Jivika .. Heartbroken 🥺

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Posted: 1 years ago

I wonder why I checked this drama after marriage of Jivika and Saatvik happened. I knew the truth will break Jivika's heart , but I didn't expect it to be this way.

Jivika was full of hope.. but that evil bhabi of Saatvik didn't let her know the truth of her marriage untill it happened.

How nicely Saatvik talked about both of them doing this marriage with the intention of breaking it after 6 months, and the heartbroken Jivika had to listen to him. 😭

I am happy she put some strong points about the future of their marriage, and didn't just accept all what he said .

I wish the chemistry between leads was good.. but there's nothing of that sort 😒

Shivika Pathak is doing amazing job although it is her 1st soap. Her innocent looks won my heart..and she is believable as Jivika. 👍🏼

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