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Part 1:

A grand reception party is going on and all the guests are mesmerised by the arrangements like the beautiful decor,drinks, food, music,dance floor All the guests are enjoying the party.The bride and grooms friends are challenging each other and trying to dominate each other. All are busy in the party and suddenly got attentive by a posh speeding car. All the girls rushed to the handsome hunk who got out from the posh car with an enchanting smile.though he is in mid 40’s now also he will give a tough competition to the youth in looks and style. Every girl rushed to get a glimpse of the handsome hunk except one.

He never liked this paparazzi so just waved at them and move forward from there but his eyes captured a lone retreating figure in the almost empty room. It just made him curious to know who is that. He find more clear view this time and now he can see her sitting at a table but her back only visible to him He tried to look more closely but can see her curly waves and her traditional attire.

Raj Malhotra the brides father came and welcomed him. Guys here meet my friend and the best business tycoon Devrat Raichand. Everyone greeted him and all enjoying party. In this dev missed the sight of her and searching for her.He just roaming here and there to find her.

Brides friends are gathered at a table and chitchatting. Some of the grooms friends came to introduce themselves. One boy introduced himself and tried to hug a girl while greeting.

But the girl didn’t liked it and pushed him .with that she lost the balance and about to fell back but collided her back with a manly chest.

All shouted Vidhi…..

Dev is surprised and felt mad that why he is roaming like that for a random girl. He don’t know why he is that much curious to know her.He is walking with those thoughts and felt some one collided with him He just saw a glimpse before she fell and realised about her but when she hit his chest involuntarily his arms wrapped her and he felt the shock surpassing through him and closed his eyes. 

Dev felt them around a lush greenery and a vivid landscape and felt himself at peace. He can feel      the chorus of the pleasant sounding birds and the dew drops flowing from the edge of the leaves  and the cool breeze hitting his soul .he felt his heart warm and euphoric .He can literally hear his heart thumping with joy.

While dev lost in time and failed to hear someone calling him.Raj Malhotra shakes dev and called him. Dev opened his eyes and realised that he missed her again. Raj took dev with him to her son in law .At the same time Riya the bride introducing her friends. Meet my friends Anaya, Sangeetha, Rishab,Komal, Karthik and my bestie….tumhara jaan and very sweet and kind Vidhi Sharma  completed by raj … Vidhi just turned to the voice and both dev and vidhi’s eyes met. Dev was frozed a bit that the girl he is searching is infront of him. He is mesmerised by her and felt an unknown pull towards her.

Raj said Vidhi beta how you both are thick friends like that dev and me also best friends at our college time. Both smiled at each other.

Dev is talking with raj and his son in law but his eyes following Vidhi. 

Riya went to friends and said guys pls take care of Vidhi you know right she came for the first time for this type of party so pls… you don’t worry Ria we will handle said Rishab. Dev noticed this and find odd.

Grooms friends also joined them and all are enjoying. Most are in a semi drunken state and A girl pointed dev and said guys see that man how insanely hot and sexy he is… 

Rishab said ohho  girl do you know about his age…..

He mocked her. F… with age ….. he is more sexy and dashing than you at this age too idiot the girl replied. Vidhi couldn’t bear the talks cause her heart also reverberated something same from the time she collided with him. She left the place in a confused state and ordered a drink from menu to cool her insane mind.

Dev who is following Vidhi noticed all this and stopped at place and laughed at those girls madness. He noticed vidhi’s discomfort and his eyes followed her. He about to go to her he heard a boy say oh man not only dev you see that girl see she is in a traditional dress but see how sexy she is looking… her dark locks , slender neck, perfect curves , milky waist , toned figure …..

Dev fisted his hands and about to go there to nock the hell out of him but at that time Riya who heard this too came and scolded Rishab… I told you to take care of her and here you are hearing all this nonsense… you idiot. She find all are in drunken state and cursed her friends.

Dev who saw this went to Riya and said Riya pls relax .. calm down … I got her .. ok ..enjoy your time…  you can not miss this…finding her silent …Do you trust me.. he asked her…

She said thank you uncle and went from there.

Dev went to vidhi who about to gulp a drink and said stop loudly. Realising that he frightened her he said softly pls don’t drink it’s not what you are thinking… it has some vodka too along with juice… I mean it has some percentage of alcohol.

vidhi’s eyes got widened by this and she left the glass in hurry…

It’s fine.. it’s fine.. you misunderstood it as only orange juice…don’t worry and he ordered the waiter pure orange juice ok.. pure….

he warned him with his heavy voice.

Vidhi lowered her eyes to control herself to not pounce on him. She fisted her dupatta to control her urge to not touch him… yes… she still feeling his touch when they collided… she is reminciing their moment and lost in that.

Dev got confused and asked are you ok!!! Ms… ms… he vaguely remembered her name is Vidhi…

Ms Vidhi… ms Vidhi… he called…not getting any response he just touched her shoulder to get her back from tension(he thought). Both felt the wave of shock passed through their veins to heart. Both lost in each other and after a while the waiter shouted sirrrrrr.. orange juice…. PURE… he emphasized the word pure to get dev back to presence.….

Both laughed out heartily and Vidhi started to relish her drink.

An entirely fascinated dev couldn’t take his looks off on her. He is adoring her facial features ,her sparkling eyes when she sees her friend laugh and her wavy locks which has the luck to tuck behind her small ears, her trumpet pink nose, her rosy cheeks. Her cute tiny chin and he stuck at a sight that her soft curvy lips moving around the straw. Her frangrance as fresh as newly born bud …

Ravishing his mind said but his heart screamed gorgeous.

Unable to take his gaze off from her and being helpless to stop that unknown sensation and feared that he may do something that for which  he will regret later . he stood and left before saying her watch your step!!!

He left from there but his eyes are following her. He saw her help the workers most of the time and lastly talking with Riya. Riya mouthed a thank you and dev smiled at her. Being embarrassed dev trying his best to ignore her and busy with talking friends . He felt a strong pull towards her . He don’t know what is happening with him. He never felt this with anyone. Many tried to please him and seduced too but he never felt 1 present of this .this unknown attraction towards her…… why he is mooning around? What even he is doing ? why he is making himself a mockery he questioned himself . He decided to go to his college friends and be there at any cost with out listening to his heart and mind. 

But destiny has some other plans….

Dev is talking with raj and other friends.after a while He felt the sudden uncontrollable urge to see her and turned a bit to find her looking at him intensely few feet away…His heart beat raised and he felt a rush of blood pulsing in veins . His throat becomes dry and…

Vidhi realised her blunder by seeing his tensed face and about to leave from there. A waiter who is serving the drinks stumbled and drops the tray . Some of the drink fell on dev as his eyes fixed on her. All got shocked and one man got angered on waiter. Raj is stopping him still some people came to shout at waiter but the same time Vidhi apologised to waiter that she bumped him and because of that it happened . Sorry … sorry she said to all. Everyone calmed down .Raj sent the waiter and patted Vidhi’s head.

Raj realised dev coat spoiled with drink and said Vidhi beta ..pls help dev to clean .

Vidhi nodded and showed him the way…dev is just following her blindly being lost in her . Both went to the wash room and Vidhi helped him remove his coat. While removing vidhi’s eyes met with dev through the mirror. Both lost in each other.For the first time she shamelessly checked him out his every detail and his features are imprinted in her heart . Drop dead handsome and gorgeously sexy… she thought ..his big captivating eyes,alluring lips.stubble beard ,sharp jawline and the grey hair resonates the silver fox in him she chuckled to herself…

Dev who got back by her chuckle quickly cleaned his coat and asked ms Vidhi what’s that? And Why you did like that? Followed by a smirk. 

Vidhi gasped by his questions blabbered  vo..sorry sir… I didn’t mean .. she lowered her eyes and squeezed them to hide her embarrassment.

Ms. Vidhi… I am dev….  Pls call me dev and he gave a small smile to make her comfortable. Both dev and Vidhi is struggling with an un known urge to be with each other… both are craving for that closeness..

Dev asked again to divert his mind ms Vidhi what was that?


She acted like didn’t understand his question

That just a while before you did infront of me ……

Of course in the party hall why you did that ? he exaggerated each word  with a lengthy gap.

Vidhi sighed and said that .. I just bumped into him and  the tray fell down.. and I am so sorry for that..

Dev: don’t lie ms Vidhi…

She just smiled and said … it’s just a small mistake of him may be he is tired .After all he is also a human..but you saw right everyone ready to bash him and I know definitely he would’ve loose his job. What If He is the sole bread winner we never know? 

He just again fell for her kind ness and said sorry ms Vidhi…

Vidhi: no, no need of sorry even I am also sorry that I was lost in my madness and didn’t helped you clean so … your sorry and my sorry  tho hisaab barabar….

Dev got astonished and said Thankyou for showing the way..

Vidhi: even you helped me in the juice thing right so… thank you ka bhi hisaab barabar ho gaya ….and left from there as they came out of room. 

Dev got enchanted by her innocence and laughed whole heartedly….

Raj who is observing them from long time surprised by their happiness being with each other. 

Raj went to dev and asked happily..what’s up bro..?

Dev: nothing Raj .. just …a random talk..

Raj : bahut pyari  hai na…

Dev just nodded being lost.

Raj: par ithni choti umra mein bahut kuch saha hai vo bachi..

Dev looked tensed at raj…

Raj: Har ma, baap apne bachon ko choti choti parishaniyon  se bhi door rakhta hai..par vidhi ki papa khud vidhi ke liye ek bahut bada pareshani banke rah chuka hai..vidhi ka pita hari prasad ek bahut ghatiya Aadmi hai. Bahut orthodox hai vo insaan. Kuch saal pehle uski behan kisi  ladke ko pyar kiya our hari prasad ki mana karne se ghar se chale gayi.. our USs bath ki dar se vo vidhi our vidhi ki badi behan Seema ke sath bahut kathin vyavhaar karta tha. Hariprasad ko bina kahe kuch bhi nahi karna hai kisi ko…bahut control karta tha un donon ko ..fir bhi vo bechare ladkiyan haste haste sab kuch apne papa ke hisab se karte the our ek din hari prasad ne Seema ko bahar ek ladke se bath karte huye dekha our apne aap maan liya ki Seema uss ladke ke sath milakar usse dhoka dia …gusse mein hari prasad vidhi , Seema our uski ma teenon ko bahut kuch suna diya our ladkiyon ko college jane se bhi mana kar dia … . Iss bath se Seema bahut pareshan hogayi  thi . Khud ko blame karne laga ki uski vajah se uski choti bahan ki jindagi bhi barbaad hogayi…. Our ek din Seema ki  sabr tut gayi our usne khudkhushi kar Lia. Ab bhi USs ghatiya insan ko lagta hai ki uski koi galti nahi hai our sari galti Seema ki thi agar vo uss ladke ke sath  dosti nahi kia hota tho yeh sab kuch nahi hota. usko rathi bhar bhi pachtava nahi hai dev…

Dev was shocked by this reveal and felt bad for Vidhi. 

Raj : kuch din baad sab ki kehane pe vidhi ko college jaane ka permission tho dia par sou niyam lagaya ki yeh nahi karna chahiye .. unse nahi milna chahiye … college se seedha ghar our ghar se college bas yehi uska schedule. Riya se bhi nahi milne dia kuch din.College mein ek do dost ke alava kisi se bath nahi karna hai our khaskar ladkon se baath bhi nahi karna hai…college se ghar pahunchne mein bhi time frame lagaya uss ne ..can you  believe  dev !!! agar bus late hota tho.. time pe na mili tho….ghar pe bhi bahut restrictions hote the . Par Ithni mushkilon ke baad bhi vidhi himmat nahi hari hai ..haste haste sab kuch apne papa ke hisab se kia our apna mba bhi ache grades ke sath pura kar Lia.

Our aaj party mein bhi mera lakh koshish ke baad bahut mushkil se bhej dia hari prasad ne.. Riya bhi bahut pasand karti hai vidhi ko. Vidhi ne Riya ko studies mein our personal life mein bhi bahut help Kia.  I know her from long dev.

Truly she is a very kind , sweet and gem of a person dev. Mera bas bhagvan se yehi mang Hai ki vidhi ki jindagi mein bhi koi farishta aaye our use in sabse bahut door le jaye…..

Dev’s eyes moistened and felt very heavy in his heart but composed himself and said  I really wish the same Raj..

Raj gave a known glance to dev and patted his back.

He really wished for this miracle to happen ….

Dev felt like noseous  and an urge to throw up and left to terrace to breath  fresh air…

Vidhi embarrassed by her foolish act tried to mingle with friends but they all are not in a state to talk with her peacefully. She spoke to Riya for sometime and felt she is the disturbance between the couple and went to terrace to spend some time under the beautiful sky. She likes the dark night and the stars and peaceful weather soothing to her heart.

She went there and felt very happy by the starry sky… whenever she gazes the stars she will feel that her di is with her….Now she won’t cry for her di…Seema .. cause she know Seema di is in her best place… she surprised that the same solace she felt when she is being in Dev’s arms. Yes for the first time she said his name. At that time she don’t know who he is … but the touch … that gave send shivers down her spine and sparkles erupted on her heart. She literally hear his racing heart and felt his arms circling her. She felt her skin will burn by his touch and his hot breath fanning near her ear.she felt his palms are pressing her belly outside and the butterflies dancing inside.she about to circle his hands she heard her sister call vidhu….. and she slowly detached herself and ran from there. After that when she saw dev clearly from front she felt a knot formed inside and she craved for his closeness. She know she is following by his captivating eyes.. the eyes that are deep like an ocean and urging her to dwell into them. She realised the reality and thought to divert her mind and went to her friends. But there she heard someone saying him as hot and sexy. She couldn’t hear that other woman claiming him  and being jealous left from there and ordered some drink madly to calm her unknown feelings. But dev came at the right time and stopped her. He is really an angel for her today. If he didn’t stopped she couldn’t think further… only she know how she controlled her racing hormones when he is shamelessly staring her when she is drinking the juice…. She couldn’t dared to see into his eyes that time feared that she may do the unthinkable and which leads to further embarrassment…. But when he started to ignore her it pained her so much .. she felt suffocated and went in search madly and finally find him and become furious to know that he is ignoring her voluntarily . She realised his sudden jerk by feeling her around and finally met his eyes and accused him for causing her pain….   Pain… but why she felt this sudden urge  for a random man who met only today.., why she even accused him … who is he? and why she is loosing control on herself around him. Why she is craving for his touch. Why she is finding solace in his embrace why? Why? Why? She creamed while seeing the sky. Tears spilled from her eyes .. she wiped those harshly and said no vidhi get a grip on yourself. Remember one thing you’re not allowed to do a mistake…. She is whispering you are not allowed to do a mistake … while gazing the stars for the strength she needed from her di…

Dev who felt better after a stole entered the terrace becomes mesmerised by the sight of glowing Vidhi under the moon light… and heard her chant painfully not allowed to do any mistake.

He remembered her sufferings and it pained him so much. But he admired her a lot after knowing about her confidence to fight the problems that tried to destroy her life. Realising her movement he composed and entered the terrace. 

Vidhi who lost in the thoughts of her di failed to notice dev and adoring the stars and silently gaining the strength she needed .she remembered their childhood moments and smiled a little.

Dev who observing her tiniest change of expressions felt rejoiced by seeing her smile. 

Vidhi who got relaxed glanced her belly and reminsed his feel of touch by closing her eyes. She got lost in the spell of his touch, looks, his smile and felt immense happy . The glimpse of his tease after the stare game at the mirror made her cheeks flush with red. She got a visual of dev standing infront of her  with open arms inviting her… 

Dev who saw her  blushing  profusely made him urge to touch her red hued cheeks and the tension again building in his lower stomach.

Vidhi who visualised dev opening up to her felt the knot tightening again in her stomach and the urge to surrender herself to him to melt in his arms. 

Dev who lost to this unknown tension forwarded to her being in trance and Vidhi realised his presence by their racing heart beat and turned other side by opening her eyes. Vidhi surprised by dev approaching her and both lost in the moment. 

Dev saw her vibrant, fiery hair glowing with the silver cascade of the moonlight, the glow of the stars in her amber eyes, her delicate smile and the deep blushing on her face. Her eyes flutter and a deep pink hue passing through her cheeks to the eyes and her face is glowing in pink under the full moon light. 

Vidhi traced his blazing eyes and his thin soft inviting lips and draws towards his sharp jawline with her eyes. She felt his silvery beard shines more silvery under the moonlight and it made him look more ravishing.

Dev caught the glimpse of her scanning eyes and her quivering inviting lips and her curls brushing her face gently making him jealous to touch her before him .he scooted close to her and tucked her hairs gently on back of her ear with a smirk to show his win. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her intensely to himself and looked into her deeply… 

Vidhi frozed there and for her the world stopped there …

Dev who didn’t get any response about to let her go felt a sudden pull even tighter.she put her arms around his neck. dev got the cue and looked into her eyes breathing deeply with a swishing heart juggling between excitement and fear. Vidhi pulls him closer and leans in ,looking into his eyes she touched his lips gently the fireworks glowed inside him and the feeling of love and passion fills  his soul.

His insistent mouth was parting her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking from her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. It’s like opening up her soul and seeing every colour of the rainbow in the most sensible way like nothing in the world exist other than them.

For dev the feeling of her soft perfect lips becomes more and more provocative. As if this kiss is meant to be his. As if vidhi and him meant to kiss. His passion for her would be enough to stop time, to hold this moment, to hold her, for ever.

Vidhi and dev both felt as their bodies will explode with the feeling of happiness as they are meant for each other.

When Their bodies wrapped to each other and 

their hearts dancing with each other and 

their tongues playing with each other 

The colorful sparkles lit up the night sky as angels celebrating their lovely union…………

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai …… Magar…..

CHUPKE … CHUPKE…. resonating   in the air…

To be continued…….


Congratulations!!! and a very happy anniversary to NUKSH and all the forum friends. This is small token of love for you all for being with me here in the forum in this beautiful 1 year journey of NUKSH and ViDev .

#1 year of NUKSH.

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Congratulations to all and the NUKSH team too

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Congratulations to all and the NUKSH team too.

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Congratulations to all and the NUKSH team too

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That was 🥺❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 

Nahi yaar, yeh Kya Kiya Tumhe? Abb Tumhe jald se jald update Dena Hoga plzz 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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wow, that was mind blowing. 

pls do write more parts of it. 😳

Posted: 4 months ago

Awesome 👍👍 ....waiting for the next parts

Posted: 4 months ago

It was such a good read. Waiting for the next part. ❤️❤️

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