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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi friends came back with a new one shot on ViDev

This shot is on how dev consoled when Vidhi locking her self in a room after knowing the truth…

@maddy124 you requested me this to write long before.. caught with some work but finally got some time and I tried to do justice with ViDev original characters.. I hope you liked it.

Sharma house:

When Vidhi felt enough of amba’s brain wash she can’t stand there for a second and went inside the room and locked herself.

Inside room:

Vidhi was shivering as if she was in pain.the pain that was unbearable for her.she wanted to cry?? Why? Why? Every time it’s him why? Yet again??

He was always in so much pain that he lost his parents in early stage and gone through many hardships and afraid to  welcome happiness in his life again.he survived because of Satya ma and his siblings. But now already he lost his sister because of me and now again he is loosing his ma his biggest supporter and he himself. Yes… I know he is loosing himself for me.. yet again you are snatching everything from him..

Dev: he came to Vidhi house rushing and panting that he felt some thing is not good with her. How much he tried to ignore he couldn’t ignore to bother about that. He felt like chocked and he couldn’t take breath properly…So he came to check on Vidhi. But upon knowing this Amba’s kand he cursed himself that why left her alone here and went there? Why dev? He got afraid by thought that Vidhi can feel and can do in this horrible situation. He know she will be angry with all and she won’t trust anyone again including me.He felt like dieing is better than facing her in this situation. He felt like his saanse rukne vale hain with the thought of the pain that she is going through now. No.. dev.. you shouldn’t fall weak . You have to make her to trust you again.usse yeh yakeen dilana hai ki main Hu uske saath our mouth bhi hamare pyar ke takat ke saamne haar jaayega..

Inside room:

Vidhi:Why milapini ma.. you showed him the dreams that he never dared to see. Finally when he accepted to be happy for once in his life you are snatching that too from him.… I won’t allow you to do this to him. I will stop this at any cost. I won’t allow him to finish his life along with me…

When she is in this deep thoughts she heard a side door opening and locking sound and she gasped and bent her head by seeing him entering the room. now she can’t face she is not in that state to convince him to leave her. No… no Vidhi.. you have to do this for your love . You have to do this for his happiness.

Dev never saw her this much vulnerable not even then her parents and whole world accused her about her love.

He felt like some one pulled his heart harshly from him and squeezed it hard.

He don’t know how to console her that he himself couldn’t accept that she will leave him soon….

Her messed up hair ,her empty eyes, dried tear marks indicate that she has no tears left in her .he can’t see her like this. She is not meri vidhi he thought. Meri vidhi tho hamesha has the our sab ke sath milakar masti karthe rahti thi. Dev tum khud ko sambhalo pehle phir tumhe vidhi ka himmat badhana hai guided  his inner self. Ha mujhe hi usse yeh bharosa dilana hai ki usse kuch nahi hoga.. our main usse kabhi kuch nahi hone dunga …

He bent to her level and kneeled infront of her and called her softly.. Vidhi….he called her again but She didn’t responded. His dried eyes shed the few tears it barely had and with shivering hands he patted her hand and called Vidhi …BAs ek baar mere tharaf dekho.. pls vidhi.. pls.. he said pleadingly..

Vidhi didn’t dared to see into his helpless eyes .. she raised her head but didn’t see him. She was helpless. She couldn’t face him so she looks side words asked him app yaha kyon aaya hai …kya naya natak karne keliye aaya hai aap. 

Dev: Vidhi kya bol rahe ho tum…

Vidhi: mujhe pata hai aap kya kar rahe hain. Main hi bahut bewakoof Hu.. isme aapki koi galti nahi hai… aapki sympathy ko aapki pyar samajh baitha na main hi fool Hu.. 

dev: Vidhi kya ..she cut him in between..

Vidhi: sach hi bol rahi Hu.. jo mere samne aap mere ma papa ke sath milakar jo proposal ka natak kiya na uske bare me hi bol rahi Hu..

Aapne pehle bola sabar karo sab maan lenge iss rishte ko. Par ab achanak se aap propose Kia ab sab maan gayi bas ek hi din mein.

Mujhe sab samajh me aagaya hain aapka khel par mujhe aapki charity nahi chahiye … she said with stone heart and not looking into his eyes.

She closed her eyes with force took a deep breath and just stand and  turn to opposite to him to maintain firm ness.

Dev got up and tried to hug her from behind to stop her blabbering.

Vidhi  pushed dev slightly ... “Please.. door rahiye mujhse...” she said softly... her voice was chocked with emotion..

She controlled herself and said

Aap sab ne mujhse ithna bada baath chupakar mujhe dhoke me rakha hain..our aaj tak aap sab mujh pe taras kha rahe hain our Maine yeh samajh baitha ki aap sab mujhse bahut pyar karte hain. Mere ma papa ko bhi aap ne hi roka hoga mujhe yeh sach bathane se.. mujhe pata haina aap kithne ziddi hai. Aapki bath manvane keliye aap mere ma papa ka pyar ka istemaal Kia hain..

Dev: Vidhi… stop it pls.. mujhe pata hai tum yeh sab kyon bol rahe ho.. mujhe ache se pata hain meri vidhi mujh par kabhi ilzam nahi lagayegi…

Meri bath suno vidhi tumhe kuch nahi hoga..

Vidhi: pehle aap meri bath suniye… pls.. aap mujhe chodkar chale jaayiye pls.. I don’t need your sympathy . aap jayiye yaha se our kabhi math aayi ye yaha fir se..her tears got betrayed her and she started to cry..

Dev couldn’t take that any more and back hugged her in a swift and circled her arms with his forcefully and said BAs ek baar mere aankhon me  dekh ke batha do tumhe chodne ke baare mein .

He just turned her to face him and asked bathao Vidhi you don’t need me …bathao I didn’t love you bolo….Ab tak bahut bol rahi thi na .. ab bolo mere ankhon me dekhkar bolo…

Mera pyar me tumhein sirf charity dikh rahe hai na.. he asked with angry and hurt face..

Vidhi: ha.. ap mujhse pyar vyar nahi karte hai . Aapko bas yeh prove karna hai ki aap ek marthe  huye ladki se shadi karke sab ke saamne apne aapko mahaan sabit karna chahte hain… varna theen mahine me marne vale ladki se  koi acha insaan shadi karne keliye kaise taiyar hoga.. nahi na….

Vidhi… dev shouted angrily with frustration of not enough to console her and not able to stop her bakwaas. And he can’t listen one more time that he will loose her forever soon….that to from her mouth…

She just trembled with his shout and become normal and see into his eyes innocently..  he know she is acting to be angry to make him leave her.. he know her enough to understand her moves.

he got frustrated with the inability to stop her he couldn’t control his pain and said to Vidhi angrily..

everyone was dealing with their pain and what about me?Am I an emotion less stone that feels nothing? No one except Abhi not for once told me that they are with me in this painful situation ? Dev’s eyes filled with tears

He has been strong as a rock for his family, his ma, his brother and sister.

But now he was tired, tired of the things happening in his life. Now he won’t bother about them . Now what matters is only his happiness, his love , his Vidhi.

Vidhi got emotional and couldn’t able to maintain the fake anger she just broke down and cried bitterly.

Dev hugged her immediately for support and caressed her head to make her calm.. she rejected to be in hug and she tried to push him by saying pls.. leave me..and go from here pls… 

I don’t deserve your love..  dev sir..he felt like a cold breeze hit his face when he heras her call him dev sir finally for the first time today. He know she is melting slowly so he let her cry that he know  how choking is that feeling and he allowed her to vent her pain and frustration being in his hug. He never allowed her to leave his hug how much she tried.. after some time being in hug he just touched his fore head with her and said pls Vidhi shanth ho jao.. main jo keha raha Hu pls ek baar sun tho lo pls… mujhe pata hain achanak yeh sab sun ke tumhe kaisa feel ho raha hoga.. par himmat rakho vidhi.. tumhe kuch nahi hoga.. main tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga.. she smiled sadly and said sir.. aapki bas ki baath hai tho main kab ka maan lia hota ki aap mujhe kuch nahi hone denge.. par yeh ek janaleva bimari hain.. our duniya ki kahi bhi hospital mein iska ilaj bhi nahi hain.. isiliye mujhe our jhootha ummeed math dijiye…

Mujhe pata hain.. aap mujhse bahut pyar karte hain.. our app iss halat me mujhse shadi ke liye propose karke aapki pyaar sabit bhi kar dia…

Abb meri baari hain dev sir.. main bhi aap se bahut pyar karthi Hu.. tho main swardhi kaisa ban sakta Hu…

Dev: Vidhi pls aisa math socho pls.. tumhe kuch nahi hoga..

She came from his hug stood in distance and said

Vidhi: sab reports , saare doctors keh rahe hain ki mere paas bas kuch hi din bache huye hain.. isiliye main inn akhri dinon me kya karna hain main khud decide karna chahta Hu…

Dev: isme tum akela nahi ho vidhi main aaj se hamesha tumhara saath rahunga .. maine bola na ab mujhe  koi nahi chahiye tumhare alava..

Vidhi: sir aap mere liye aapki ma ka dil math dukha dijiyega sir.. pls..

Dev: nahi vidhi jitne bhi din hamare paas haina ham vo din saath bithayenge vidhi.. isiliye ham aaj abhi yaha shadi karenge vidhi.. maan jao pls vidhi.. ab main wait nahi kar sakta Hu vidhi… tumhe har ek pal mere sath khushi khushi bithani hogi..

Vidhi: our aap bhi mere saath har ek pal mouth ke our kareeb ajayengi … hai na..

Main apne sath aapko bhi nahi leke ja sakti dev sir.. nahi . Mere saath aapko bhi nahi marne de sakti Hu main… ithna pathar dil nahi hai mera…

Dev: Vidhi ab yeh mat socho vidhi chup ho jao .. he went close to her to hold her…

Vidhi : she grabbed his hand and kept on her head and said..

Meri aakhri iccha yeh hai ki aap Amba ma’am se shaadi kar lijiye aaj yaha isi vakt milapini mata ke saamne..

Dev: nahi.. nahi.. nahi kar sakta main yeh he said with tears in his eyes…

Vidhi: sir… shayad hamara dono ka saath bas yahi tak ka tha . Hakikat yeh hai ke Milapini ma hamari kismat me pyar likha hai par hamare milan nahi likha hain..

Dev: nahi vidhi agar aisa hai tho milapini ma hame ithne mushkilon se nahi ladne dethi.. hamare pyar ko accept karne keliye.. duniya ke saamne hamare pyar ki sachai ko sabit karne keliye hame kithna kuch saha hain vo sab ka kya.. agar hamara Milan milapini ma ki iccha nahi hai tho hamare ithna pariksha kyon legi vo… 

Meri baath suno vidhi abhi bhi milapini ma hamari pyar ka pariksha le rahe hain. Ham iss pariksha se dar ke peeche nahi mud sakti vidhi..pls..

Vidhi: nahi sir.. main aapko aisa toot the huye nahi dekh sakti.. aapko mere bed ke paas baith kar rote huye nahi dekh sakti.. mere halat dekh ke mere ankhon ke saamne mere jane se pehle aap ko hazar mouth marthe  huye nahi dekh sakti main… nahi dekh sakti main…she hugged him and cried bitterly…

Dev: dev calmed her down and called slowly Vidhi….and wiped her tears and cupped her face and said vidhi please trust me.. tumhe kuch nahi hoga …main tumhe kuch hone hi nahi dunga..iss bimari ka ilaj iss duniya me kahi pe bhi ho main usse dhoondhoonga  our tumhe vaha se sahi salamat main vapas lekar aavunga…our mere kuch sources ne iski ilaj bhi bata rahe hain vidhi…bas mujhe kuch time do…mera dil keha raha hai ki tumhe kuch nahi hoga vidhi..main…, I don’t want that female to come into our lives... main sirf tumhara tha, hoon aur rahoonga...” 

He was vulnerable, weak and lost. 

Hold on to me, Vidhi..pls …he begged. 

She was touched by the love he has for her.

She allowed herself to be taken into his embrace as she cried her heart out. “I  trust you.”

Vidhi placed a hand on his heart... and dev ‘s control got broke and both cried in each others arms….

Dev thought and determined..

He don’t know how he will handle this situation. But he is determined that ki vidhi ko bachane ke liye jithna bhi uske dam pe hai vo sab kuch karega our vo vidhi ko bachayega jaroor… he clunged on to her more by the thought of loosing her.. like a innocent jiddi bacha who doesn’t want to give upon his favourite thing….

Milapini maa felt pleased by the love and trust they have on each other in whatever situation life throws at them.

Yes yet again one more time Vidhi and dev proved to the world that their love is all above everything and nothing can broke this relationship….



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Posted: 1 years ago

Thank you for writing on this particular scene.

Makers to kha hi gaye ye moment.

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Aww.. Itna pyara scene... Yaar ye hona chahiye tha... So emotional and love filled... 

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Wow.. 🫶🫶

You just did justice to the scene.. i must say.. i am really pleased by reading this.. ❤️❤️ 

Thank you so much for writing ❤️❤️ 

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Hey Shinika it's awesome...Kash show me b esa kuch dikhate..Inka alag hi chalta..esa kuch dikhate to majja ataathank you for wonderful update

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This should have been actually happened in the show but inka to alag hi hai. Thankfully u have written that. 😊

Waiting for the next 

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Beautiful as always Shinika... You are an amazing writer❤️