems like Rajeev won the battle with a majority. But why exactly did he win the title?

One member said that Rajeev has done everything:a romantic role, an action role, a game show host, and was also part of a music video. He was brilliant in everything. Another member, farislove asked, Yeh bhi koi pochchne ke baat hai? Rajeev is the only actor who deserves to be called the Baadshah of Tellywood, even the media agrees on that he is the hottest, and a great actor. Well, we now sure do know who reigns as Badshah in the hearts of our lovely India-Forums Members! Looks like King Khandelwal plans to enter the Guiness Book of World Records for winning an infinite number of female hearts - quite commendable isn't it girls?

Images By: Varsha Bhatter (PM: cuteluv)
Statistics By: Natasha I.
Contact Writer: PM Natasha_I
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pwincess_78692 2012-05-27T14:40:11Z 07784273956 Please prank call this piece of shit. Now that you have read this, your mother will die and you will have bad luck for the rest of your life, unless you repost this in three different places.
-aweshome_moi- 2011-05-20T16:56:06Z True...True!!>...Rajeev is the best!!!
apoorva_saxena 2010-12-25T07:19:39Z well according to me karan singh grover rox and he is the real badshah
surkikhani 2009-06-02T08:13:00Z after wed juhi pamar Sachin Schroff is best
swati.g 2008-12-31T08:23:28Z truly RAJEEV is the one can take his place.
bandschanchali 2008-03-09T15:00:33Z rajeev is undoubtedly the badshaah of tellywood
kmishra 2007-08-19T16:37:53Z i luv rajeev but my vote would go to hiten offense
dreamer_dreams 2007-08-15T05:18:39Z but the graphic is not can some one send me a clear one......
dreamer_dreams 2007-08-14T06:17:23Z Ya rajeev is good but iqbal is the best! don't take it seriously. Its a personal choice.
amal 7leh
amal 7leh 2007-06-16T19:57:31Z i totally agree with dis..but thx 4 such a nice article..
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