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TB:Thakral to get arrested: New guy in Anu's life

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Last episode

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Haveli's Big Secret

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Jamunia Creations Gallery

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Jamunia: Picture Gallery - No Comments

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Serial finale: Kuber ARRESTED, Jaimuniya re-united

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* Jamunia :: Help Desk & Suggestions Corner *

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Will Jamuniya go OFF the AIR?

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New timings of JAMUNIYA 7PM(IST)

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Bhavna Khatri
Bhavna Khatri

as: Jamunia

Jamunia is an orphan brought up by her cunning mama mami who have been exploiting her in every possible manner. Yet Jamunia being pure hearted and loving never looks at it as exploitation and loves ...

Mohan Joshi
Mohan Joshi

as: Thakur Gajaraj Singh

The most rich and powerful man of Rajapur, Thankur Gajaraj Singh is extremely ruthless. Desperate to undo the ‘sin’ he had committed years ago Gajraj has turned into a highly spiritual and ...


as: Ramlali

Ramlali who portrays the role of the wicked Mami of the protagonist Jamunia

Manmohan Tiwari
Manmohan Tiwari

as: Awadh Thakur

He is the only one who is funloving, flirtish, romantic & loves women. Basically a womanizer. He loves his younger causin Jai a lot. He obeys Gajraj’s orders & is very talkative & lively. He is ...

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma

as: Jai Thakur

Jai is the youngest in the thakur family. He's a sweet, decent and down to earth person. He respects Gajraj and all the elders in his family. He thinks that us anaath ko in logon ne sab kuchh diya hai ...

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