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“Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.”  Ottilie Weber



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Pearls means Tears


“He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.”

― Jack London

Fingers flicked imperiously towards his men, who opened the door of his captive... A sleek, petite form fleeted like a green gazelle with almond-shaped eyes and sharp features.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a name of tremor for the world, was a title of success with lethal boundaries, but he was walking towards a prey who did not know of him. These two seemed opposite today on the first walk, but they walked in the same direction, diminishing the distance between them.

 He had rendered her docile, helpless by holding her hand, asking her the reasons to be there, in his show, at his place. Who attempted to even think of sabotaging his night, his success? He wanted answers, and she had only one that it was the wrong timing and wrong place. To begin with, she had no idea of his whereabouts, but his intimidating skills were all useless in front of this fearless prey. 

He laced his fingers over her wrist and shrugged, instilling fear by dragging her into him. There’s no other way to explain his things to others; that was the only thing he learned from his life. He was f**king boss and the owner of that palace. This was the only way his mind worked, as always, without any emotions. Remotely and distinctively, this was what he understood: that she was there with a purpose: to destroy his show...

In the hands of this strangest man she had ever met seemed the deadest zombie ghost vampire, whoever he was...Because he could not understand that her sister's marriage was at stake...Her mouth and words weren’t working. It's like she was stunned into silence momentarily, but It didn't take a while before his cruel and humane words returned the lioness in her...

"So what, girls like you can trap another one after losing one guy..."

Hearing about her sister's marriage like this, she snapped, instantly forgetting everything...

"kya bakwas kar rahe hain aap? Aur kaun hain aap? aap kuchh bhi bole jaa rahe hain...

What rubbish you are saying? And who the hell are you? You are saying whatever...

 What if this happened to your family? What if your sister's marriage broke then???" 


An avalanche of emotions took over, and his hand reached where it shouldn't be. His visible clenching jawline and eyes were dark and dull. Uncaring and untenable delivered the actual tremor to his predator. 

In other words, how dare you to talk about my sister...

Her empty eyes with an indrawn breath, totally new to all of this kind of hostility, remained unable to grasp the moment...

All she could feel was his hand on her bare skin, and then she heard the sound of a row of pearls falling and scattering, penetrating the numbness of the air and the veins of her being. She almost choked her own breath...

No one could hear her or be allowed to be near him, giving him to do whatever at this hour. She was at his mercy. 


His fixed, cold stare met with numbed ones with tears as if he couldn't hear the pearls, and then maybe he could feel the tears. Her last resort against this man in front of her. It might work as he released her from his grip and almost rebounded her against the pillar before them. But she was not out of his deep stares on her, and her following reaction made it even more fixed on her back...

She covered her modesty with her own hair, changing the whole meaning of this evening...She was no one, but she was Khushi Kumari Gupta, and Arnav Singh Raizada had no control over her... She hurled back again, smacking him ample time with her eyes, telling him all sorts of things.

She might be from a small town, not aware of many things that he was saying or doing, but she knew exactly what he meant by what he did to her...

But one thing was evident in those moments: a destiny was written as something broke along with those pearls and tears ...Maybe a self-cocooned shell or a long-lasting belief in the ego, power, and money-coated world of ASR's own created world where he was challenged for the very first time.

Flowing tears rendered his heart and he heard the sound of each scattered pearl raining on his heart as well...Yes, It came alive after a long time...

"Tum Jawab suna chati ho..."

Do you want to hear an answer...

He heard it more than her...


Ah, Arnav Singh Raizada! What have you done?

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What happened?

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