Shakti Kapoor : BW is the finest film industry

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Posted: 2 years ago

Shakti Kapoor opened up about how a negative narrative about the Bollywood industry hurts him. He in fact states that he has only seen people here stand by and help each other. “I have seen this film industry for many years and I can say that this is the finest film industry. Log bahut negative bolte hai film industry ke baare mein. There are people always standing up for you. Yeh cheez baahar nahi aati, bas negative cheese baahar aati hai. But it is not like that. It is sad that only negative aspects of the film industry get highlighted,” he laments.

Further talking about his journey Shakti Kapoor said that he was a nobody from Delhi still he could make a mark because people were open to new actors. He revealed that early in his career Shakti found Feroz Khan and became his favourite. Then Sunil Dutt met him and he trusted his capabilities and gave him work. In fact, he also gave him the name Shakti as his birth name was Sunil. 

Now Shakti Kapoor states that he is happy to see his children Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhanth Kapoor working hard and making their name in the industry. 


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Posted: 2 years ago

Not when he's a part of it 😆

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Posted: 2 years ago

Is he banned from Bollywood ?