Love is love, Taani

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This is a lgbt fiction, I used to watch D3 as a kid and I fell in love with Taani's character, in this story she is bisexual, after her breakup with her first love she is heartbroken and this is her story about how she finds love again and also herself. I won't tolerate any homophobic comments, if you don't like lgbt+ fiction thn don't read it.

Important characters

Taani Shekhawat

She is 21 year old bubbly girl, her parents died when she was barely 5, after the death of her parents she lived with her father's brother and his wife, they raised her as their own daughter and love her. She has a cousin, Swayam Shekhawat who she was really close to growing up but they drifted apart after she moved in with him and joined his college. 

Maya Oberoi

Maya is an openly out gay woman, she is 27, she doesn't take anyone's shit and is a police officer, she doesn't believe in love after her ex left her to marry a guy because of societal pressures. She is ruthless, rude and mostly keeps to herself. She is very close to her father who accepts and supports her in everything, her mother died when she was young due to cancer. Her best friend, Aman is her life, he knows her in and out and has been in her life since the age of 5. 

Swayam Shekhawat 22

Taani's older brother, he used to be very close to his sister growing up but after joining college his priorities changed, he is a dancer. 

Aman Sharma 27

Very outgoing guy, mostly calm, hates violence which is funny because he is a police officer. He will not tolerate any badmouthing about his best friend, loves his girlfriend Shreya a lot. 

Shreya Oberoi 22

Cousin sister of Maya, looks up to Maya a lot, she is a shy person but can be equally terrifying if angered. She doesn't talk much and keeps to herself. Goes to the same college as Taani.

Sharon Rai Prakash 22

Swayam's gf, doesn't like Taani much because she thinks Taani isn't worthy of her best friend. Is a dancer and a diva. 

Reyansh Singhania 22

College heartthrob, loves Taani but never really priotized her, he is a Dancer too. His priorities are his dance and his friends. 

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Chapter 1

Maya is seen in the interrogation room, giving a criminal beating, "Maya bas kar woh mar jayega" Aman says feeling pity towards a criminal. "Tu pagal he? Murder ke case me aaya he yeh, tu bahar ja, nikal yaha se" Maya shouts at him and Aman leaves. 


Oh god aaj toh pakka late hone wali hoon, bhai bhi chale gaye honge college, yeh alarm kyun nai baja! Tune hi neend me bandh kar diya hoga Taani, ughhh. She runs around getting dressed and leaves for college in a hurry. 

St. Louise College

Taani walks in, she goes straight into Vice Principal's office, "Sir aapne bulaya tha?" Taani asks, "Haan how are NDC final preparations going? We need to win this competition, I have alot of pressure from the board" He asks, "Sir preparations achchi chal rhi he, don't worry we are going to win this competition" She says confidently. "Okay, also there is going to be an exchange student joining us from our London branch, she is also a dancer, you have to show her around abit. Wese toh she is an ex student of here only" VP sir, "Umm sir sure but can I ask the student's name?" although she has an inkling already and is hoping she is wrong and its not who she thinks it is. "Haan, Kriya Ghai" he replies. Hearing Kriya's name she feels abit unsteady, all her memories with Rey flashes infront her eyes, his rude reaction to her dressing like Kriya in the past, his confession, their fights, his never standing up for Taani infront of his friends. "Taani? TAANI?", "Huh? Yeah sure sir, sorry sir, woh kab aa rhi he?" Taani asks trying to rein her feelings in, "She should be arriving today, I would have told you earlier but with all the NDC preps and exam preps, it slipped my mind." 

Taani walks out after a while from the office, she is lost in her thoughts and collides with someone walking, "Ouch" she and the person say at the same time, "Sorry" Taani helps the girl stand up, "Its okay, mera hi dhyan nai tha" the girl Taani collided with says, "mera bhi dhyan nai tha, lagi toh nai na aapko?" Taani asks, "Arey nai, meri toh adat he girte padte rehna, I am Shreya btw" Shreya says introducing herself, "I am Taani", "I know" Shreya says smiling, "Oh damn me class ke liye late ho rhi hoon, see you later Taani" saying this Shreya leaves. 

Taani get a grip, so what if your ex boyfriend's ex is back, you are not together anymore and these kind of things shouldn't bother you. Thinking so she leaves and goes towards Admin office to meet Kriya, "Hello" Taani says looking at Kriya, "I am Taani, GS of the college, VP sir ne muje aapko milne bheja he". "Oh hey I am Kriya, nice to meet you Taani" Kriya says extending her hands towards Taani, Taani shakes her hand. "Wese toh I have been a student here pehle but its been a year since I left." "Haan I know, chaliye me ek small tour de deti hoon aapko" Taani says walking out of the Admin office with Kriya on tow, "Sir ne bataya?", "Esa hi kuch, I am Swayam's sister and I have heard about you." Taani says . "Oh wow small world, kuch achcha nai suna hoga fir toh" Kriya says looking down, "Arey nahi esa kuch nai he, I have heard great things about you and I have seen your dance videos, you are a great dancer." Taani says surprising Kriya. 

"Thanks, kya tumhe pata hoga gang kaha he?" Kriya asks, "Haan woh shayad rehearsal hall me honge, NDC competition aane wala he na" Taani replies. "Do you mind if we go there first?" Kriya asks nervously, "Yeah sure." Taani sighs, she feels a little uncomfortable at the prospect of Rey and Kriya meeting but steels herself. 

They enter the RH, seeing Taani everyone's faces sours except Swayam and Rey, "Aagyi yeh Hitler, isse dekhte hi na mera pura din kharab ho jata he" Vicky whispers but everyone gets shocked seeing Kriya accompanying Taani. "Yeh yaha kya kar rhi he?" Sharon asks feeling the old rivalry swell in her seeing Kriya, "Kriya tum yaha?" Swayam asks feeling shocked to see his best friend after a year. "Hi guys" Kriya says nervously smiling, "Taani yeh yaha kya kar rhi he" Rey asks feeling enraged. "Reyansh first of all aap dheere baat kijiye mujse and secondly Kriya has joined the college back, I am just showing her around a bit." Taani says feel angered seeing Rey's intense reaction towards Kriya. 

"WHAT?"  The gang shouts, "Guys please hear me out, I had a valid reason for leaving like that, please hear me out." Kriya requests. "Kriya hume kuch nai sunna, leave" Rey says glaring at her, "Rey atleast listen to her" Swayam says, hearing him Taani remembers how when it had come to her, her brother had never uttered a word in her favor. Feeling bitter she decides to leave, "Kriya I have classes, if you need anything let me know." Taani walks away saying this. 

Here Kriya tells everyone how her mother was sick, cancer and that they had to move to London for her treatment, how she passed away. Telling this Kriya breaks down, seeing her like this breaks the gangs heart, including Rey's, they all console her. 

College Canteen 

The gang is sitting at a table when Taani walks in, seeing Rey and Kriya smiling and laughing breaks Taani's heart again, "Taani?" She hears someone call her and turns to find Shreya, "Haan?" Taani's voice breaks a little, "Are you okay?" Shreya asks, "Yeah muje kya hona he" Taani says putting on a fake smile, "Do you want to have lunch with me?" Shreya asks surprising even herself. "umm are you sure? Don't you want to sit with your friends?" Taani asks feeling a bit unsure, "I don't really have much friends in college" Shreya says awkwardly, Taani feels sad hearing this because after all she too doesn't have friends in college. She agrees and they both get their lunch and sit in far corner. 

"So how's your day going?" Shreya asks trying to make a conversation, "Fu*ked" Taani says sarcastically, Shreya is a bit surprised because she thought Taani was a very shy girl. "Oh, did something happen?" she asks, "Arey kuch nai, bas life is being funny with me right now, tum batao, hows your day been like?" Taani replies. "Hectic, itne sare classes uper singing practice, abhi toh half day hua he and I am already tired." Shreya says tiredly, "You sing?" Taani asks, "Yeah, hobby he and thodi bahot awaz bhi achchi he" She replies shyly. 

"Naise, I will have to hear it someday, singing is my hobby too, I used to sing alot in school." Taani smiles remembering her school days, "toh ab kyun nai gaate?" Shreya asks, "Time hi nai milta, pehle when I came here I was busy trying too hard to fit in my brother's friend group and they are all dancers toh... and then I became a GS aur fir toh itna kaam badh gaya he na ki kisi aur cheez ke liye time hi nai rehta" Taani says, "Time nikalna padta he khud ke liye, if you like something or if something soothes you thn you should take time out of your busy schedule." Shreya says very seriously. Hearing her Taani smiles, she is reminded of the girl she used to be like before she joined the college. "Keh toh tum sahi rhi ho, I will try." They talk about random stuff until they hear the bell ring. 

Police station

"Maya you haven't been on a single leave since the past two years, you need to take sometime off" Maya's senior tells her, "Sir I don't need a leave, I have alot of pending work to finish" Maya replies irritated. "Maya me puch nai rha, bata raha hoon that you going on a 3 month leave" her boss says sternly, "I am not, you can't make me" says Maya stubbornly, "Maya zid mat karo, your father is hell worried about you, don't make me suspend you" he threatens her. "You can't suspend me like that without any reason" she says angrily. "oh but I do have a reason, you went on duty drunk Maya, do you even have any idea how badly it could have turned out?" she feels guilty hearing this, "Sir I was just a bit tipsy, it won't happen again" she says looking down. 

"Yes it won't because you are going to clean your act, you are going on a 3 month leave and thats the end of the discussion. Now get out" he says sternly and Maya doesn't have any choice but to leave his office in a huff. 

"Kya hua, itne gusse me kyun he tu?" Aman asks as he sees Maya strode into their shared office angrily, she tells him, "Haan toh achcha hi he na, wese bhi he isn't wrong" Aman says. "Tu toh apne dad ki hi side lega na, me teen mahino tak kya karun huh?" she retorts angrily, "Arey mujpe kyun bhadak rhi he, mene kya kiya and what do you mean teen mahine tak kya karegi, go on a vacation, rest kar aur kya" he says, "Muje nai jana vacation pe" she screams in frustration. 

"Maya calm down, apan ghar jake kuch decide karte he na, itna gussa sehat ke liye achcha nahi" he tries to calm her down but seeing her death glare shuts up. 

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Chapter 2

"Maya meri Abhinav se baat hui, he said you are on a 3 month leave?" Maya's father asks her over dinner, Maya stabbing her food says "Haan, yeh na sab aapki wajah se hua he, you told him to do this na?". "I just told him I was worried about you working so much, I have the right to worry about you Maya" he says sternly, "I know you are worried about me dad but me 3 mahino tak kya karungi, please leave time decrease kara dijiye na uncle se baat karke" Maya pleads. "Me esa kuch nai kar rha, you need a change of scenary, mere college me abhi ek substitute Prof ki zarurat he, you are joining" he says as a matter of fact. "And why would I do that?" she asks sarcastically, "kuch aur karne ka soch ke rakhkha he tumne? I am sure Abhinav is not going back on his word and I know you, tu ghar pe beth ke rest karegi nahi." he says. 

"You can't force me" Maya says petulantly even though she knows he is right, "Me tumhe kisi bhi cheez ke liye force nai kar rha Maya, I am just trying to help you out here" he says gently. "Fine but I am only agreeing because otherwise I will be bored and I anyways like the idea of torturing kids" Maya smiles creepily. "Maya rules hote he college me, you can't bully the students" he says not liking the way his daughter is smiling. "I am not going to break any rules Sir" she says with a straight face, his father shakes his head at her antics. 

The next day, Taani wakes up early and after getting ready goes out of her room to see Rey coming out of the Swayam's room. 

"Hi Taani", "hey Reayansh, bhai uthe nai abhi tak?", "woh change kar rha he, tum muje Reyansh kyun bulati ho, sabke jese Rey bulao na" he says not liking how formally Taani has been talking to him for the past few weeks. "Reyansh please subah subah behas mat kijiye mere sath" Taani says walking out of the living room and going to the kitchen.

"Mene kab behas ki? I just don't like that you are talking to me as if we are some strangers" Rey following her into the kitchen. "Hum strangers hi he Reyansh" she says not looking at him, "We have dated for god sake" Rey says irritatedly, "Aapko muje yeh yaad dilane ki zarurat nai he, I remember that we have dated and I also remember that we are not dating anymore because you don't like the way I am, please I really don't want to start my day fighting with you" Taani replies feeling just as much irritated. 

"Mene kabhi esa nai kaha that I don't like you, tum muje fir galat samaj rhi ho Taani", "Samaj aap nai rhe muje, I remember clearly you telling your best friend that I am some clingy irritating girlfriend who doesn't have any passion or ambition." Taani says feeling extremely upset. "Taani I was just frustrated because of the whole issue between you and my friends, uper se NDC ki preps, I didnt mean it like that." Rey says feeling guilty. 

"Reyansh just because I am not a dancer or I don't have a passion like you do doesn't make me any less of a person, I get hurt too. And hearing your partner say these things to someone is not something any person wants to hear. Your words bloody shattered me." Taani says wiping her tears angrily, cursing herself for being so weak, letting him affect her like this again and again. 

"It wasn't my intention Taani, I am sorry for all that, why can't you just give me another chance to make it right by you?" Rey pleads. "We have gone over this way too many times already Reyansh, I am not going to put myself through that hurt again because of you, I may have broken up with you but it was you who broke my heart. We aren't getting back together" saying this Taani leaves Rey standing alone in the kitchen. 

Rey's POV

Maaf toh tumhe karna hi hoga Taani, I love you damnit, I know I made some mistakes in the past but I am not going to let you go because of some silly mistakes.

"Rey? Rey? REY!?" Swayam's shout brings him out of his train of thoughts, "chilla kyun rha he?" Rey says irritatedly, "Kabse tuje bula rha hoon, dhyan kaha he tera? Kitchen me ese kyun khada he?" Swayam asks, "kuch nai bas ese hi, sun teri Taani se baat hoti he?" Rey asks, "Taani se baat? Kis cheez ki?" Swayam asks back confused. "Arey bas general baatein, kuch dino se badli badli si lag rhi he isiliye" Rey replies, "lag toh rhi he but nahi hume time hi nai milta baat karne ka zyada, tu kyun puch rha he?" Swayam asks suspiciously. 

"Me toh bas ese hi, college nai jana kya? Chal late ho rhe he.", "haan chal" and they both leave. 

Taani's POV

Krishnaji mere sath hi kyun? Rey akhir chahte kya he mujse, jese hi lagta he ki me thoda move on ho rhi hoon, aage badh rhi hoon, woh aake muje wapas se itna affect kar jate he. You have to be strong Taani, you can't let yourself be so weak like this, kal Kriya ko dekhke bhi itna affect ho gyi thi aur ab firse. Get a grip Taani. 

Taani is walking on the road trying to get an auto to go to college but can't seem to find any and thn she sees a puppy on the road and a car is driving in the same direction in full speed, "shoo" Taani tries to shout at the puppy to get it out of the road and runs towards it, she quickly picks the puppy up and jumps away from the road, the car screeches to a stop. 

Taani puts the puppy down and it runs away, "Oi madam pagal ho kya tum, marna hi he toh kisi aur ki gadi ke aage jake maro na, meri gadi ke samne kyun aayi?" The driver gets out and screams at Taani, hearing the shout Taani gets pissed, "Agar aankhen nai he toh gadi kyun chalati ho aap, huh? Abhi us puppy ko lag jati toh?" Taani screams back, "Konsa puppy? Pi rakhkhi he kya subah subah?", another person comes out of the car, "Maya kyun jhagda kar rhi he, hello miss I am sorry-", "Tu kyun sorry bol rha he? Galti iski he, yeh sorry bolegi!" Maya says angrily. "Me koi sorry nai bol rhi, kya karoge aap?" Taani retorts back, "Tumhari toh-" Maya says moving towards Taani and Maya's gun falls out and seeing the gun Taani gets scared and runs away. 

"Oi kaha bhag rhi ho" Maya makes a move towards following Taani but Aman stops her by holding her hand, "Pagal ho gyi he kya? Bachchi thi woh aur tu yeh gun leke college jane wali thi?" he quickly picks up the gun, bystanders are looking at them. "Chal yaha se" saying this Aman drags Maya back towards the car and they drive off. 

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Chapter 3

Maya drops Aman at the station and goes to college, she is wearing pants and a white shirt, the first few buttons of her shirt are open making alot of boys drool at the sight of her cleavage as she steps out of her car. She walks into the college making a lot of heads turn towards her. "Di aap yaha?" Shreya sees Maya and quickly walks over to her, "It going to be Professor to you, VP sir ki office kaha he?" Maya says looking at Shreya with affection. "Professor?!! Wow, aao me aapko chachu ke I mean VP sir ke office le jati hoon." 

Saying this Shreya walks ahead showing Maya the way to the office, after knocking Shreya walks in with Maya in tow, "Sir someone was asking for you, apparently some new professor" Shreya says playfully. "Shreya tum bhi na, chalo jaldi se jao tumhari class ka time ho gaya he warna firse detention milega" He says looking at his niece. "Firse?" Maya asks sternly, she doesn't like tardiness, "Woh me jati hoon" Shreya quickly runs off before Maya could scold her. 

"Kitna darti he tujse" VP sir says shaking his head, "Galti karegi toh daregi hi na" Maya says as a matter of fact. VP sir sighs, "mene college ki GS ko bulaya he, she will show you around the college, like I said before, you can't bully any students here Maya, agar koi complain aayi toh I won't think twice before showing you the door" he says sternly. "Dad me kya koi Hitler hoon? Me kyun bully karungi students ko." but she doesn't sound convincing. 

Knock, "sir aapne bulaya?", "Tum?!" "Aap?!", "tum log ek dusre ko jante ho?" VP sir asks surprised seeing their reaction. "Sir she isn't a good person, inke pas gun he, aap police ko bulaiye" Taani says pointing at Maya, "Oi are you saying that I am a bad person? Tum ho kon-" Maya advances towards Taani but seeing Taani clench her eyes shut because of fear stops her midway.  "Maya, behave. Taani she is a police officer, maybe that's why tumne gun dekhi hogi iske pas, she isn't allowed to have a weapon in the college don't worry." VP sir says to calm Taani down, police?!! Taani thinks to herself and thn not knowing what to say she just looks down.

"Oh, ummm aapne muje yaha kyun bulaya he sir?" Taani says looking down. "Maya is going to be taking Prof Mehra's place for a few months until we find a permanent replacement for him, I want you to show her, her cabin and the college."

"Okay sir" Taani says, "Dad are you sure koi aur student muje college nai dikha sakta?" Hearing Maya call VP sir dad shocks Taani but thn she gets angry, "kyun? Me kyun nai dikha sakti aapko college?" She asks angrily. "Ese baat karte he professor se yaha?" Maya also looks at her angrily. "Get out both of you, muje bahot kaam he, Taani show her around the college and Maya stop being so rude".  

They leave the office, "Ek baar kahungi, you better show me some damn respect, I am older thn you and your Prof, warna" Maya says as soon as they are out of earshot of her dad, "Dhamki de rhi he aap muje? Meri marzi me kise respect doon kise nahi, aur na aap Prof se zyada koi gundi lagti he" Taani retorts back irritated by Maya's rude behavior. "Me gundi lagti hoon tumhe? Screw dhila he kya tumhara?" Maya doesn't know why she is letting this girl get on her nerves. "Aapka toh sahi he na screw? Toh chaliye, yeh raha aapka cabin, me ja rhi meri class he" without waiting for a reply Taani quickly leaves.

'Ajeeb ladki he, tameez naam ki koi cheez hi nai he' muttering to herself Maya checks out the cabin. 

'Taani tu pagal ho gyi he kya teri zabaan par kabu nai rehta kya, gun he uske pas, hey Krishnaji kaha phasa diya aapne.' Taani thinks to herself while she sits in her class. 

"Hi" Shreya says seeing Taani entering the classroom, Taani seeing her takes a seat next to her, "Hey, Prof late he kya?" Taani asks as she had been expecting to be late but she spoke it too soon and the Prof comes in (its not Maya). After the class ends Taani goes to RH to check on the dance teams progress. 

"Hi guys, VP sir wants to see your NDC routine in the evening" Taani says walking in, "Taani you can't just say these things at the last minute" Sharon says, "Sharon please don't tell me the routine isn't ready yet, you guys have one job right now and thats to prep for the NDC" Taani feeling frustrated. 

"Taani Sharon theek keh rhi he, you should have informed us sooner" Swayam says taking Sharon's side, "Bhai muje abhi message aaya he sir ka, jese hi pata chala aapko inform karne aayi hoon" Taani says feeling cornered with angry stares from everyone. "Guys stress kyun le rhe ho, we have 3 hours, come on bas thode se steps baki he, let's start working it out" Rey says seeing Taani getting upset. "Okay I will leave you guys to it" saying this Taani leaves. 

Taani is muttering to herself while walking and not paying any attention where she is going and BAM, she collides with someone hard and they both fall down. "Fu*k, yaar tum sach me aandhi ho kya?" Maya groans in pain, Taani had fallen right on top of her, Taani hearing Maya's voice quickly gets up, "aap, aap dekhke nai chal sakti?" Taani retorts, Maya gets up, "Ek toh galti khudki uper se mujpar chilla rhi ho? Chalna nai sikhaya bachpan me kisi ne?" Maya replies back rudely, before Taani could reply Shreya comes in, "time out, time out, Di- I mean Ma'am aapki class start hone wali he and Taani apni bhi, chal" saying Shreya drags an angry Taani away. 

Isko toh me dekh lungi, Maya mutters to herself and thn walks into her first class, sees Taani and Shreya sitting next to each other, Taani is glaring daggers at her which just makes Maya glare at her right back. 

"Good morning class, my name is Maya, as you all know Prof Mehra due to some personal issues had to quit so I will be teaching you guys from now on for a few months, any questions?" Taani raises her hand, "yes Miss GS, what is your question?" Maya asks with clenched teeth. "Are you sure you are qualified enough to teach us Professor?" Taani asks cheekily shocking everyone as they have never seen Taani behaving like this with the authority. Shreya tries to shush Taani but Taani doesn't listen, "You think you are so smart right?" Maya feeling a bit impressed but doesn't let it show, "Well I am a topper and you didnt answer my question ma'am." Taani replies confidently, "well its a good thing that I don't have to answer to you, sit down and take your books out everyone" saying so Maya starts teaching.

Taani is surprised to see how efficiently Maya is explaining the problems, Taani's eyes slide down from Maya's face towards her open button and the hint of cleavage thats on the display, she quickly looks away when she realizes what she is doing but not before Maya sees her checking her out. Maya smirks seeing Taani's red face, "So Miss GS, care to repeat what I just said?", "Huh? Woh umm-" Taani is saved by the bell and she rushes out with Shreya following her.

"Are you okay Taani?" Shreya asks concerned, "haan muje kya hua he? Woh I have to accompany VP sir for the NDC routine check, me tumhe baad me milti hoon" saying so Taani leaves. 'Were you really checking that rude Prof out Taani? Have you seriously lost it?!!' she slaps her forehead and shakes her head to remove any lingering thoughts. 


Taani is 16 and Swayam 17, "Bachcha tu yaha he? Me kabse tuje dhundh rha tha, tu roh kyun rhi he? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya?" Swayam asks kneeling down next to Taani in concern. Taani shakes her head but start crying harder, "Taani chup ho ja, muje bata toh sahi ki hua kya he" Swayam says trying to calm her down, "nahi, you will hate me" Taani says hiccuping with tears streaming down her face. "I could never hate you, you idiot, ab bata bhi de kya hua he warna me gudgudi karne lagunga" Swayam playful threatens thinking maybe that will stop Taani from crying.

She hugs him tightly instead, "pehle aap promise karo that you won't tell anyone" asks Taani, "Taani, tu dara rhi he muje, do I need to bring a shovel or something to hide a body?" Swayam asks, "I like boys" Taani says, "okayyyyy?" Swayam says breaking the hug because even though he is a very supportive brother but he doesn't really want to talk about his sisters attraction towards guys. "But... But I also like girls" saying so Taani starts crying harder again, Swayam doesn't know how to process it and seeing Swayam quite Taani thinks the worse , "I am sorry bhai, I am sorry", "Taani shant ho ja tu pehle, ese royegi toh you will get sick" saying so he gently wipes her tears, "aap mujse gussa ya disgusted nai ho?" Taani asks feeling surprised at his gentle behavior. 

"I could never be disgusted by you, are you mad? Haan I am not that comfortable with all this but I am not comfortable with alot of things, this just means that I will have to watch out for girls as well as boys from now on, I am not letting any creep near my sister, be it a girl or a guy but I am proud of you for telling me this." Swayam hugs her. "Thank you bhai, I love you" Taani says hugging him back tighter. "I love you too bachcha but tu thoda aur time na meri bachchi hi reh, you can date after you are 30 or something, theeke?" Taani breaks the hug and laughs at him shaking her head. 

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chapter 1

Maya is a tough woman. Love her attitude.

Posted: 1 years ago

Having your boyfriend's ex come back is not too pleasant a thought.

Posted: 1 years ago

Insecurities are bound to come in when faced with this situation.

Posted: 1 years ago

Taani should sing again. Maybe with Shreya she can get back into it.

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