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Posted: 3 months ago

Rakhi and Anupamaa :Rakhi Dave is a character who can be called as an equal to the great MAA. This friendship was meant to be because they had both sympathy and tashan for EO way before Trashu's EMA. 

Similarities:Both women are very different but also very alike. Both are driven by motherhood. Both have faced middle class cheating husbands. Both have hidden their pain and their entire trajectory is about this pain and their kids. Both have batameez kids. Both are known to have a business sense. Both are victims of taunts of Shahs. Both have felt pain of having a their daughters to face evil husbands worse than their own. Both have a long tongue. Both have urge to go to SH for their kids and for people who should not matter. Both are professional sarcasm queens. They both set their differences aside for Kinjal's sake.

Why RD and Maa should be friends: During resort drama, RD and Maa has a heart to heart in which RD was consoling the woman who likes to console the entire universe. Also, RD calls a spade a spade and is not a cheerleader friend like MAA Bhakts. She even said once that Maa divorced V  but couldn't divorce Baa. RD herself has also acknowledged MAA's business sense . Maa needs friends like RD to show her the right path.

Posted: 3 months ago

Itna Rakhi Rakhi mat karo, makers will hear you.

We were petitioning for Devika to come back and conk sense into Deviji's head so that she takes care of Anuj and tries to stay away from Shah shanty for a while. But instead she made another case for Anupamaa bhakti while simultaneously gaslighting Anuj that he is crazy, enough for him to run away.

Rakhi will come back and do some more Anupamaa jaap on how she and only she "saved" KinTosh marriage and how Doshu is so different from Atyaadhik because he vented his "frustration" on another woman instead of his own wife.

Posted: 3 months ago

I want Rakhi because she is one of the most transparent characters and has a lot of potential. Instead of investing her time as VanYa marriage counselor, MAA should have invested her time in her pyaari samdhan's freedom from loveless marriage. Also neither Maa nor Rakhi show any direct fondness for KinTosh reunion but they are doing nothing about saving Crinjal from her ugly marriage. I can see Doshu going to KM to glorify himself and say that TrashDhik is worse than them all. V did the same when Trashu was exposed. Also, look at MAA's Andhbhakts and pseudoBhakts. They use Victim card and orat  card depending of mood.   And also , Crapya Tamashah used her orat card as a licence for adultery. How can Bhashanpamaa and Crapya be friends in real world. Crapya is unrepentant , fake and needy. Being nice to Maa does not make someone a saint. Also, Crapya acts like an Andhbhakt but she is still a shameless cheater. Seeing AnuVya is pure cringe nowadays.

Posted: 3 months ago

I can understand the need for RD back in the show. She has been a voice of reason a lot of times, sadly to be ignored by Anupama and taunted by Baa.

RD was also fun and managed to stand her ground a lot of times despite Anupama's pointless bhashans. She was a treat on screen and those episodes were definitely better than watching this SH tamasha and KM nonsense

But I'm just worried that makers will bring her back just to turn her into MAA bhakt like they did with Devika (another voice of reason who has been silenced)

Posted: 3 months ago

Makers have already given RD a 'redemption' arc in which she didn't always act like Anupamaa's eternal follower. She has consoled the latter many times and even called her out when she returned to SH on Baa's demand. Also, Kinjal is shown to be nicer to Kavya (a woman who broke her beloved mummy's house) and Baa (a woman who tries to mind control Kinjal via emotional blackmail) than either of her two mothers. It would be good to see Anupama teaching Kinjal to respect and appreciate Rakhi by comparing her to her own spoilt brats. Later, they can show Rakhi teaching Kinjal and Anupamaa to develop boundaries with their exes and their families AT LEAST.            Rakhi-pamaa friendship has more potential than flop so called friendship of Kavya-pamaa.

Posted: 3 months ago

I miss those days when RD , mamaji , Gk kaka and malvika used to be part of this show. The show was at least realistic and positive compre to right now I hope Gk kaka and RD comeback 


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