Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki joint Family

Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki joint Family

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JJJKJF Help Desk

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damilola 43 9599 14 years ago ~~*Anjali*~~
No jasuben! watch this

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Aarti New song

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Ali 0 1576 14 years ago Ali

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TB: Swati Chitnis now on Star Plus

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Swati Chitnis

~~*Anjali*~~ 0 1433 14 years ago ~~*Anjali*~~

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Fav JJJKJF Character?

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favourite jodi

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what will you miss about the show..

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who is your favourite

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Paresh Ganatra
Paresh Ganatra

as: Purushotam

He is the 42 year old tenant of the Joshi family who runs a Jalebi-Gathia (snack) shop. Purushotam is a very short tempered person and has constant fights with Chandrakant his landlord. Purushottam is ...

Krishna Bharadwaj
Krishna Bharadwaj

as: Pinakin

He is Chandrakant and Pushpa's son. He is a young carefree college student, and everyone’s favourite in the family. He is very good at his work and has a very helpful nature. Pinakin is head-over ...

Ketkie Jayashree
Ketkie Jayashree

as: Nandini

She is the 17 year old daughter of Purushotam and Sudha. She is a typical bubbly teenager who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. She is young and pretty and does whatever she wants to do and is also ...

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