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Bairi Piya that changed our lives...

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Savitha0101 2 4595 11 years ago uxghya
BP back on TV ;)

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Savitha0101 3 3858 11 years ago Varsha.123
IM in love with the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!! peep in

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daisyluv 9 4545 11 years ago uxghya
EPISODE: DV trusts Amoli no matter what

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music_girl 4 4617 11 years ago uxghya
EPISODE: DV asks a DUMB a question; hurt Amoli

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music_girl 6 4596 11 years ago uxghya
EPISODE: What did you think I was going to do???

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music_girl 2 2925 11 years ago uxghya
Bairi Piya song

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3lf1 1 1361 11 years ago Savitha0101
No LOVE...But eyes say everyTHING...?

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music_girl 6 3148 11 years ago music_girl

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tweetycat 4 4214 11 years ago uxghya
OMGGG *peep in*

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daisyluv 3 2139 11 years ago uxghya


Sanjay R Gagnani
Sanjay R Gagnani

as: Thakur Suren Singh Bhadoria

Thakur Suren Singh Bhadoria as Thakur Digvijay's Nephew

Supriya Kumari
Supriya Kumari

as: Amoli

Amoli is the protagonist of the show, and is good looking girl belonging to a poor family. She is a girl who belongs to a family that is struggling to make ends meet.

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