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"Amid darkness, even the smallest act of kindness can ignite a flame of hope." 

That's how we are first introduced to Abhinav a stranger helping his Co-passenger in need. The character We all came to love and Cherish


ABOUT Jay Soni-

Jay Soni is an Indian television actor and host. He is known for his roles in television shows like Dharti ka Veer Yodha - Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Sasuran Genda Phool, and Sanskaar Dharohar apno ki. He was also a contestant on reality shows like JDJ 5 and Nach Baliye 7

Jay made his digital debut with Vikram Bhatt's web series Twisted 3. 

He is currently  seen in Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Haa in the role of Abhinav Sharma in 

Permission was given by  Wildestdreams

Core Team- Verve and Agnijyotsna

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Navir bond by far is the best bond of this gen and one of the most precious father-son bonds on ITV. The way Abhir wraps himself around his papa never fails to melt my heart 🫠 It is impossible to not root for the two :)

Abhinav's journey in the show started with him being a humsafar and then a friend to Akshara who was broken, dejected, and expecting. He initially accompanied, helped, and shielded a stranger for the sake of humanity, but meanwhile unconsciously developed a connection with her unborn baby.

After the events of the stormy night and Akshara's delivery, he rightfully earned the title of a superhero in their lives. The whole sequence was so magnificently shot.


As @shah_sb mentioned in her post, not just Akshara but Abhir too chose Abhinav back then. The child who was born too weak to survive, fought for his health wrapped in Abhinav's embrace & love. 


The way Abhir instantly stopped crying as Abhinav took him in his arms, showed that the kid recognized & felt comfort in his presence & warmth. 

From that day since this day, Abhir sleeps hugging his papa. 

An orphan who would've slept alone craving for the love of his parents... became the home & safe haven of another child. Could anything in this show be more beautiful than that!


On several occasions, Akshnav's parvarish in Abhir outshined the khoon sabse bada narrative. Palne wala is indeed greater than janam dene wala.

Abhinav is not going to make it to the end, but he'll forever live on through his nikki ji.

The one particular scene that'll be forever etched in my memory was Abhir's UD school scene where the child literally defines lmao on his papa's PJs and the way they hold onto eo as if they wanted the time to freeze but knew they'd to separate.. The purity, the emotions, the solace, the execution.. that's right there how you serve πŸ’˜

Honestly, there are so many special, heartwarming scenes of Navir that were all so perfectly shot & acted out. (I want to attach them with pictures but I guess per post only 3 are allowed so I'll add them in another post).


I'm grateful to the makers (that despite all the pressure) they kept this precious bond intact till the v.end.. And also for the fact that Abhinav Sharma never made Akshara second guess her decision of choosing him as her child's father. 

With his unwavering support and unconditional love he proved Akshara right in her statement that, "Har haq se, har farz se, har dharam se, har karam se Abhinav Sharma hi Abhir ke pita hai."

Write-up - Verve

Edit   - Shahsb_26

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Yrkkh Akshnav GIF - Yrkkh Akshnav Abhinav GIFs




Credit - Verve

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Going to miss this character, his positive attitude, a lot of his scenes and his love for Akshara and Abhir in my opinion have been some of the highlights of this generation and even this show. Jay portrayed him very well and I'm gonna miss Abhinav's scenes with Abhir.

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Would anyone be interested in making an Akshnavir Private forum/chat club

 I do not wish to disrupt this forum after his track ends so any such avenue to solely discuss or rewatch party Akshnavir would be cool

Posted: 8 months ago

Guys, Let's not get into squabbles. @DeltaBlues and Prisha let us just continue to appreciate Abhinav/Jay and ignore everyone else

Also, To whoever it may concern - This thread is for both Abhinav and Jay. 


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Originally posted by Deltablues

Would anyone be interested in making an Akshnavir Private forum/chat club

 I do not wish to disrupt this forum after his track ends so any such avenue to solely discuss or rewatch party Akshnavir would be cool

you can make one and add interested parties.😳 Starting with meπŸ˜‰

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