GHKPM Written updates & Daily episode discussion thread #126

Posted: 5 months ago


Hope This Thread Will be a rocking one with all the episode discussions

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Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Diwali folks!🌟May this Diwali fill your home with happiness, your heart with love, and your life with light. smiley31

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Diwali to everyone smiley31

Posted: 5 months ago

Santosh was Harini’s old bf? Hope these two are brought together.

Posted: 5 months ago

The father son conversation at the cafe helped ishaan get clarity about his actions. Today's conversation between Isha and Shantanu laid bear the raw wounds each of them carries on their heart.episode was good .

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Diwali Sway!!!!smiley40

Previous thread got locked so responding here....

Hooe you are good and recovered well!!!

Miss you and your color coded reviews smiley31

Posted: 5 months ago


But these bhosale couples are so confusing. 

Isha says yeh rishta mar chuka hai but still she decides to stay with him in that house, cares for him, denies divorcing him, and wears mangalsutra and other suhag Nishan all the time. 

Good that she vent out her pain and frustration and showed the mirror to Shantanu. But they still love each other no doubt😅😅😅 

Yeh pyar wala gussa hai. Isha is hurt. He has to try harder to console her and soothe her pain. 

Posted: 5 months ago

I can understand Isha's pain. She has gone through so much. When Yashwant and Surekha was plotting against her Isha would have expected Shantanu to stand by her but he kept quiet. So, it's natural that she still has some pain inside her and she won't be able to trust him so quickly.

But, atleast Shantanu far better than Ishaan.

Posted: 5 months ago

OMG we finally got a new EDT for second season....what an achievementsmiley42

Posted: 5 months ago

Even in venting her pain Isha was so measured and bang on. The pause and play image was so apt. People call life a drama.the way Shantanu is doing stuff to get Isha to move to Pune now it is only fair that Isha points out to him that had he walked out with Isha and Ishaan Surekha could not have grown to the monster she is today . The woman says that crooked people should be handled crookedly she is the most crooked character shown here with no redeeming quality.

The way Isha was suppressing her pain and frustration by digging her nail into her flesh....the reference of Shantanu to what the family had reduced him to...the absolute disregard for him, treating him as though he is non existent  indicated that both have suffered. Yes Shantanu Bhosale needs to be reminded his inaction and silence when it could have mattered that he took the right stance needs to be pointed out. The actors brought out the subtly the pain each carries. Healing is essential for them.

While the supposed pain of Surekha manifested on the screen like comic relief that of Isha and Shanthanu was beautifully crafted and executed.fats

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