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Hello There! 😃 

I'm back with another story. For those reading Lucid Dream don't worry I'm still working on that.  As for this piece I was trying to make this into a One Shot but then this idea kept growing and I kept writing so here we are.  I took Abhimanyu and Akshara out of their normal setting so they won't behave exactly like how we see them in the show but I hope I am able to retain some of their essence.  This is just a fun what if.

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Wisps of dark clouds carelessly floated across the full moon as the air was heavy and moist signaling an impending storm was coming.  A lone blue metallic BMW X5 sat at a traffic light waiting for its turn.  It’s driver, a chiseled face man in his mid thirties stared intently outward his knuckles tightening against the fine leather grian of the steering wheel unsettled by the unspoken words of silence surrounding him.  The air conditioner hummed quietly while the left turn signal ticked in a steady pace like a metronome.  Each tick bringing back a memory that brought about an uneasiness in his chest.


“You cannot be serious?” He asked, his voice incredulous at what was being stated to him.  He stared at the young man wearing an Avengers t-shirt and jeans.  “Isn’t that discrimination?”

“I’m just helping out my aunt who put this place up for rent.  It was written in the application you placed.  That’s the only reason she accepted it.  Married couples only.”

“I’m going to throttle Neil,” he muttered under his breath.  

“Look, I sympathize with you my Desi brother from another mother.  You know how it is.  My aunt just doesn’t want any trouble.  I have somewhere to be in an hour and I have to settle this.  I can’t let you have the apartment if you're not married.  Don’t you have a girlfriend?  I’ll look the other way. You seem pretty desperate.  It’s not like she actually checks marriage certificates.  At least I don’t think she does, though Aunty Varsha is a bit eccentric.”   

“I just got off a flight from India 48 hours ago.  I checked out of the hotel this morning.  This apartment was supposed to be mine.  Can we work something out Ajay?”

He rubbed the back of his head unsure what to do and then nodded his head, “Dude, find a roommate and I’ll let you have it.  I have to go now.  You have 3 hours.  I’ll give you a call.”



He placed a cup of coffee in front of the young woman no more than 22 years of age if he had to wager a guess. She was simply dressed; a white kurta top, jeans, and some flats. With his free hand he moved to pull the chair from the table when she spoke. “I drink chai.”  He stopped and simply stared down at her questioningly.  “Thank you for the coffee but I drink chai.”  His jaw clenched and he glanced to the side before looking back down at the cup.  “If you want my help…”

“This is a coffee shop,” he stated and placed his coffee down on the table as well.

“They serve chai here too.  You never asked and just assumed.”  She replied and stood up threatening to leave. Her silky black hair hung over her shoulders covering some of the yellow intricate embroidery on her kurta.  He could sense her wariness as her right hand rested against the handle of her luggage.

“Are you sure you want to do that?  You have nowhere to go.”  He picked up the coffee she had refused and took a sip.  “The way I see it you need me more than I need you.”

Having been caught in her bluff, she flopped back down in her seat and stared at him. Her mocha eyes reflected an irritation that he found extremely amusing. “So what exactly is this deal?”

“Would you like a slice of cake?  I was thinking about getting a slice.  Strawberry.  Since I’ll be going back to get that cup of chai.”  He took another sip of coffee and then placed it on the table next to his second cup. 

She looked back at him in awe and gave a sheepish look of regret as if she had been silently cursing him in her mind. “Strawberry sounds nice.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

A few minutes later he was back carrying a small tray that had two slices of strawberry cake and a cup of chai.  He placed the tray on the table and politely served her food items before reaching into his messenger bag to pull out a small notepad and pen.  He could hear the tiny sounds of her fork hitting the plate.  “Good?” he asked, his eyes concentrating on the notepad.

“Yes, it’s delicious but aren’t you going to have some?”  He glanced up and gave a smirk, causing her to look at him with concern.  He pointed to the left corner of his lips, “Icing…”

Her eyes widened in embarrassment and she picked up a napkin to wipe her mouth.  Her eyes met with his again, asking if she had successfully removed it.  He nodded.  “Uh, thank you again for the chai and cake.  You said…we may be able to help each other out?  A mutually beneficial situation?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” he replied and put down his pen.  “Before I start I want to make something very clear.  I’m a straight forward type of person.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  You’re probably wondering why I would even approach you.  After all, we are technically strangers except for our meeting last night.  By the way how is your friend doing?”

“Broken leg and a concussion but she should be out of the hospital tomorrow.  Thank you again for taking us to the emergency room.”

“You’re welcome.  It’s good to hear she will be out soon.”  He extended his hand and introduced, “I’m Dr. Abhimanyu Birla.”

“Akshara Goenka,” she replied, shaking his hand.

“Akshara…” he repeated in his deep voice.  “It’s nice to meet you.”  She simply smiled as their hands lingered in the handshake a little longer then expected.  His hand eventually retreated and he jotted something quickly down on his notepad.  “We both have a problem and I believe if we come together we can solve both of our problems.  Your roommate has abandoned you to move in with her boyfriend and you have been kicked out of your apartment due to the inability to pay your rent.  I have an apartment with a room you can rent.  But I cannot move in unless I prove that I am married.”  

“I’m not agreeing to an arranged marriage,” Akshara exclaimed in horror.  “Just because I’m Indian doesn’t mean I would agree to something like this.  Just who do you think you are Dr. Abhimanyu Birla?!”  She stood back up her eyes narrowing while her button nose flared in anger. She reached for her red suitcase and started to roll it away.

“Akshara wait, that's not what I’m proposing!  Please sit back down and let me explain.  I’m not proposing marriage.” he replied. “Please at least let me finish what I have to say? Please?”  She furrowed her eyebrows but sat back down in the chair.  He inwardly sighed in relief and continued, “Consider this a contract deal. You are renting a room in this apartment. You can pay me the same amount you were paying at your old place. I won’t ask for anything more.  I know having a male roommate may be uncomfortable for you but I am here purely for work.  I am a doctor.  I actually did my residency here in the States.  I went back home and joined our family hospital.  I decided to take a break and focus on charity work for a year. I have a college friend who’s started his own charity here and he invited me to come work with him. I have no interest in dating.  In fact I don’t even believe in love.  So you won’t have to worry about a thing.  We may need to pretend to the landlord but once she is convinced I am sure she won’t be stopping by the apartment.”  He slid the notepad towards her, “This is the contract I wrote up for us.  Read it over.  If there is anything else you want to add feel free.”

He watched as she read the notepad. "This is for one year."

"Yes, for one year. You still in school or working?"

"I am working on getting my masters for music therapy."

"That's great. That's an exciting new field in the medical community. Music can do wonders."

"You like music?" Akshara replied with some enthusiasm.

"I do. I usually carry noise canceling earphones with me. Sometimes it's nice to block everything out and just concentrate on yourself."

"I practice with my guitar. Will this be a problem?"

"I see no problem as long as you aren't practicing at odd hours like at 3am."

She chuckled, "No, I definitely wouldn't be doing that." She picked up the pen and recited as she wrote a line down on the paper. "Will not practice music at 3am." 

"That's reassuring to know," he replied and took a drink of coffee.

"You won't have to worry about a boyfriend," Akshara said, striking out a line. "So, no friends allowed?"

"Unless you trust them not to say anything. It would be easier if less people knew about this. Less complicated." She nodded in response. "So do we have a deal?"

He watched as she continued studying the notepad. When she lifted her head their eyes locked and she replied, "Okay, l agree." She then signed her name down on the paper.

He took back the pen and applied his signature as well. "Thank you Akshara," he said as he extended his hand. "Deal."

"Deal," Akshara responded shaking his hand.


“Bro, I’m super super sorry.  I didn’t realize.”  He looked at his younger brother Neil on the other side of the video call and sighed.  “But the apartment was everything you needed.  It’s in a good location, it’s modern inside, two rooms with walk in closets, two full baths, open kitchen and living room floor plan, stainless steel appliances, there is a laundry room, it has a deck, and ample storage space.  But it looks like you handled the situation?”   He nodded as he flipped the camera around and showed the bedroom he was in.  “So Bro who’s the girl?”


“Shouldn’t I meet her.  What if she becomes my future bhabhi?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?  That’s not going to happen.”

“I know you don’t believe in marriage or love.  But I’m just thinking about Ma.  You know how she has her heart set on your wedding.”

“I’m happy with my life the way it is.  Being a doctor, helping my patients, receiving Ma’s love, spending time with my brother and my family; I don’t need anything else.  Marriage isn't’ for me.”

“Well, you now have to pretend to be in one.” Neil laughed.

“Pretend.  Key word is pretend.  Listen, you can’t tell anyone at home about this arrangement.  No one can know, including Ma.” 

“No problem Bro. No one will know. But are you going to be able to not tell her?”

He sighed, "It will be tough but I won't." He then pinched his thumb to his index finger and made a zip motion.  “No one.”  Neil nodded his head imitating the same motion.  His eyes diverted to the door when he suddenly heard a knock.  Before he could end the call his brother shouted, “Come in.”  His eyes flexed in annoyance while his brother just smiled cheekily in return.

“Abhimanyu, I just wanted to say thank you…” Akshara said as she stepped into the room, “Oh, I’m sorry you’re on a call.” Her eyes held a fear that she had indavently barged in on a call with a family member.  

“Hello there roommate!”


“Uh, hello Neil?”  Akshara politely answered.

“He’s my younger brother,” turning the phone towards her.

“Don’t worry Bhaiya told me not to tell anyone.  You see I’m sort of the reason you both are in this situation.  I want to apologize and also thank you as well for helping my brother out.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.  Your brother also helped solve a problem for me as well.”

“That’s great!  By the way how should I address you?”  


“Nice to meet you Akshara,” Neil waved.

"Nice to meet you too Neil," she replied, giving a short wave in return.


“So newlyweds?” the photographer asked as he was setting up his camera on the tripod.  


He glanced down timidly at his cream sherwani and adjusted the red scarf hanging around his shoulders making sure it was even. “Um, yes.”  

“You guys from around here or just moved into town?”

“I’ve just came into town…from India…my wife…has been here for some time working on her master’s program in music therapy.”

“That’s great.  Will you be staying here or once your wife finishes her studies you will be returning to India?”   

“We haven’t decided that yet.  We’ll see what offers she receives once she is done,” he replied.

“How supportive,” gushed a woman with blond hair.  She was busy setting up the lights in the studio.  He could only assume she and the photographer were the team that would be working on their photo shoot today.  He couldn’t believe he was actually spending money on this pretend shoot but what his younger brother had said the night before on their call was correct.  They needed some evidence of pictures that they were a couple.  Something credible and tangible so if Varsha Aunty  dropped by it would be easier to keep up the appearance of a newly wedded couple.  He recalled how Akshara had responded to the idea especially when he told her she could decide on the photo shoot and what and where they would go.  The next morning she had a list of five studios.  He couldn’t help but feel amused at her animated expressions and the way her eyes smiled as if she was getting to fulfill some childhood dream wedding scenarios in her head.  He thought they would just go and take some studio portrait pictures and be done with it. But she had the idea of a photo book.  It was the perfect thing to place on the coffee table she explained.  As practical as he was he found himself having trouble saying no to her.  The one thing he did put his foot down on was price.  It had to be reasonable.

“So Abhimanyu, what do you do?” the photographer asked.

“I’m a doctor.”

“A doctor I see.  And your wife…”

“Akshara…” he said, more to himself then the potential question the man behind the camera was asking.  His eyes were transfixed on the vision that was slowly approaching him from the doorway.  She was wearing a red wedding lengha with intricate golden embroidery that looked far more sophisticated than he could have imagined when she had told him she knew a friend who was an inspiring fashion designer working at a costume store that they could borrow clothes from.  The sherwani he was wearing was well tailored and the fabric was of high quality but she looked as if she was going to film some Bollywood movie.  The gold mangtika, her earrings, and the necklace she was wearing seemed to dazzle in front of his eyes.  He spied her hands noticing the mehndi. His eyes flexed as it dawned on him why she had left the apartment so early in the morning and had told him she would meet him there. He could hear the soft swish of fabric and her payals tinkling.  

“My God, you look absolutely stunning Akshara!”

“Thank you Bonnie,” she replied with a bright smile. 

“I think the cat has gotten Abhimanyu’s tongue.  Look at how speechless he looks,” Bonnie jokingly chided with laughter.  “You can close your mouth.”  As if being brought out of his trance he quickly glanced away and brought his hand to his mouth, checking to make sure he really hadn’t had his mouth opened.  His eyes shyly searched back towards Akshara and detected a faint blush on her cheeks. Her eyes were casted downward as she walked slowly into place.

“Ah, leave him alone Bonnie.”

“I’m just joking Ben,” she replied. “One more light over here to arrange.  Just give me a second.”

When Akshara finally stood next to him, he murmured, “Mehndi?”

“We need to make it look real don’t we?” she replied, still looking away from him.

“Let’s get started shall we?” Ben announced as Bonnie gave a thumbs up signal that things were done.  

The couple nodded and waited for the next instruction.  The first few photos were simple. Akshara sat down in a chair while he stood behind and then they switched.  Eventually the chair was removed and they were told to stand face to face.  “Don’t be shy now.  Just pretend that Ben and I aren’t here,” Bonnie advised. “Abhimanyu, it's okay to smile too. Relax.”  The studio suddenly filled with the sound of a strumming guitar and a melody that both he and Akshara were familiar with. 

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de

You only tell me

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

Apne tu dil ka pata de

Tell me about your heart

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de

You only tell me

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

Apne tu dil ka pata de

Tell me about your heart

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

“Our friend Priya made us a romantic Bollywood song playlist.  We have found it great to use to set the atmosphere.  Just relax and have fun,” Bonnie explained.

Itna bata doon tujhko

I'll tell you that

Chahat pe apni mujhko

When it comes to my love

Yun to nahin ikhtiyar

I don't have much control

Phir bhi ye socha dil ne

But still my heart thought that

Ab joh laga hoon milne

Now that we've been meeting

Poochun tujhe ek baar

Maybe I should ask you at least once

“You can get closer than that.  Abhimanyu, bring her closer into a hug.”  He looked at Akshara seeking permission first before he made any movement.  She blinked looking downward, giving her consent.  He then fully wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him causing her hands to brace themselves on his chest. His eyes caught her lips parting slightly making his lips move involuntarily. Their eyes then naturally lifted finding each others’ and began staring in wonderment. 

Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de

You only tell me

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

Apne tu dil ka pata de

Tell me about your heart

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

“That’s perfect,” Ben said as he started taking photos.

Aaisi kabhi pehle

Never before I've had

Hui na thi khwaishen

Wishes like these

Kisi se bhi milne

To meet someone else

Ki na ki thi koshishen

I had never made an effort

Uljhan meri sujha de

Solve my problems

“All right lift her up a tad, Abhimanyu,” Ben ordered.  “Yes, Akshara on the tip toes for just a second.  Yes, put your hands around his neck.  Perfect and hold.  Okay, let’s try one with smiles?  Abhimanyu, widened that smile just a little bit.”

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

Aankhon aankhon mein jata de

Tell me with your eyes

Chahun main ya na

Should I love you or not

After a few minutes of taking photos there was a pause in the session as the background screen was removed to reveal a large bookcase and traditional Indian handcrafted chairs and a table set at the back of the room.  They moved their way to the back as the next song in the playlist started up.

Manwa Laage… O Manwa Laage

This heart is now attached...this heart is now attached

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Le Tera Hua Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka Yeh Gaaov Re

Look, this village of my heart has now become Yours

“Okay, Abhimanyu we are going to do some poses that you don’t have to worry about smiling.  Please kneel on one knee in front of Akshara.  And Akshara lift your foot and rest it on his knee.  Yes, now Abhimanyu take the payal off and try to put it back around her ankle.  Just keep your hand down a little so we can see the payal.  Perfect.” Ben smiled. 

Manwa Laage… O Manwa Laage

This heart is now attached...this heart is now attached

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Le Khela Maine Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka Hain Daav Re

Look, I’ve played a gamble with my heart

“All right let’s try this.  Akshara put your foot down and Abhimanyu take her hand into yours and place a kiss.” He looked up at Akshara as she gave him her hand with a tiny nod.  He looked down, studying the mehndi on her hand feeling so strange that he was engaging in such intimate poses and gestures with someone he had only met several days ago.  He took a breath and bent his head down pressing his lips softly against her skin. “Fantastic! You guys are doing great!”

Musaifir Hoon Main Door Ka

I’m a traveler from afar

Deewana Hoon Main Dhoop Ka

I’m crazy about the sunlight

Mujhe Na Bhaayein… Na Bhaayein… Na Bhaayein… Chaaon Re…

I don’t like the shade

“You can stand up now Abhimanyu.  For the next pose I want you to lean your foreheads together.  Bonnie, get the step stool so they can match heights for the close up shot.  And then we will take the long shot without the stool.”

While Bonnie went to get the stool and Ben got a new battery for his camera he leaned close to Akshara and whispered in her ear, “How many poses will this guy make us do?  These are getting intimate.” 

“This is what a couple photoshoot is,” Akshara whispered back.  

“So, you don’t mind?  I mean…I hope I haven’t made you feel uncomfortable.”

Manwa Laage… O Manwa Laage

This heart is now attached...this heart is now attached

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Laage Re Saanwre

This heart is now attached to You, O beloved

Le Tera Hua Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka, Jiya Ka Yeh Gaaov Re

Look, this village of my heart has now become Yours

“We are pretending,” Akshara replied.

“What if he tells us to kiss?  Are you giving me permission?”

Her eyes widened, “Don’t get any ideas Dr. Birla.”

“You said we are pretending.”  He watched as she took in an angry breath.  “I’m asking an honest question. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. Trust me?”

Aisi Waisi Boli Tere Naino Ne Boli

What language did Your eyes speak

Jaane Kyun Main Doli Aisa Laage Teri Holi Main…

That I started dancing in this way and I started feeling as if I’ve become Yours

Tu Mera...

And You're mine

She nodded.  “By the way have you ever smiled in your photos before?  How many times did Ben have to remind you to smile?”

“What do you mean by that?” he replied with a scowl.

“I think that’s your permanent expression,” she answered giving him a dramatic frown. “So serious.  All I’ve seen you do for the past few days is watch these serious documentaries.  Do you watch anything fun?  Do you even know how to relax and have fun?  Did you ever do any masti with your siblings?”

“I do,” he defended.

“Don’t look so offended,” Akshara replied.

“I’m not offended.”

Tune Baatein Kholi Kacche Dhaago Mein Piroli

You’ve started this talk and woven it using a weak thread

Baaton Ki Rangoli Se Na Kheloon Aise Holi 

With such colourful talks, I don’t play Holi 

Main... Na Tera…

I’m not yours

“If I could capture the look right now on your face…it would say offended.”

“I know how to do masti,” he answered as he quickly swept Akshara off her feet causing her to shriek.  He just gave a wide smirk while her feet gently kicked.

“Put me down.”

“No,” he replied and started to spin around.

“Don’t drop me…”

“I’ll never drop you,” he replied while he continued to spin.

“That’s great!”  Ben shouted as he had just finished changing the batteries and was excited that he was catching a candid moment. He was soon clicking away on his camera. “Keep going.  That’s right, big smiles.”  

Ho... Kisi Ka Toh Hoga Hi Tu

You’ll surely become someone's

Kyun Na Tujhe Main Hi Jeetoon

Why shouldn’t I win You

Khule Khwaabon Mein… Jeetey Hain… Jeetey Hain… Baawarein…

In an open world of their dreams, only crazy people live (and are victorious)

He looked down at Akshara who seemed to be laughing causing him to break out in chuckles as well.  Eventually he stopped spinning and placed her back down on the ground.  They were both slightly dizzy making them naturally cling onto one another.  Their eyes reflecting an unaware happiness.


“Such a lovely photo book.  These photos are beautiful.  You did these here?”  

He gave a nervous smile and nod.  “Our wedding photos are in India. Akshara was afraid they would get damaged in the suitcase. With the long travel and how the baggage handlers would handle the suitcases. So, I said we could take some photos here.  This could be a memory of our time here.”

“What an idea.  This photo here on the bridge overlooking the water with the sunset is like a shot from a movie." The elder woman smiled and flipped to the next page.

"The weather was really nice that day at the park. We had some shots done at the studio and then spent the rest of the day outside." 

"Aunty, chai is ready," Akshara announced as she walked over from the kitchen with a silver tray. 

"How long have you been married?"  

"Six months," they replied together making Varsha chuckle. 

"I see. And your marriage was arranged or love?"

"Arranged," he replied while Akshara answered, "Love." They both nervously glance at each other realizing they had made a mistake.

"Excuse me?"

"We mean arranged love marriage.  We were introduced and fell in love and our families arranged the marriage," Akshara explained. 

"Yes, that's correct," he grinned in acceptance of the explanation. He then looked down at the tray of tea. "Sugar is missing.”

“I’m so sorry. Let me get it,” she quickly replied and started to move back.  

He moved his hand out trying to tell her to be calm. "It's fine."

"I'll be just a minute."

"No, it's okay. Here, let me. Why don't you sit?" He said, excusing himself to the kitchen. He faced a cupboard and pulled out his phone to take a quick glance at a Google Docs document they had shared with quick tidbits about each other. It was a cheat sheet for them to reference.  They had hurriedly compiled one together when he had received a phone call from Varsha Aunty informing that she was stopping by to meet them.  The document read like some teenage magazine article listing the top 50 fun facts about your favorite movie star.  The list included: their favorite colors, songs, books, movies, TV shows, foods, drinks, what their perfect date would be, where they would like to vacation, where they went to college, number of siblings, their birthdates, zodiac signs, nicknames, etc.  

“She has so many questions,” Akshara whispered from behind making him chuckle.  “You're taking your time aren’t you?  Trying to hide from her?”

“No,” he replied as he took out a small stainless steel container and began filling it with sugar.  “Maybe you’re the one hiding?”

“I only have two hands,” she answered and reached for a plate of freshly made kachoris.

“You didn’t have to make these.  We could have just bought them or offered tea cookies.”  He then gestured with his eyes, “And this outfit?”

“Why, what’s wrong with it?” Akshara replied, eyeing him.  She was wearing a dark periwinkle blue saree with a silver print.

“I’ve only seen you wear jeans.  You didn’t have to get dressed up in a saree.”

“This is not dressed up.  I may have lived here for a year, but that doesn't mean I suddenly lost touch with my heritage, Abhimanyu.  Besides, we need to convince Varsha Aunty, don't we?”

“I meant it as in you didn’t need to go overly traditional. There was no need to make kachoris from scratch. I am not some guy who expects to be waited on hand and foot. I won't be saying Akshu, where is my tea? Akshu, where is my towel? Akshu, have you made dinner yet?” 

"I am happy to hear that. And for your information I like making kachoris. It's a family recipe and they are delicious."

"Looking forward to trying them. By the way where did you get the mangalsutra? The friend from the costume shop again?" He asked.


"And the sindoor too?"

"Yes," Akshara replied and then playfully recited a film line, "Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Abhimanyu babu [What do you know the cost of a pinch of vermilion Abhimanyu Babu]... ishwar ka aashirwad hota hai ek chutki sindoor [God's blessing is a pinch of vermilion]... suhagan ke sarr ka taj hota hai ek chutki sindoor [A pinch of vermilion is the crown of a honeymoon]... har aurat ka khwab hota hai ek chutki sindoor [Every woman's dream is a pinch of vermilion]"

"Om Shanti Om,” he answered. 

“Wow,” she teased.

“Hey, I watch movies.  Shefali Bhabhi likes to watch them, so sometimes the family will gather and watch.”  He closed the cupboard and asked, “I am assuming you told your friend or does she think you've been getting ready for Halloween six months in advance?"

"I told her I needed these things for one of my musical therapy classes…a musical stage play assignment. You said less people involved, less complicated." She turned and started to walk towards the living room.

"I'm sorry Akshara." She glanced back at him with a puzzled look. "For having to lie so much."

"Let’s make it through chai time with Varsha Aunty. She’s going to suspect something if we don't return soon."

He nodded and took the small sugar container with him.


To be continued...


Song: Chahun Main Ya Naa

Credit Song Translation to Filmy Quotes:

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Manwa Laage

Credit Song Translation to Bollynook:

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil


If you made it this far then I thank you so much for reading 🤗

I hope you enjoyed it.  I wanted to play around with the idea of a contract marriage deal like you have in K dramas 😆 but I was also too lazy to write a full fledge FF so I am shortening it to memory/flashbacks.  Hope the writing style did not confuse anyone 😕

More of our dear Abhimanyu's memories will be in the next part.

Please comment or hit the like if you want to be tagged when I post up the next part.

Hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

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Posted: 2 years ago

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Posted: 2 years ago

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Posted: 2 years ago

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Team Sharmas

Posted: 2 years ago

This was so good! Can't wait to read further!

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hey this was so amazing Grace,

Thanks for tagging me btw, I'm glad you decided to turn it into an SS.

Sure I've to wait for updates but the concept is so much fun so it would be worth it.❤️

I'm a kdrama buff, So I'm so excited for this.

Abhira have their essence n some changes too.

Do continue soon, we'll be waiting for the updates 🤗

Posted: 2 years ago

Woah Grace 🤗

This is so much fun to read....😳

I am big fan of Kdramas..... 😃

This one is so so refreshing and lovely......

Love the way u narrate......❤️❤️

Cant wait to read further..... 🥳

Tag me surely 🤗

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Posted: 2 years ago

Again a different concept... Great story looking forward to an update soon🥰