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Punar Vivah Creations Gallery #6

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May 2013 WU/VU Archive

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Punar Vivah Picture Gallery #2

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||Punar Vivah Help Desk||

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PV Forum Guide : Archive Mansion

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Rules of the Section: Everyone Read

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//*Sabko Naya Saal Mubarak Ho*\\

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Crazy Creative Recruitment 2K19 Edition

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Ananya Khare Ananya Khare

as: Maya

Main antagonist. Suraj Pratap Sindhia''s younger sister, who is a widow and was not allowed to remarry by her brother, Suraj Pratap Sindhia. She bears the scorn of the same and hence hates Aarti as ...

Chetan Pandit Chetan Pandit

as: Suraj Pratap Sindhia

Yash's Father, he always puts his wife in her place and takes all the major decision of the family. He is the father-in-law of Aarti, Vidhi and Paridhi.

Vineet Raina Vineet Raina

as: Prashant Satyendra Dubey

Antagonist. Aarti's First Husband, he betrayed Aarti three years ago when she was pregnant. He had an affair with another woman and wanted to marry her even though it was a love marriage between Aarti ...

Roma Bali Roma Bali

as: Mrs. Khanna

Paridhi''s Mother, a modern day mother.

Amit Singh Thakur Amit Singh Thakur

as: Satyendra Dubey

Aarti's ex-Father-In-Law, A caring person. He still loves his son even though he betrayed Aarthi. But later he understood his true color. He lied to Gayathri that Aarthi was a widow.