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Karaan Singh no more single!

Love triumphs against every other odd...

Karaan Singh a.k.a Karan of Star Plus' Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak?, is best known for his portrayal of Gaurav's gay partner.Rumours suggest that the man no more single and has already tied the knot.

We earlier reported about his track ending from the show due to Dakssh Ajit Singh's exit.

A source informs, "Last month Karaan Singh got married to his childhood sweetheart (That's not at all a small period Karaan). Her name is Shachi and is a Brahmin. Even though this caused a bit of problems, everything was sorted out and the duo got married recently."

We contacted Karaan who merrily confirms, "Yes, I got married to my sweetheart and I think this break was needed as we haven't gone for our honeymoon yet. So I'm going to make full use of this time."

When asked about who all were invited to the wedding Karaan shares, "Well, after my wedding there was a small party held for some industry people and all were invited, right from Jamunia, Maryada to Love U Zindagi. But only a very few could make it, as all the others were busy with their schedules."

Tellybuzz wishes Karaan a happy married lifeā€¦

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar
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Danika 2012-03-08T13:55:56Z You were undoubtedly the best actor on Luv U Zindagi, and you have the most awesome-ist expressions ever. I can remember, me and my friend were going crazy over you, and we didnt want that Rahul guy to be with Geet. Lol, I love those LUZ days, and I love watching old episodes... anyway, congrats Karaan!
Orion 2012-02-09T23:51:41Z glad to knw its not KSG!!!
congrats Karaan! :)
-MissQueenBee- 2012-02-07T20:32:42Z oh shit i thought it was Karan Singh Grover for a sec!!! I was like shit! It better be shilpa! lol to many karans!
KhatamKahani 2012-02-06T21:56:59Z Someone had mentioned his then impending marriage a few months ago in the Maryada Forum.

So... it's not really new... :)2012-02-06 22:10:08
t0xiicxkiis3s 2012-02-06T19:39:27Z ohh at first i thought it was karan singh grover and i was like oh boy whos heart is he going to break this time aha
..Naina.. 2012-02-06T13:05:44Z Aww good for him! Congratulations :) I guess having to leave Maryada isn't so bad anymore LOL
bahi. 2012-02-06T06:23:22Z I loved you in "Love U Zindagi".
.vrshn. 2012-02-06T05:46:23Z *wow! a celebrity who kept the news of his marriage under wraps <3*
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