Supriya Kumari soon to enter 'Lajwanti' in a pivotal role?

The actress may soon enter the show starrring in a pivotal role..

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Actress Supriya Kumari, best known for her roles in 'Bairi Piya', 'Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer' and 'Sanskaar-Dharohar Apnon Ki' may soon enter the show, 'Lajwanti' in a pivotal role.

The actress may play the character of Nooran, the wife of Jamaal (Rohit Khurana) which is going to be important in the development of the story.

When we contacted Supriya for her comments, she said, "Everything was confirmed till yesterday. However, I haven't received a contract as of yet and not even a mail confirmation. I went to shoot yesterday, but the people said the production people are out of town, so they will provide me with a contract once they return."

She added, "But I cannot work without any written confirmation. I understand the contract delays, but a mail confirmation shouldn't take much time. Hence, I hope I receive the mail today, as they haven't refused to give me that. I understand there is a delay, so there isn't anything to be worried about. As soon as I get the mail, I will start shooting, as they are wonderful people."

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Supriya Kumari

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Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

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Good to hear news related to this she going to play jamaal's wife role or is she already playing the role of a social worker..Jamaal is good by himself , dont want a wife

8 years ago

Congo Supriya :) just waiting for ur entry in the show (y)

8 years ago

happy birthday john abraham n riteish deshmukh

11 years ago

Happy Birthday to them both - may they both have wonderful days!

11 years ago

Happy birthday John n Ritesh.. Im glad to share my bday with u both..

11 years ago

HBD John!Guys please LIKE this page

11 years ago

Happy B'day John... rock on...
Happy B'day ritesh :)

11 years ago

happy birthday john...cant wait to see Race 2...
may God bless u
love u

11 years ago

Happy birthday to u both!! Wow John is turning 40 i cant believe it i thought he was in his thirties but honestly he looks like he is 25-26.

11 years ago

happy birthday:) hope you have a wonderful day and best wishes mate!!!

11 years ago

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