Teri Meri Kahaani - a ViDev FF part 2 updated pg 5

Posted: 5 months ago

Part 1 :

One evening in a beach, sitting on the sand, gazing at the full moon distant in the sky was the business tycoon Mr. Dev Raichand. He just cracked a hundred crore worth business deal and while his team and associates were out there partying in a five star hotel, here he was away from the chaos, trying to find some inner peace between the serene waves. Anyone seeing him from afar, by looking at his success at business, the richness he exudes, the luxurious house he lives in, will think that he probably is the luckiest person ever. But, alas, unknown to all are the inner demons he is fighting with everyday. Neither the successful career, nor the money nor the cozy bed is able to give him a single night of peaceful sleep. Today, is yet again another such day, where he wants to get lost in the crowd. He sat there on the sand staring into the beautiful night sky, looking at the moon, when suddenly he felt some weight on his lap.

      He was brought back to his surroundings, only to realise that the weight he felt was a full grown person, a young woman precisely. "Vidhi didi" called out the kids who were running after her. She then turned around in his lap, the cool breeze caused her hair to hide her face with only her striking eyes visible through the strands of her hair. There was something magnetic about her eyes, that he had to control the urge to pull aside her strands. She herself did the honours and undoubtedly she was one of the most innocent faces he had ever seen. She tried to get up in a jiffy, but only to fall back again into his lap as she tripped over her dupatta. She caught hold of Dev's shoulders for support with her both hands and he involuntarily held her by the waist to prevent a bad fall. Both of them were lost in each others eyes trying to process the recent happenings.With Dev in his perfect black coloured shirt and trousers and Vidhi in her pure white salwar and dupatta with silver bangles and jhumkas in each others embrace painted quite a picture of a couple in love. They were brought out of the trance when a kid shouted " Vidhi didi, aap iss uncle ke godi mein kyun baithi ho, chalo na hame ice cream khani hain". Thouroughly embarassed with the situation, they try to get up. Dev gets up first and realising the difficulty for her to get up because of her dress, extends his hand for help. She thinks for a moment before accepting his hand and gets up. She murmers a quick sorry and takes away the kids along with her.

   Dev is left gazing towards the path she left. Vidhi along with the twelve kids comes to the ice cream stall. She asks the kids to pick ice cream of their choice. They select many items and she enquires about the bill. She opens her wallet and makes quick calculations aloud and after putting aside some money for the transport to go back, she realises that she is short of money for ice creams for everyone.

Vidhi : Bacchon hum na ek kaam karenge, sirf 6 ice cream lenge aur aapas mein share karenge, theek hai

Chotu : Arre didi lekin mujhe to poora ice cream khaana hai

Ruhi : Vidhi didi, main samajhti hoon kya problem hai, main apna ice cream chotu ko de doongi

Vidhi : Nahin Ruhi aisa nahin chalega, sab ko ice cream milega. Main dekhti hoon ki thoda kam paison mein kya mil sakta hai

Meanwhile she sees the waiter bringing all the ice creams they have selected towards them.

Vidhi : Hey ma milapini, yeh to order confirm karne se pehle hi lekar aaraha hai, ab main paise kaise doongi. Bhaiyya, yeh sab humne confirm nahin kiya na

Waiter : Madam, yeh aapka order confirm ho gaya hai.. bill bhi bhar diya hai

Vidhi : Kya.. bill bhar diya matlab.. kisne kiya?

Waiter : Woh suit waale sir hai na.. woh wahan jaa rahe hain.. unhone kahaa ki saare bacchon ko apne apne pasand ke ice creams dilaane ko..

Vidhi looks at the retreating figure and realises it is the same man she collided with sometime back. Though she is against accepting favours, this man appeared to genuinely help the kids and looking at the kids excitement about the ice creams, she accepted them.

Vidhi : Bacchon.. aaraam se khaana, sab ke liye hai aur ha thoda thoda share karoge to saare flavours try kar sakte ho

The kids happily laugh and agree. Vidhi looks in the direction of Dev leaving and says mentally " Thank you, stranger "

Posted: 5 months ago

Started a new story.. please do read and give your views 😊

Posted: 5 months ago

I wrote a new story.  Please do read and give your views😊

Posted: 5 months ago

What a beautiful start yaar!! Too good to read. This ViDev are too cute. The innocent Vidhi and kind dev and the cute bacha party it’s nice to see the story around them.waiting for the next yaar!!! Story padh ke bahut sukoon mila and those initial times vali butterflies started to roam around…

Pls update ASAP.

Posted: 5 months ago

Thank you so much ❤️❤️ Innocent Vidhi is only better😁 I will write soon 🥰

Posted: 5 months ago

Oh yayy, a new story 😃❤️❤️

Asli drama se koi umeed nhi hai ab, to yehi sahi 🙂👍

Seems promising 😊😊

Thanks for the tag 💙

Posted: 5 months ago

Omg for a second, I thought u had commented on my story lol. We have the same name of the story, I believe. Will try to read it soon...and u just reminded me to update that story as well lol 😅😆

Posted: 5 months ago

Okay, I just read the story. Videv are so cute... please update the next part jaldi...🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️💯💯

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