Varied ways of marriages in ITV serials. Do you agree with those?

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Posted: 6 days ago

On Indian television, a marriage is a grand, opulent event. 

When a show's TRPs drop, the producers will turn to a shaadi to keep the audience interested in a number of episodes. In fact, with all the preparations and exciting activities, it might easily last two weeks. However, there is one crucial characteristic in almost all television marriages. 

There will be at least one issue that will threaten to disrupt the entire event. These plot twists vary from groom swapping to bride kidnapping to marrying the wrong person! They are ridiculous, yet they are popular, and they show exactly what is amusing on Indian television nowadays! 

Marriage in the Indian Culture is a very sacred and a special bond between a man and a woman. Westerners applaud our Indian culture for its values when it comes to marriage and how scared we hold the view of marriage.

According to studies, television has a large effect on society. Some say that it is simply a television series intended for entertainment reasons. Nobody should take whatever a television series portrays seriously. But do you believe the serial makers should go to such lengths only to entertain us? 

Give your thoughts on what do you think on how TV serials are portraying the concept of marriage. Do you think, directors of TV serials should start portraying marriage and divorce as something sacred. Or should they just portray it as they like because it's just a TV show? Would the way a TV show portrays a topic have an impact on today's generation? 

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Posted: 6 days ago

Thank you Madhu for this topic! I've said on a few shows threads - the way ITV trivialises marriage. 

There are a few things that happens in almost every show 

- The first marriage being a grand event and there's something that goes wrong or has OTT drama but marriage concludes.

 - The forced marriage (either groom or bride is forced) and then they fall in love and marry again, this time for the "love"

- The mandir mein shadi, bina gharwalon ke and dobara gharwalon ki ijazat ke baad (~ after some months or years)

- The "fun" marriage

- The "fake" marriage

- The "revenge" marriage - most problematic one

- The "multiple" marriage with same person or different person and back to old spouse

The divorce and kids

- the divorce tracks that are so ridiculous, it is never amiable, always due to some misunderstanding or because a parent/vamp/villain wants it

- the unnecessary and never accurate court cases

- divorce rules/laws that are never followed.

Entertainment ke naam pe kya kya hoga? I never understand why can't they just show a couple married and get on with something else? No, they keep playing, one marriage, two three, the kids grow up, parents are estranged, get them married again. It's never ending Rishta. 

Most people in today's generation don't relate to the ITV relationships. But I wonder why would we? For a generation who doesn't like marriage as a concept, due to various issues - patriarchal underpinnings, violence, dowry and so on - what does an ITV show offer to a young woman? She can get married and all her problems won't exist? Get married, career isn't important at all. 

The continuous looking down on working women or overglorification.

The normalisation of EMA and forgiving your spouse for cheating for the sake of "love". 

Do you think, directors of TV serials should start portraying marriage and divorce as something sacred.

If not something sacred, let's be honest, most marriages today or in eternity have had nothing sacred in them but it is an institution that forms the cornerstone of the society. It shouldn't be trivialised like this. It is a part of process in society, it is normal to get married and it is normal to be divorced or not get married at all. ITV should make efforts in line of de-stigmatizing marriage, divorce, single parents and so on. 

Should I go on? smiley37

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Posted: 6 days ago

Forced marriage is disgusting. Just throwing sindoor on someone's head isn't marriage. Often these kind of marriage happens with toxic alpha male or mentally unstable male. Sadly in those shows the women don't even escape the marriage. Makers make it seem like a love story and they have happily ever after.

Even in shows like ye rishta marriage is a grand thing but with a lot of unwanted drama. 

Posted: 6 days ago

Thanks for this topic, Madhu! smiley20

Ekta Kapoor was the first one to show forced marriage / multiple marriage, rape tracks, etc in her show’s and other producers simply followed the suit. smiley8

ITV marriages are not to be taken seriously but sadly viewers in India and other countries lap it up by watching the show and increasing its TRP. 

Posted: 6 days ago

And this hindi serial wala ridiculous/pathetic marriage/divorce track is copied in marathi serials too.smiley7

Over a period of time , this has become a MUST ELEMENT in all the serials.  smiley7

Phir chahe wo track ki jaroorat ho ya

 na ho.smiley21

Posted: 6 days ago

Nice Topic

Unfortunately ITV has made fun of marriage. From force marriages to bride or groom swap to contract marriage to majboori ki marriage to sindoor girney wali marriage, all this seem so creepy. 

Directors and writers should depict marriage in a proper sacred way without ruining this Occasion just for some trps. Konsi shadi dekhi hai jo mahino chaley real life main but in ITV marriages last for months. Makers need to make serials with realistic approach. 

Posted: 6 days ago

not only hindi... even regional shows have made fun of marriage

either- forced or fake or revenge or some stupid ott drama n final marriage.....

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