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Rajan Shahi

Rajan Shahi actor

Rajan Shahi has directed just two serials independently. And already both of them have left a strong mark on the much cluttered idiot box. ...

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Mocking a rape survivor is not at all okay.

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Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa  Star Plus 

Vidhi1989 7 1341 3 months ago naaznin
Rajan shahi's new iv

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Vickat_4evr 0 523 1 years ago Vickat_4evr
Just end the show now.

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Bee_ni 1 770 1 years ago curious1
Vickat_4evr 16 1827 1 years ago name2saakshi
Om jai jagadish to be made in a itv show.

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Jagadish Om Jai Jagadish 

Vickat_4evr 0 739 1 years ago Vickat_4evr
Anuj- the epitome of all things good, but...

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Gaurav Khanna Anupamaa 

hinz 15 2925 2 years ago hinz
Happy Anuj Jayanti !

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Jayant Gaurav Khanna Anupamaa 

hinz 12 2312 2 years ago hinz
Why 3 grown up children wants to stay with father and step mother?

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sweet_tania 6 1188 2 years ago sweet_tania
SarafWasima 0 1904 3 years ago SarafWasima
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