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Posted: 1 years ago

But what does consent in this context really mean? And equally important is the aspect of liberty: in a country where women’s higher education continues to be a right to fight for, would the proposition of sex and desire within the education space transform into a dangerous obstacle, or a liberating pathway into adulthood — and even intellectual maturity?

Who is really in control, and does power complicate desire, consent?  

Many feminists have argued passionately against student-professor sex on the grounds that when power flows top-down, there’s no room for consent. Billie Wright Dziech, one of the foremost advocates for banning student-professor relationships, was of the view that all such unequal relationships are inherently exploitative. 

Even when students do acquiesce to getting intimate with professors who initiate it – and even if they initiate the relationship themselves – their consent is not necessarily implied.

But as the bell hooks case shows, the gendered dynamics aren’t always as straightforward as that. Does it mean the institutional power in the hands of a professor, no matter who they are, overrides all else? Not necessarily. 

The flipside: it’s patriarchal to assume that women students wouldn’t have any agency. 

As more universities began to place restrictions on these relationships, a common critique of the rules was that they undermine a student’s agency as an adult. These rules also imply that all sexual dynamics are heterosexual and patriarchal, with the professor an all-powerful man and the student a helpless, victimized woman. 

But sometimes, it’s this very power dynamic that people actively consent to – and find sexy. In fact, an intimate relationship with an intellectual superior can subvert the power dynamic.

Protectionist attitudes towards women and sex, however, have ensured that in India, the University Grants Commission doesn’t even recognize relationships in this context. This steeps these relationships in further silence – preventing recourse for when they go wrong. And banning them altogether could “create a climate of silence and taboo that would only intensify dynamics of coercion and exploitation,” as bell hooks noted. 

The bottomline

Talking about sex between students and professors adds several more layers to the conversation about power within feminism. In India, however, the line remains sadly blurred between desire and abuse of power.

“Through these years, we gained some insights into our sexual cultures, where affection and authority, passion and control, brilliance, and perversity are often fused together and sometimes indistinguishable,” wrote V. Geetha, a feminist academic, in a piece explaining her decision to call for the resignation of a journalist after his students accused him of sexual harassment. It speaks to a feminist disappointment with how women’s experiences in education haven’t been dealt with to their fullest extent – with their desire, intellect, and power being neglected questions. 

At the heart of the debate is the urgent concern for women’s experience of intellectual growth and learning. The silence on the topic of relationships themselves makes for an uneasy link between desire and abuse of power where there shouldn’t be. Unpacking it is crucial to understanding the inner lives of young women in education – especially when it isn’t something to take for granted. 

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Love & Friendship

Posted: 1 years ago

All students need to know that their teacher likes them n values them. 

When students trust teacher n feel loved they will work herder n perform better . Sometimes this overflows the limits n becomes a romantic affair .
No one knows when n where the Cupid’s arrow strikes …. Some times it’s quite cool … sometimes it’s really tough ….

It’s cool when both are bachelors and willing to spend their lives together …society accepts happily ..  but tough when either is married and has responsibilities. No one should betray or hurt their partners,, no partner deserves betrayal . 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I find teacher-student relationships weird tbh, not just the age gap but also imagine if you have a break up and still have to attend classes after that...awkward😆

But in dark romance books, they are one of the hottest trope as well as psychologist-patient/prisoner relationship☺️

Then again, I believe our soulmates are already made for us before we enter into this world so true love can happen anytime in the most unexpected places. It's all destiny and law of attraction.

Btw just my personal opinion but if a teacher and student are attracted to each other then they should at least wait for their classes/course to end so that they won't be student-teacher anymore...and if they are still attracted to each other then good for them, go ahead👍🏼 at least if things go wrong, there wouldnt be any awkwardness

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Posted: 1 years ago

It honestly depends on the age of the teacher and student. If both are adults and decide to get involved without a grooming process, then why not? Apart from that scenario, however, this kind of relationship is icky everywhere. Not to mention the obvious conflict of interest that would arise from a couple being a teacher/student in the same class.

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Posted: 1 years ago

IMO, this relationship b/w the student and teacher is pure, having sanctity and it would be gross if they’d enter into a relationship as the student is young, hasn’t seen life and experienced it unlike the teacher who’s elder and has experienced life. There’s a power imbalance which is problematic and not good in long run of this relationship. 

This relationship might work out abroad in comparison to conservative country like India.

The French President Emmanuel Macron is an example of how successful teacher-student relationship is in real life abroad.

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Love & Friendship

Posted: 1 years ago

I agree with everybody that age factor is the major deterrent in this, specially at school level. 

Nobody is allowed to play with emotions of a person underage. Having  sexual relations is totally illegal /taboo. 

But in universities or other professional courses where students are over 18 yrs of age and professors might not be seniors. Many Delhi colleges have professors /professionals guides who are not  even 30 yrs old. In such cases we can expect teacher student romantic relations provided they both are bachelors. 

In my professional college, many of our clinical tutors were quite young n unmarried . We did see Teacher student marriages in such cases.

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Posted: 1 years ago

One of our professor (26/7f) married her student (25m) and that's cool. 😆 

We had a detailed discussion then and concluded that as long as both parties are adults and not teens, it's fine. 👍🏼

In academia, a lot of such relationships are common. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Personally weirded me out even when I used to follow Pretty Little Liars with Aria and Ezra being the student-teacher couple.  

If it is with a student <18, very inappropriate. Basically grooming a child. 

If it is with a student > 18, still not encouraged till you are a teacher/student in that institution and/or can use this to influence your decision-making on their grades and everything else. The *conditions apply clause does come in at some point in the relationship even if both parties are determined to keep it neutral, that is human tendency. It will hurt them in the long game, if love is explored at the wrong time. 

Yes, love is blind, but you can be wiser and not pursue something, unless it becomes independent of the person's identity. You cannot control falling in love, but you can control how you pursue it. If it is really genuine, a wait till the completion of the role wont hamper it. 

Also, in a country like India where we learn about dohas like "गुरु गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े , काके लागू पाय, बलिहारी गुरु आपने , गोविन्द दियो बताय" in school, which basically means saying that our teachers are the route to find meaning in life and God, it does become kind of awkward to imagine such a thing (except the R-rated movies). 

My honest opinion, feel free to dispute, but will still stick with it 👍🏼

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Posted: 1 years ago

The relationship between a student and a teacher/Professor must have a borderline IMO. Taking the purest guru-shishya relationship to a couple thing is totally weird. Its not cool either for the teacher or for the student. Even if the age gap of teacher and the student is quite close, still I find it weird since that teacher is a teacher to that student (age gap doesn't matter since you are in a higher position professionally) and letting other thoughts entering your mind regarding your student is not cool at all.  

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Posted: 1 years ago

I agree to this stance, it is something that I find wierd as well 👍🏼

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